Your favourite childhood sweet has been transformed into ice cream – and it’s now available in Singapore

Remember the days when you had to slowly unravel each dainty White Rabbit Creamy Candy to revel in its milky and oh-so-smooth texture? Your mother might have caught you in action and said “no more” then, but we all know that just one White Rabbit Creamy Candy simply wasn’t enough.

white rabbit ice cream stick

Well, now you can indulge in the official White Rabbit Ice Cream, which is crafted to retain the candy’s burst of chewiness that we so love and remember! What better way to reminisce about your childhood antics with your parents and share your happy memories with your little ones than with an ice-cold treat that’s inspired by the creamy candy, right?

white rabbit ice cream singapore mood

Starting today, fans of the iconic sweet can get their hands on the White Rabbit Ice Cream (which was first launched in Shanghai last year and subsequently released in countries such as Australia, Canada, Germany, and the United States) at 63 NTUC supermarkets as well as NTUC Online.

Brought in by Hao Productions, the only authorised distributor in Singapore, the chilly treat has all the hallmark flavours and texture of the milk candy in this delicious dessert, perfect for the tropical Singapore heat.

white rabbit ice cream stick close up

Rich, milky, and decidedly addictive, the White Rabbit Ice Cream is created with high-quality fresh milk and single cream from Bright Dairy. Every bite or lick or slurp promises the same creamy fragrance that makes the sweet dessert an unforgettable delight from start to finish.

white rabbit ice cream packshot

Trust us, you’ll definitely want to share your most memorable taste of childhood with your little ones with the cool, sweet taste of nostalgia in the White Rabbit Ice Cream. We’re certain your kids will fall in love with it too!

The official White Rabbit Ice Cream retails at S$12 for a box of five sticks at 63 NTUC supermarkets as well as NTUC Online.