A Starbucks marble tumbler is enticing us to travel to get our hands on it

From marble display dishes to marble-printed jewellery, we can’t get enough of marble-anything. And if you find yourself nodding sub-consciously, welcome to the club.


And we’re not just about the quit this obsession, especially when Starbucks Korea has released a marble-theme series last month. The collection includes their tumblers, thermos, and even mugs. Each of these receptacles are designed with a beautiful white marble look, complete with rose-gold accents – another design element we can’t get enough of, but we’ll talk about it another day.


The price for these items range between 16,000KRW to 38,000KRW (approximately S$20 to S$47).

Unfortunately, these marble-themed items are exclusive to Starbucks Korea, and there has been no announcement on how long these will be kept on the shelves. If you ask us, we’ll say book a ticket to Korea for your next vacation asap, or do a shout out and see if you can get hold of a friend who’s going there.