19 log cakes that look good and taste even more amazing

Log cakes are a Christmas staple, because really, what’s a Christmas celebration without a sweet treat to finish the feast off?

Whether you’re looking to send a festive treat to your loved ones, or indulge in some dessert after your Christmas meal, here are 12 Christmas log cakes we’ll definitely be bringing home this holiday season. We’ve got traditional chocolate logs, as well as some modern twists and flavours you never thought you’d see in a log cake.

Spice Brasserie, PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road

1. Red and Green Velvet Cream Cheese Yule Log with Brandied Fruits and Nuts


This beautiful cake is inspired by the colours of holly trees and foliage leaves, which definitely evokes festive cheer at your party.

But more than just an eye candy, the Red and Green Velvet Cream Cheese Yule Log with Brandied Fruits and Nuts also packs a punch in the flavour department. Enjoy the many layers of textures and tastes, which are sure to please every guest that you serve this to.

The Red and Green Velvet Cream Cheese Yule Log with Brandied Fruits and Nuts is available for takeaways and islandwide delivery at S$58 at Spice Brasserie, located within PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road. It is also retailing at the hotel’s e-shop.

The Pine Garden

2. Yakult Soju Log Cake


The “yogurt soju” cocktail is probably one of the popular Korean cocktails loved by the younger crowd. Not only does it make the strong taste of soju milder, the addition of the probiotics drink also make you feel less “guilty” about consuming an alcoholic drink.

This innovative cake from The Pine Garden is inspired precisely by this popular fusion. Be surprised by its interesting flavours and be transported to Korea with each bite of this tantalising cake.

3.  Hojicha Mochi Log (Reduced Sugar)



Hojicha and mochi during Christmas? Who would have thought! You’d be surprised at how well the roasted, smoky taste of Hojicha and the soft chewy texture of mochi go together in this delicious log cake that’s just so reminiscent of Japan.

What’s more, this is made with reduced sugar, which makes it a healthier option for those who doesn’t want to indulge too much this Christmas.

Both log cakes are priced at S$58.30 and are available online.

Sunbird Brewing Company

4. Scottish-Ale Chocolate Log Cake

Made with Sunbird Brewing Company’s best-selling beer, this cake carries malty caramel and roasted malt notes that perfectly complement the decadent chocolate cake!

Infused into both the batter and swiss meringue buttercream, Feuilletine flakes mixed with milk chocolate are also mixed into the log cake for added crunch in every bite.

Priced at S$42.90, you can preorder Sunbird Brewing Company’s Scottish-Ale Chocolate Log Cake at the Little House of Dreams café located at Tiong Bahru or online.

W Singapore

5. Rum & Raisin Log Cake

For a crowd-pleasing option, consider the Rum & Raisin Log Cake from W Singapore.

This looks gorgeous and has a boozy touch that will sure add to the festivities at your house party.

W Singapore’s Rum & Raisin Log Cake is priced at S$60 and is available for pre-orders from now to 22 December 2020 online.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

6. Classic Log Cake


We have introduced a number of creative log cakes, but honestly, nobody can resist a good ol’ classic log cake. Especially one that’s as decadent as the one from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Dark Chocolate Mousse and ganache combined with a soft, fluffy vanilla swiss roll simply makes for the perfect holiday treat.

7. Raspberry Yogurt Lychee Log Cake


Prefer something lighter? A delicious blend of raspberry and lychee complemented with a hint of yogurt, this log cake combines a raspberry yoghurt mousse, lychee Chantilly cream and raspberry crispy balls for an indulgent festive dessert.

Both log cakes are priced at S$39 and are available online.

Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy

8.  King Durian “Mao Shan Wang” Log Cake

A must-try for durian lovers,The King Durian “Mao Shan Wang” Log Cake is based on a secret recipe, with the durian variant that is well known for its creamy texture and bitter aftertaste. Bundled inside the soft Log cake, it is truly a delightful twist to the traditional log cake.

The King Durian “Mao Shan Wang” Log Cake is priced at S$72 and is available online.

Pan Pacific Singapore

9. Coco Pineapple Log Cake

Pan Pacific puts a twist on the classic log cake by switching up the flavours. Instead of the traditional chocolate, you’ll find pineapple cremeux, slow caramelised pineapple compote, roasted coconut feuilletine base and coconut dacquoise sponge in this log cake – refreshing!

The Coco Pineapple Log Cake retails for S$72.76 online.

Holiday Inn Singapore

10. Dulcey Yuzu Log Cake


Love citrus fruits and want something different from a traditional log cake? You’ll love this combination of Dulcey cremeux and tangy Yuzu mousse. Enhanced with orange marmalade and almond sponge, the log cake introduces a whirlwind of flavours, from sweet to sour with every bite.

Holiday Inn’s Dulcey Yuzu Log Cake retails for S$88 online.

Shangri-La Hotel

11. Chestnut & Yuzu Log Cake

Enjoy a medley of flavours in this log cake – fluffy Japanese sponge, chestnut cream, yuzu cream brulee, mascarpone mousse makes this a holiday treat worth every single calorie.

Shang-ri La Hotel’s Chestnut & Yuzu Log Cake retails for S$75 online.


12. Sticky Chewy Log

Swensen’s famous Sticky Chewy Chocolate has been a beloved flavour for years, and if it’s one of your favourite ice cream flavours too, how about having this mini Sticky Chewy Chocolate ice cream log cake for dessert?

Coated in chocolate ganache, this log cake is anything but a heavenly treat for all chocolate and ice cream lovers alike.

Swensen’s Sticky Chewy Log retails for S$19.80 at Swensen’s restaurants and online.

13. Santa’s Secret

The perfect pairing of two classic ice cream flavours: Rocky Road and Salted Butterscotch Crumble, this decadent log cake is decorated with chocolate discs, diced almonds, and topped with a Christmas red glaze that’s just so fit for the season.

Swensen’s Santa’s Secret retails for S$42 at Swensen’s restaurants and online.

Cat & The Fiddle

14. Raspberry Chocolate Logcake

You probably know Cat & The Fiddle for their luscious cheesecakes, and they’re doing what they do best with this log cake! Made with velvety chocolate cheese, filled with hazelnut crisps and a tart raspberry mousse center, sink your teeth into this decadent festive treat.

Cat & The Fiddle’s Raspberry Chocolate Cake retails for S$68.90 online.

Secret Recipe

15. Rich Chocolate Log

A moist chocolate cake with dark chocolate filling and coated with dark chocolate couverture, this log cake is a must-try for all you chocolate fanatics out there!

Secret Recipe’s Rich Chocolate Log retails for S$23.80 online.

16. Red Velvet Log

Sink your teeth into fluffy red velvet sponges, white chocolate shavings, and layers of cream cheese with this log cake that’s also adorned with the most adorable snowmen ever!

The Red Velvet Log retails for S$23.80 online .

P.S: Get two Secret Recipe log cakes for S$39.90 (discount automatically applied at checkout).


17. Truffle Yule Log

PrimaDéli’s best-selling Truffle Yule Log returns with its decadent chocolate sponge cake and rich chocolate truffle cream. Besides its yummy good taste, it;ll also look gorgeous at your dining table.

18. Hazelnut Yule Log

If you’re looking for something with a more nutty flavour, then the Hazelnut Yule Log is for you!

With layers of fluffy vanilla sponge cake filled with luscious hazelnut cream, this sweet treat is just what you need to finish off a Christmas meal.

PrimaDéli’s Truffle Yule Log and Hazelnut Yule Log retails for S$44.80 (Regular) and S$55.80 (1kg) at all PrimaDéli outlets.

Awfully Chocolate

19. Christmas Log Cake

Think Awfully Chocolate and rich, decadent chocolates come to mind.

It goes without saying that the brand launches a log cake that lives up to that reputation. With luscious tiers of dark chocolate fudge and soft, moist cake, this is one log cake we’re sure you’ll be asking for a second helping to.

Awfully Chocolate’s Christmas Log Cake retails for S$88 online.