KitKat launches new whole-wheat biscuit-in-chocolate for the health-conscious

It’s pretty common to see KitKat flavours in Japan, but here’s something different: KitKat launching a brand new series to the market.

The last time KitKat launched a new product line was in 2010, for Otona no Amasa, a premium range that has a more subdued sweetness for more refined palates.

This time, the brand reaches out to health-conscious consumers with the KitKat Mini Wholewheat Flour Biscuit In Chocolate range. This announcement came after the brand announced that they will be launching a vegan KitKat later this year.


This new product is made with the same KitKat chocolate we are familiar with, coating a whole-wheat biscuit. From the image seen on the packaging, the biscuit looks like it could be a graham cracker or a digestive biscuit.

The new whole-wheat biscuit is developed specially by the company to complement the taste of the original KitKat, and is kneaded into the chocolate casing to give the snack more crunch and aroma.


Nestlé, which owns KitKat, says that wholegrain products have gained popularity in Japan but foods like whole-wheat bread is still hard to find in Japanese stores. This new KitKat creation is designed to help customers include healthy grains in their diets easily while indulging in a KitKat chocolate without guilt.

The KitKat Mini Wholewheat Flour Biscuit In has officially launched in Japan on 8 March at drugstores and supermarkets. They retail for 129 yen (S$1.60) for a pack of three or 540 yen (~S$6.70) for a pack of 13. Convenience stores carry packs of 11 exclusively, and they retail for 324 yen (~S$4) each.

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