5 unconventional travel bags that are so eye-catching, you’ll never lose your luggage again

Every one of us have our go-to travel bags for trips, from the trusty four-wheel spinner luggage, to an overnight duffel bag for the flight out or a staycation. This week, we review five travel bags that will not only give you a trendy snazzy edge, adding to your travel fashion factor,but also provide the functionalities that every traveller will appreciate.

1. Very Troubled Child Safari Number 4


Very Troubled Child gained recognition with its Safari Number 4 duffel bag. The print is inspired by Wes Anderson movie, The Darjeeling Limited, where Louis Vuitton had made a one-off series of suitcases for the film. Now, fans are able to get their hands on these highly coveted Safari print bags from Hong Kong based company, Very Troubled Child.

Founded in 2013, each Very Troubled Child bag is made to order, and can be customized with up to three initials, each alphabet carefully hand painted.


Fret not if you like a smaller sized bag, the company produces bags in other sizes suited to your needs, and also has passport holders and iPhone covers available. If the Safari print is not your thing, check out their gorgeous plain full-grain leather bags, or the new Birds Of Feathers and Seafarer prints, all which are now available on their website.

P.S.: if you find that the Safari print bags are not listed, send them an email and ask for it, they will be more than happy to put your order through.

2. Crash Baggage


Always worried about how airport handlers would damage your baggage? How about just buying a pre-damaged bag instead! Crash Baggage has been making waves on the travel bags scene since Italian designer Francesco Pavia started out and reinvented the style and design of a regular travel bag.

Available in four different sizes including a cabin sized bag, Crash Baggage also boasts colour options that cater to everyone’s tastes, from classic black in their Pioneer collection to electric purple in their Bright collection. So put your heart at ease – no more worrying about new dents or scratches on your travel baggage with this one.

3. Freitag Voyager

Freitag F512 Voyager

Hailing from Switzerland, Freitag is fast becoming a cult brand. Search for “#freitag” on Instagram and you will see numerous fan photos of their bags in different designs and colours. The brand prides itself on being environmentally friendly as each bag is made from used tarpaulins from trucks and used car seat belts.


And the best thing about owning a Freitag bag? You can be sure that you’re the only one in the world who has it. Because of the material used, no Freitag bag is ever the same, even if cut from the same tarp.

For travellers, the Freitag Voyager is a great overnight backpack that can be used for short weekend jaunts or just a carry-on flight bag. Tip for new Freitag buyers: the rare colours are Black, Industrial Green or Violet. A plain all-black Freitag bag is pretty much the Holy Grail for collectors and fans.


Unique, functional and technologically advanced, the OWLBAG is our pick from a list of up and coming bags from Kickstarter. The idea of a “one-stop-shop-bag” was what inspired the team behind this project, allowing you to transform your bag from a tote, to a rucksack, or a messenger bag.

Fun fact: these are the same guys who brought us the original OSTRICH PILLOW.

The best thing about the OWLBAG is its technology – the bag includes a Bluetooth functionality that helps you locate it if needed, and also a power bank, ensuring your devices are always able to be juiced up and ready to go. In other words, it’s really the ultimate bag for the tech savvy traveller.

So if you’re looking to back a new project on Kickstarter, this is our pick of the bunch.

5. Goyard Saint Louis

Goyard Saint Louis

Here’s one statistic to crunch: at least one girlfriend you know owns a Longchamp Le Pilage. For years it has been the trusted go-to brand for most female travellers. So perhaps it is time to consider standing out from the crowd and treating yourself to something more exquisite like the Goyard Saint Louis.

French brand La Maison Goyard has been gaining a reputation in the fashion industry for its simple chevron pattern and classic bag designs. Made out of a special coated canvas that is a mix of cotton, linen and hemp, the Saint Louis tote bag is bound to make your girlfriends jealous.

Goyard has a range of classic colours, Black, and Black and Tan, and also limited edition ones like Burgundy, Grey, and Navy. It also allows you to add a personal touch to your bag by adding your name/initials, and classic painted strips, while maintaining the classy Parisian high fashion look.

As to how exclusive the brand is, they do not believe in e-commerce, if you want a Goyard, you have to buy it from their retail shop.