This Airbnb lets you live out your Winnie the Pooh dream – you gotta see all its photos!

Fans of the adorable Disney character Winnie the Pooh can now live out their own adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood from the cartoon series.

Looking like something straight out of the cartoon’s animations, this Winnie the Pooh Airbnb, otherwise known as the Bearbnb, is part of Disney’s 95th Anniversary celebrations for the most lovable bear.

The Bearbnb is located in Ashdown Forest just south of London in East Sussex, and is inspired by A.A. Milne’s original stories in the Hundred Acre Wood. Thanks to this setup, you can now immerse yourselves in the iconic and serene world of Pooh and Friends at the Bearbnb!

To make the experience more special, your Airbnb stay will be hosted by the Disney-appointed Winnie the Pooh Illustrator, Kim Raymond, who actually curated the Bearbnb and has been drawing the iconic yellow bear for an impressive over-30-year career.

winnie the pooh airbnb mr sanders inscription

He has taken care to include many details to make the experience feel as realistic as possible. For instance, the house is built with exposed tree branches wrapping around the doorway with “Mr. Sanders” inscribed above it. Kim Raymond also designed special bespoke wallpaper for the house, and has stocked the kitchen cupboard shelves with ‘hunny’ pots.

winnie the pooh airbnb hunny jars on shelves

The house is also filled with plenty of easter eggs and references to the original Pooh tales, and guests will receive a guided tour through the original Hundred Acre Wood.

On top of these, you will get to play Poohsticks on the iconic Poohsticks Bridge and savour locally sourced hunny-inspired meals.

winnie the pooh airbnb bedroom

Inside the home is a double bed on the ground floor, as well as a mezzanine area with two comfortable single beds, perfect for a charming and relaxing family stay. The fully-equipped lounge space has a cosy seating and dining area for guests to enjoy a “smackerel” while there.

winnie the pooh airbnb outdoor dining

Just as Pooh is known for living life at his own pace, the Bearbnb encourages guests to embrace their woodland surroundings and provides guests with wellness products such as yoga mats, journals, and throws. These products are also available on for you to recreate your own Pooh-inspired tranquility in your own home.

winnie the pooh airbnb living room

The purpose-built Bearbnb also comes with its own fun house rules, such as strictly no heffalumps inside the house, hands are to be kept out of honey pots, a snack of a “little something” is encouraged at 11am, Poohsticks is mandatory, and of course, multiple naps are permitted.

winnie the pooh airbnb wallpaper

Other more serious house rules include no pets (other than Roos, Tiggers, Eeyores, Piglets, and Pooh Bears), a maximum of four guests with up to three children is allowed per stay, no smoking, and it is recommended that only guests aged six and above should sleep in the single beds on the mezzanine floors. Cots or camp beds will be provided for younger guests on the ground floor.

The Bearbnb accommodates a family of four, and Airbnb reviews will be taken into consideration. Additionally, the guest booking fees will be donated to Together for Short Lives.

If you want to bring your own Winnie the Pooh dreams to reality, view the Bearbnb on Airbnb’s website and book your stay. Kim will host two separate stays on the 24 and 25 September for just approximately S$174.36 (£95) per night.