Asia’s first hyper-reality Star Wars VR Experience is coming – and it’s just across the Causeway!


Star Wars fans, sit down, stay calm and listen to this: a multi-sensory VR Experience of your favourite film series is going to be made available for the first time in Asia.

Resorts World Genting and The VOID announced that its hyper-reality experience, Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire, which was created in collaboration with ILMxLAB, will be in Asia later this year. No exact launch date has been shared yet, but representatives point towards December as a possible date.


This will be The VOID’s first venture outside of America and the UK, making this experience at Resorts World Genting the first in Asia. This location-based VR experience will be one of the key attractions at
the resort which received almost 25 million visitors last year. This will exist alongside dining and retail outlets as well as entertainment attractions that will include the upcoming indoor
and outdoor theme parks.

What can you expect from Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire ?

Look forward to a breathtaking journey into the Star Wars universe that allow you to walk freely and untethered on an interactive stage. Different experiences – all fully immersive – will be delivered that you can be sure will evoke all your senses. What this means is that you’ll be able to feel the impact of blaster bolts, smell the smoke from the surrounding environment, push buttons to solve an interactive puzzle to escape enemies, all while coordinating directly with your unit in real time through the blended virtual and physical world.


Under the orders of the rebellion, teams of four travel to the molten planet of Mustafar and sneak onto an Imperial Base. During the mission, you’ll encounter familiar Star Wars characters
as you navigate dangers at every turn.


Watch this video to get a better idea of what you can look forward to.