Forget Taipei. Visit Taroko Gorge on your next trip to Taiwan, just to stay in this awesome hotel

Probably one of the most beautiful places in Taiwan, Taroko Gorge offers a glimpse into the Taiwanese aboriginal culture, and the chance to connect with the great outdoors.

taroko gorge


A 19km-long canyon situated around the east coast of Taiwan, Taroko Gorge also consists of the Taroko National Park, one of nine national parks in Taiwan. A fun fact: The word “Taroko” is not Japanese – contrary to popular belief – but is a word from the language of Truku, which is an aboriginal tribe that occupies the area.

For someone who usually spends time only in cities when visiting Taiwan, my visit to Taroko Gorge allowed me to see a side of Taiwan that’s beyond street food and shopping.

How to get to Taroko Gorge

The easiest and most comfortable way of getting there is by express train from Taipei to Hualien. Alight at Sincheng station, and take a taxi to Taroko Gorge.

Indulge in a stay at Silks Place Taroko

silks place tarokoSource

The only five-star hotel within the Taroko National Park, Silks Place Taroko was eventually my choice of stay because of the activities and day tours the hotel offered.

Enjoy the scenic Taroko Gorge right at your doorstep

Most appealing of all, as a hotel that’s within the park, it is surrounded by nature, which means there’s a feast for the eyes every time you look out from the room’s balcony.

Enjoy a gorgeous view from the balcony.
Enjoy a gorgeous view from the room (Source)

Imagine looking out to the mountains while sipping tea on the balcony, swimming in a pool that has nature as a beautiful backdrop, or running on the treadmill in the hotel gym with no distractions other than a gorgeous view. The air is perpetually fresh and everything looks ready for your Instagram lens, with #nofilter, of course.

Enjoy the naturally-beautiful backdrop at the pool.
Enjoy the naturally-beautiful backdrop at the pool (Source)

Indoors, you can look forward to a modern and sophisticated interior, as well as great service.

Service is impeccable.
Service is impeccable
Its interior is modern and sophisticated.
Its interior is modern and sophisticated (Source)

It offers delectable breakfast and dinner – complimentary when you book the room

Like any five-star hotel, it provides complimentary breakfast, but what’s surprising is that it also provides dinner, which is a great bonus, considering how hard it is to get around in the mountains, or to get out to the city for food.

buffet spread 2 buffet spread 3 buffet spread

There are two restaurants for you to choose from for dinner: Mei Yuan, a Chinese restaurant that serves set dinners, and Wellesley, a buffet restaurant. At Wellesley, dinner comes with a choice of main course, and you can also help yourself to a generous buffet spread. The restaurant offers some of the most scrumptious food I’ve ever had.

Stir-fried bird's nest ferns
Stir-fried bird’s nest ferns

However, if you’re only spending one night, I’ll highly recommend visiting Mei Yuan for the complimentary dinner. The set dinner consists of nine courses, including very unique aboriginal dishes like stir-fried bird’s nest fern and deep-fried fish dumpling that you won’t usually get the chance to try anywhere else.

There’s never a dull moment

You can go for a guided walking tour in the morning.
You can go for a guided walking tour in the morning near the hotel.

The hotel also provides a series of free and paid activities that you can choose from. Consider waking up early for a free walking tour in the morning, where hotel staff take you through a trail nearby, to take in the fresh air and warm you up for more activities the rest of the day.

See the famous Qing Shui Cliff during the guided tour.
See the famous Qing Shui Cliff during the guided tour.

Pay for a half-day tour that the hotel organises, it’s definitely worth the cost. This guided tour takes small groups to hot spots in Taroko Gorge, including the Shadakang Trail and the Qing Shui Cliff, which holds the title as one of top 10 attractions in Taiwan.

aboriginal performance 2

You won’t be bored in the evening either. The hotel organises aboriginal performances that welcomes guests to join in after dinner and there is also an outdoor movie screening by the pool later in the night.

Chill out by the pool at night, where movies are screened
Chill out by the pool at night, where movies are screened (Source)

My stay at Silks Place was definitely a highlight of my Taiwan trip, and made exploring Taroko Gorge more luxurious and a lot easier. Find out more about the hotel or make a booking on its website.