This Thai confectionery makes the cutest animal-shaped daifuku that we can’t bear to put in our mouths

Popular Japanese confection daifuku is a must-buy if you travel to Japan. Now, you can bring the cutest-ever daifuku from Thailand back home as well.

Fusion Japanese dessert cafe TOKYO Sweets is located in Bangkok, and is popular for its launch of seal-shaped daifuku, of which the best-seller is undoubtedly the white seal. Cut it open to reveal a generous portion of azuki red bean and cream stuffed inside, which make for a satisfying sweet treat.

The daifuku also comes in different colours and filling flavours – yellow for Hokkaido melon, purple for yam, and pink for strawberry. Each of these cost  single piece is priced at 79THB, or around SGD3.37. You can also opt to get a Gift Box Set, where you get five pieces at 395THB (SGD16.87).

Aside from seals, you can also get daifuku in cute bear shapes. The two types of flavours you can get for the bear-shaped daifuku are Muddy Bear and Dirty Bear: the former contains milky hazelnut cream, while the latter comprises a rich chocolate filling.

If you have a sweet tooth, make sure to check out their other desserts that are just as aesthetically-pleasing as they are delicious. Tiramisu lovers have to try their offerings of Cocoa Tiramisu, Matcha Tiramisu, as well as the unique Purple Sweet Potato Tiramisu.

They also sell the absolutely Instagram-worthy Mizu Suishyo Moshi, otherwise known as the Raindrop cake. Just look at the pretty flower art that they do inside each raindrop!

Remember to get your regular fix of bubble tea here with your cute daifuku at TOKYO Treats. You can choose from popular flavours such as Earl Grey Latte and Uji Matcha Latte – don’t they just look so aesthetically-pleasing together with the colourful daifuku?

TOKYO Sweets currently has branches at places such as Siam Paragon, Emporium and Central World Isetan. They recently also opened a kiosk at Terminal 2 of Don Muang Airport so you can buy these adorable sweets even if you didn’t manage to visit the other cafe branches – how convenient!

For more information on their locations and newest menu offerings, you can visit TOKYO Sweets Facebook and Instagram pages.