13 cute cup holders to get so you can sip on your bubble tea in style

If there’s one thing people in Singapore love more than durian, it’s bubble tea. And when we’re making our boba tea order, we’re most certainly going for the largest size on the menu: yes, please to a Large Passionfruit Green Tea with Pink Cactus Pearls from Playmade; count us in for Gong Cha’s Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Pearls in Large; and who’s going to say no to Chi Cha’s Ding Dong Fresh Oolong Milk Tea with Konjac Jelly?

Since we’ll be sipping our large bubble tea on the go, what better way to cut down on single-use plastics and do so in style with these cutest cup holders in Singapore?

1. Nature, vines and leaves

bubble tea cup holder nature

Whilst you’re cutting back on single-use plastics for the environment, why not keep in theme with these nature-inspired bubble tea cup sleeves?

Retails at a 47% discount for S$4 on Shopee

2. Summer flower design, adjustable strap


Go totally hands-free with this bubble tea holder that comes with an adjustable strap. The strap can be lengthened so you can drape it over your shoulder with your bubble tea resting comfortably on your hip. This one’s especially useful for when you’re getting your wallet out of your bag as you shop.

Retails for S$5.50 on Shopee

3. Chunky chain strap, leather sleeve


Designed with a bold chunky chain and polyurethane (PU) leather sleeve, this bubble tea holder has got to be the one that’s most Instagram-worthy. To sport a cute handbag vibe, simply sling this influencer-style bubble tea holder around your wrist or on your forearm – it’s definitely more stylish than a single-use plastic bag.

Retails for S$7.62 on Shopee

4. Polar bears, with straw holder


These graphic polar bear designs are super cute, plus the bubble tea sleeve is complete with a tiny straw holder. Stick your metal straw in, and you won’t have to fumble with another item before you’re ready to start drinking your boba tea.

With 68 five star ratings, this product retails for S$2.90 on Shopee

5. Traditional Japanese waves


We’re loving the details of these traditional Japanese wave patterns and the washed-out watercolour designs on this bubble tea cup holder. If your outfit of the day is inspired by MUJI’s minimalistic style, this cup sleeve will elegantly complement it.

Retails for S$3.99 on Shopee

6. Minimalistic girl and dog cartoon


This stony-faced girl and dog duo are a cute yet sophisticated design for a bubble tea cup holder. Placed against a neutral cream canvas, this cup holder has enough of a chic, laid-back vibe to sneak your boba drink into a cosy cafe unnoticed when you’re having brunch with your girlfriends.

Retails for S$3.86 on Shopee

7. Classic Starbucks


Is it a Starbucks coffee or a bubble tea? No one will know.

Retails for S$2.99 on Shopee

8. Cotton yarn sweater


During the sweater weather, throw on your comfiest pullover as well as fit this knitted cup sleeve snug over your bubble tea to match. Besides being fitting for rainy season style, it also works great for holding your hot drinks and protecting your hands from the heat.

Retails for S$9 on Shopee

9. Doraemon


These cupholders feature Doraemon grooving to beats on his headphones, sitting contentedly on the floor licking his lips, as well as enjoying a little snack and drink. The cup sleeve even follows the shape of Doraemon – so this bubble tea cup holder is a special one!

Retails for S$6.29 on Ezbuy.

10. Two-colour sleeve

Whether pale pink and blue, dark green and red, bright red and blue, earthy brown and turquoise, or vibrant yellow and grey, choose your bubble tea cup sleeve design according to your mood.

Retails for S$3.09 on Ezbuy.

11. Simple black and white Japanese cartoon


Minimalistic and elegant, this cute black and white cartoon cupholder is as versatile as the staple pieces in your wardrobe – it can be paired easily with anything you’re wearing.

Retails for S$6.89 on Ezbuy.

12. Shiba Inu


With their perky ears, smiley ears, chubby cheeks and big nose, who doesn’t love Shiba Inus?

Retails for S$6.50 on Lazada

13. Holder with pearl chain

bubble tea cup holder with pearl chain

For an elegant take on cup holder, consider this one that comes with a pearl chain. The same merchant also sells crossbody versions for those who prefer to go hands-free.

Retails for S$6.80 on Shopee.

While you’re shopping for reusable cup holders, also consider bringing your own reusable cup to your favourite bubble tea stores. In general, large bubble teas are 700 ml while a regular size is 500 ml – so make sure you bring one that fits. With a reusable cup and cup holder in hand, you’ll be ready to take care of the world!

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