This European-style clock tower is actually a Starbucks outlet in Asia – find out which country it is in!

Starbucks is not only well-known for serving coffee – the coffee chain is also famous for having some of the most beautiful outlets around the world that sometimes look nothing like a coffee shop.

Last December, Starbucks opened an outlet in Taichung’s Lihpao Outlet Mall that has attracted lots of attention from both locals and tourists alike – a 17m-tall European-style clock tower!

On the outside, this Starbucks outlet looks exactly like a building that you would find in Europe so you can feel like you’re enjoying a good cuppa there without even having to step out of Asia – little wonder then that this has attracted so much attention from locals and tourists alike. The only telltale sign that this is a Starbucks outlet is none other than the brand logo that’s easily spotted from afar.

The outlet pays tribute to the brand’s double-tailed mermaid logo by featuring it alongside the clock at the top of the tower. The rims are also decorated with patterns resembling coffee beans and ocean elements – be sure to look out for these intricate details!

With a European-style pond lined with beautiful flowers leading up to the Starbucks outlet, it will certainly make you feel like you’re in Europe.

The outlet interior is just as charming as it looks on the outside: the octagonal-shaped building features a high ceiling, tall glass windows, and ceiling lights to create a brightly-lit and elegant space, with the interior walls tastefully decorated with illustrations of the Starbucks mermaid.

The gorgeous dining area looks so much like an up-scale restaurant serving expensive European fare, it may be a little hard to believe that this serves the same Frappuccino from that Starbucks outlet in your neighbourhood – go ahead and explore every corner of this outlet for some truly IG-worthy shots!

Besides being able to sip on a satisfying cup of coffee and taking beautiful photographs in every corner, you can also get your hands on the limited-edition Lihpao Outlet Mall Starbucks mugs (NTD550, or SGD24.70).

These feature colourful scenes from the outlet mall, including its iconic Ferris wheel, and can’t be found anywhere else in Taiwan, so be sure to buy these as souvenirs of your European coffee experience in Taichung.

Lihpao Outlet Mall Starbucks outlet
Address: Lihpao Outlet Mall, Section 2, Yuemei East Road, Houli District
Opening hours: 11AM – 9.30PM (Mon – Thurs), 11AM – 10PM (Fri), 10.30AM – 10PM (Sat), 10.30AM – 9.30PM (Sun)
Contact: 04-25580351
No. of seats: 167 (61 on 1st storey, 106 on 2nd storey)