VIPOP and Artezano bring Latin American fashion to your doorstep

If you plan to visit Hong Kong, consider heading to Artezano, a concept store on Graham Street in Hong Kong, which is truly a spark of delight.


Named after the artisanal brands they represent, Artezano combines VIPOP and Nominal, in an airy and sunny café. VIPOP showcases Latin American fashion and jewellery designers, bringing culture, tradition and heritage to Asia.

Nominal, similarly revolutionises food and beverage, bringing fresh and fine products from small producers and farmers from around the globe to Hong Kong with affordable prices.

As you are browsing the selections of fashion and food, you can also enjoy a coffee and a bite. Helmed by head chef Agnes Lessa, and barista David Wu, Artezano offers a scrumptious selection of food and beverages in their café.

If you are looking for something healthy, check out the Detox Green Juice or if you’re in the mood to indulge, the Rose Bowl, consisting of Greek yogurt infused with rose water, granola and strawberries, is to die for. But no matter what brought you to Artezano, you are sure to
be captured by the incredible clothing and jewellery on display.

VIPOP brings Latin American designers to Asia

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Founded by Lenia Perez and Fabiana Gonzalez, two Venezuelan women, who established VIPOP with a mission to highlight artisanal and traditional fashion brands while ensuring they work with designers and craftsmen that use sustainable and ethical practices, with quality materials and techniques.

The business was born as Lenia herself was brought up by two amazing artisans and is a fashion designer herself. Understanding the heart and soul that goes into creating these pieces, she wanted to create a connection between the consumer and the creators.

Together with Fabiana, they searched and curated brands that reflect their ethos, of sustainability, ethicality and high quality materials and craftmanship.

VIPOP carries brands with sustainable and ethical practices

In alignment with their mission, they also created a completely female team, with individuals hailing from Ecuador, Iran, Australia and Hong Kong. This dream team has helped bring the vision to life and do justice to the brands that they offer the opportunity of a bigger market to.

Moreover, these brands are also aiming to do good in all aspects of their design, creation and distribution. For example, the designers they carry practice conscious and ethical fashion and use vegan, organic or recycled materials, zero-waste processes, local means of production and techniques, and are carbon neutral.

Baobab is a Colombian swimwear brand that not only has stunning styles but goes above and beyond for the planet. They collect and recycle ocean debris including plastics and fishing nets, which are then created into unforgettable pieces. They also give back to the San Andres Coral Reef in San Andres, Colombia and plant a tree for every suit sold.

Another brand that embodies the VIPOP values is Armadillo Stores, a fair trade and ethical enterprise that works with Kichwa artisans in remote regions of Ecuador. These weavers, who live in straw huts at 4.500 meters of altitude, use the cabuya plant and a painstaking crafting technique that takes days if not weeks to create one-of-a-kind bags, ponchos and more. Thus keeping the craft alive.

And the best thing? VIPOP delivers to Singapore! Head to their online shop to browse the collections.

This article is brought to you by VIPOP.