14 easy Christmas-themed recipes to follow at home for a small gathering

There are a bevy of things that make Christmas such a joyous annual occasion. One of them is spending time with loved ones and the rest of them are food.

We kid. But despite celebrations looking rather different this year, with the usual large-scale gatherings out of the window, what’s to stop us from enjoying the warm delectable fare the season has to offer? Better yet, right from our kitchens!

This Christmas, be it for a small gathering of not more than five invitees, or simply as a jolly-fun family activity, ring in the festive cheer with 14 easy-to-follow Christmas-themed recipes to whip up while we all sing a merry little tune. Read on for the sweetest of treats to recreate from home this ho-ho-holiday!


Best Christmas meats recipes

1. Honey Glazed Ham

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a beautiful honey glazed ham — and that’s in the words of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay

Full of warm spices that evoke the spirit of Christmas, serve the ham with a savoury pear and saffron chutney, slice it up for sandwiches, or make it a tangy addition to salads.

2. Christmas Beef Wellington

A juicy, well-seared steak wrapped in parma ham, encased within warm golden, flaky pastry. What’s there not to like? This happens to be another one of the chef’s classic favourites and besides, a beef wellington is always a nice change from turkey.

3. Cooker Turkey Breast

Don’t have an oven big enough to fit a whole turkey in it? No worries, here’s how you can make an equally good turkey breast with a slow cooker! Mmhm… a garlic herb butter and crispy skin, the ultimate recipe for a winning centrepiece.

4. Baked Salmon

With a terrific combination of festive flavours and textures. including dried cranberries, pomegranate, and creamy dill sauce, this dish is to-die-for.

And what’s more? Every element can be prepared the day before for easy assembling on the day of gathering itself!

Christmas side dishes to make at home

5. Potatoes au Gratin

There truly is nothing better than a potato dish for Christmas (or every occasion at that). With its highly-customisable recipe, whip this up for a mini potluck party or for sharing at home. We guarantee, no leftovers!

6. Baked Mac & Cheese

The ultimate indulgence at the dining table. This recipe brings a twist with a dollop of tangy mango chutney for the extra festive kick.

7. 60-minute Dinner Rolls

If you’re tight for time, give this one a go! These light, fluffy dinner rolls proof quickly, making the perfect last minute dish to whip up in under an hour. Brushed with garlic butter, these would make a lovely addition for Christmas but easy enough for a weeknight comfort meal as well.

8. Holiday Crostini

Tickle the tastebuds of even the pickiest of eaters with 11 different ways to jazz up your usual crostini.

From a unique mediterranean-style bite to a fresh take with the Vietnamese chicken Báhn Mì, this tutorial video teach you how to simply assemble these beforehand or lay ingredients out on a board for diners to personalise their own crostini at the dining table.

Christmas dessert recipes

9. Cinnamon Rolls

Instantly brighten up any regular Tuesday with a pop of cinnamon that comes together perfectly with a sweet glaze frosting atop gorgeous, chewy rolls. This recipe incorporates cream cheese too — it’s the holidays after all!

10. Sugar Cookies

Step aside vanilla sugar cookies, these almond flavoured ones add just a tad bit of bitterness to balance out the delectable frosting. This one’s so easy to follow along, even the little ones can join in on the fun!

11. Chocolate Lava Cake

For those craving a little more in this season, this indulgent lava cake’s sure to satisfy.

Dessert King and Masterchef contestant Reynold Poernomo might still be experimenting with his version of the Chocolate coulant, but we’re more than happy with this rich, luxurious sweet treat.

12. Gingerbread House

What’s Christmas without a gingerbread house? While we might catch ourselves staring at these structures in utter amazement, they’re known to be awfully time-consuming to make.

Good thing we’ve found a way to recreate these stunning houses in miniature-size — and just a head-ups they taste equally good, if not better!

Fancy Christmas drinks to get in on

13. Cocktail Ideas

Get the party started with nine delicious cocktails, all containing the perfect festive kick to get you in the celebratory mood. Think: spiced mule gin, cranberry Christmas tree mimosa, and white Christmas mojito punch.

Take things up a notch, and bring a jug of these delightful bevvies to your next gathering.

14. Starbuck dupes from home

One of the best things that accompany the year-end is the horde of Christmas drinks that return to the seasonal menu. Period. And what’s better that cosying up with a hot mug of joe in your hands on a rainy day?

Explore six recipes to recreate your very own customisable festive coffee for that extra boost from home — Gingerbread Latte, Christmas Coffee, Whipped Maple Coffee, Peppermint Mocha, Spiced Vanilla Frappuccino, Spiced Cinnamon Sugar Cold Foam.