10 DIY bubble tea kits you can get online that aren’t from LiHo

We know how important bubble tea is for some people. When bubble tea was categorised as non-essential during the Circuit Breaker, many “tortured” souls resorted to making their own by scouring for bubble tea recipes or purchasing DIY bubble tea (BBT) kits.

LiHo was one of the first to release these DIY bubble tea kits that make it super easy for us to get our bubble tea fix.

The LiHo kits are currently out of stock but thankfully, now that we’re in Phase 2 of reopening, we can easily get our bubble tea fix by heading to our favourite stores.

Nevertheless, all that staying home might admittedly have brought out the domestic side in a great number of us. If this article caught your interest, we’re willing to bet that chances are, you’re a bubble tea lover who have found yourself growing increasingly fond of creative, hands-on activities this period. Or perhaps you want to be able to fix up your own boba drink at home whenever you feel like it.

Either way, here’s the article you need. AVENUE ONE has curated a list of 10 DIY BBT kits you can find online to “artfully” recreate your favourite beverages, right in the comfort of your own home!

Best DIY bubble tea kits to get

1. TRZ

You might have come across one of TRZ‘s herbal/milk teas in your neighbourhood supermarket or convenience store. The brand has also launched DIY bubble tea kits comprising six different flavours for us to experiment with.

These flavours include:

  • Original Red Milk Tea
  • Jasmine Green Milk Tea
  • Taiwan Black Milk Tea
  • Refreshing Honey Lemon
  • Refreshing Lemon Wheatgrass
  • Refreshing Honey Aloe Vera (comes with aloe vera cubes)

If you’re a brown sugar fan, you’ll be pleased to know that each kit is accompanied by Gula Melaka cubes, alongside 500g of uncooked tapioca pearls. There’s also good news for the environment ⁠— TRZ will be throwing in a free reusable straw as well, hooray!

Get your kit now at Lazada (S$21.90) or Shopee (S$23.60).

2. 19tea

19tea is a hip Korean dessert cafe, serving scrumptious souffle pancakes and bubble tea. The franchise is popular in Korea, and boasts over 40 locations in its country of origin. It currently has one outlet, 19tea SG, operating at Our Tampines Hub.

If the location is out of the way for you, why not give their Assam Black Tea DIY kit a shot? Each kit serves up to five, with plastic straws and cups containing the 19tea logo provided, so you can be sure to snap a nice one for the ‘gram once you’re finished!

Find this product on Shopee (S$15.90).

3. Gulp SG

Source: @gulpsg

Gulp SG delivers quality drinks ranging from alcohol to bubble tea right to your doorstep, and now they’ve rolled out their own Build Your Own Bubble Tea Kits too!

There are four flavours to choose from:

  • Classic Milk Tea
  • Oolong Milk Tea
  • Honey Green Tea
  • Lychee Oolong Tea

You can customise your own kit by mixing and matching the flavours you want, as well as arrange the delivery timing you prefer on Gulp’s website. Each kit retails for S$24.

4. 18CTEA

Hailing from Malaysia, 18CTEA is a bubble tea material supplier that services bubble tea shops. Besides working with businesses, the company also reaches out to consumers by offering DIY bubble kits.

There are 7 kits available for your enjoyment, each consisting of different combinations of unique ingredients such as malt chocolate powder, matcha powder, brown sugar liquid and purple rice, so you can select one which best agrees with your taste buds!

Available on Shopee from S$25.11.

5. The Whale Tea

Famed for their fancy assortment of glowing, lava-like bubble teas (from their Volcanic Collagen series) and flaming brown sugar milk, The Whale Tea is a well-loved Chinese bubble tea brand which has recently docked at our sunny shores.

Currently, you can get their The Whale Tea’s Essential Kit Sets A (The Whale Tea’s DIY Triple Tea Bubble Tea Kit with Pearl) and B (The Whale Tea’s DIY Triple Tea Bubble Tea Kit with Brown Sugar Crystal Ball) on their website.

However, we recommend exploring Klook instead, as the site stock two more sets exclusively, Set C (The Whale Tea’s Luxury Essential Triple Tea DIY Kit with Brown Sugar Pearls) and Set D (Klook Exclusive Honey Pearls DIY Double Tea Kit).

Each set retails for S$35.

6. Yikowei

Yikowei‘s bubble tea kits are a little more unique than others. That’s because their pearls are soaked in Luo Han Guo (monk fruit), a zero calorie sweetener that’s popular in China. Those with a sweet tooth doesn’t have to worry though, their kits still come with brown sugar syrup that you can add to your drink to further sweeten it.

The kit serves up to four pax and can be ordered on Shopee (S$15, at 50% discount during time of writing).

7. #easyDIY

Source: Shopee

If you’re not particular about bubble tea brands and are simply looking to create something cute and lip-smacking, try this comprehensive #easyDIY brown sugar kit that comes with adorable bear-shaped, dome-lidded cups!

Moreover, you can choose from four tea sachets:

  • Earl Grey
  • Oolong
  • Jasmine
  • Black tea

Find this on Shopee and click here for a matcha latte flavoured option! All options are available at S$12.90.

8. White Rabbit

Our childhood favourite White Rabbit creamy candy has been used by creative bubble tea stalls to flavour the teas. But if these creative stalls aren’t available to you, consider the DIY version. Indulge in this nostalgic drink which comes with four eye-catching tea-base options:

  • Dark Tea
  • French Style Milk Tea
  • Peach Oolong
  • Sea Salt Cheese

And yes, rest assured that this instant kit comes with tapioca pearls as well!

Get it now on Shopee at S$3.25. Read about other White Rabbit products here.


LOOKAS9 is a Korean tea brand which offers a generous variety of instant teas ranging from more common bubble tea flavours such as green tea latte and milk tea to more exclusive assortments like tiramisu latte and black sugar milk tea.

Unfortunately, LOOKAS9’s teas do not come with tapioca pearls. However, this tiny issue can easily be rectified by purchasing and cooking your own pearls separately, before pouring them into the mix. This might even allow greater freedom in customising your drink, as you are now able to select the kind and quality of pearls that you want from a preferred retailer.

Available on Shopee from S$1.99.

10. Teaspoons & Co

We’ve saved the most luxurious for last. Now here’s a brand that exclusively specialises in producing premium bubble tea kits.

Teaspoons & Co is an American brand that ships its artisanal tea kits worldwide. Well-received kits include flavours like Maple Oolong Bubble Tea and Pure Uji Matcha, and they come with add-on toppings such as lychee and coconut jelly.

Their kits might be a little costly, especially after factoring in the international shipping fee, but if you’re one who’s not afraid to splurge in the name of good old, harmless decadence, then this might be the brand for you.

Have your pick today at Teaspoons & Co’s website. Prices start from $23.