Top Seoul tours and experiences to book in 2023

Seoul is one of our favourite cities to visit and for many good reasons. The South Korean capital is at the forefront of fashion and beauty trends and is also home to many natural and cultural sights. On top of that, it is also the birthplace of some of our favourite K-pop music and K-drama!

There are many things you can do within Seoul and just outside of it. If you’re hoping to find transfers, tour guides, or go through unique experiences in Seoul or away from it, here are all of the best Seoul tours to consider.

Hanbok and costume rental experiences in Seoul

Renting a costume for photo opportunities with your friends or family is a fun activity you probably won’t do in your own country.

hanbok wearing experience

For an affordable hanbok experience, consider this hanbok rental store (from S$15.39), which offers an array of traditional hanbok for women, men, and even children.

Besides renting you the hanbok, the store also offers basic hairstyling and accessories so you can look the part.

We love that the store is located near Changdeok Palace, Bakchon Hanok Village, and Gyeongbokgung Palace, which are great landmarks for you to take photos that look like you’ve walked out of a Korean period drama.

retro korean clothes rental

If you find wearing traditional garb too mainstream, consider renting retro Korean clothes (S$30.79) instead and take photos in the picturesque alleys of Bukchon Hanok Village. hat and accessories will also be provided so you can jazz up your look!

korean school uniform rental

Prefer something more modern? Go for the Korean school uniform rental experience (S$20.55) instead.

This rental store is located near Lotte World themed park, so you recreate a first date scene with your beau, even if he/she is not your high school sweetheart.

Food and drink tours in Seoul

Want to eat and drink like a local?

seoul pub crawl

Go on a pub crawl in Seoul (S$28.65) with a local guide who will bring you to three bars and a club in Hongdae or Itaewon – two of the most exciting nightlife spots for youths in Seoul.

Your party guide will be able to offer special drinks, discounts, as you meet new people and party the night away.

noryangjin fish market tour

Take up the Noryangjin Fishery Market tour (S$102.59) to explore one of the largest seafood markets in Korea.

Your guide will navigate the market with you while sharing with you more about local food culture and letting you sample fresh seafood from stalls and restaurants at the market. The package also includes a dinner set – cooked using the freshest catch bought directly from the market!

K-pop experiences in Seoul

Are you a hardcore K-pop fan? Then you may want to tailor your Seoul trip around your favourite idols.

kpop tour

Consider going on a K-pop tour (S$47.19), for a chance to meet your favourite K-pop idols.

This tour takes you the KBS building, for a chance to bump into a K-pop group member who’s making their way to Music Bank. You’ll also get to visit its Open Radio Studio when you’re there.

Then, visit Hikr K-pop Ground where you’ll b able to take many Instagram-worthy photos at the K-pop M/V Stage that has different photography concepts.

kpop recording studio

Been practising the latest K-pop hit in the shower? Why not record it at a studio in Seoul (S$100.55)?

Done at a studio where stars such as VIXX and Park Hyo Shin recorded their hit songs, this experience lets you use the most advanced equipment to record your own K-pop album.

The best part is that professional vocalists and sound engineers who worked with K-pop stars will guide you through the process and your recorded song will be adjusted so you’ll achieve the best possible version.

At the end of this experience, you’ll receive a final recording of your song as well as a few behind-the-scenes photos of your recording session!

kpop dance class

More of a dancer than a vocalist? Learn K-pop dance in a class (S$61.55) conducted by choreographers who have worked with idol groups such as Chungha, ITZY, twice, and more.

Conducted through an English interpreter so you can understand your instructor better, the experience also includes high quality photos and videos taken while you concentrate on perfecting your dance moves.

Korean cooking classes in Seoul

If the Korean food culture fascinates you, you may want to go for a Korean cooking class.

korean cooking class

At this traditional cooking class (S$92.30), you’ll first get a tour of the Mangwon Market with your instructor before heading back to the kitchen. You’ll be making three main dishes and one stew, and when you’re done, you’ll enjoy a Hanjeongsik (that’s a Korean-style full-course meal with more than 10 dishes), which includes the ones you’ve made.

makgeolli brewing workshop

If you enjoy a tipple or two, consider a makgeolli (Korean rice wine) making class (S$66.69).

You’ll learn about Korean food culture while making makgeolli and traditional snacks that go well with it.

Note that as makgeolli requires a fermentation period of 10 days and cannot be carried on an airplane, you may not get to enjoy the makgeolli that you’ve made yourself. However, the studio will be able to let you have the makgeolli they’ve made in advance

K-beauty experiences in Seoul

If K-beauty is what attracts you to Seoul, go beyond just stocking up on beauty products at its stores.

beauty makeover seoul

Go all out with a complete makeover at this makeup tour (S$230.79), where you’ll get Korean-style hairstyling and makeup done. Of course, don’t forget to snap lots of photos after the makeover in the Gangnam area, where the studio is located.

If you just want a pampering time at a hair salon, this hairstyling experience in Myeongdong (S$71.79) is perfect for you.

Here, hairstylists design hairstyles from simple one to those that are seen on K-pop idols and make recommendations based on what suit you best. The salon also has a zone carved out specially for photography so you can walk away with photos too.

To achieve gorgeous Korean-style nails, go for this manicure experience (from S$15.69) that offers everything from hand and foot care services and acrylic nails.

Cherry blossom tours in Seoul

The cherry blossom season in Korea is happening around end of March to the start of April, so if you happen to be in Seoul during this period, consider booking a tour to catch the gorgeous cherry blossoms while they’re blooming.

seoul cherry blossoms

Book this Jinhae cherry blossom tour from Seoul (S$76.99) to explore the village of Jinhae, which is home to beautiful traditional architecture. The village is also one of the best places to go to see cherry blossoms.

You can also view cherry blossoms at Ganghwa Island (S$84.49). This scenic tour also includes a visit to the Goryeogung Palace and a luge ride at the Seaside Resort.

seoul king cherry blossoms

If you can’t make it to Seoul before the first week of April, consider viewing King Cherry blossoms (S$61.55). These are larger than regular cherry blossoms and bloom in mid-April.

Nami Island tours

Nami Island has some of the most picturesque landscapes around. But because it can be a little hard to access unless you drive, booking a tour may be a great way to explore it.

nami island

Most of these tours also design a full-day programme that allows you to visit other spots along the way so you’ll make the best of your day!

italian village

This Nami Island tour package (starts from S$63.59) offers a combination of sightseeing spots you can choose from. Besides Nami Island, the tour can include the Alpaca Pasture, The Garden of Morning Calm, Petite France, Italian Village, and Gangchon Rail Bike.

sheep farm

If you prefer more hands-on experiences, this other Nami Island tour package (S$125.85) will probably be more up your alley.

Other than Nami Island, this tour package also takes you to the Vivaldi Park, a strawberry-picking farm, and the Sky Swing and Sheep Farm.

DMZ tours

If the Korean War has always fascinated you, a tour to the de-militarised zone (DMZ) will probably interest you.

dmz suspension bridge

This DMZ tour (S$38.75) covers a visit to the Third Tunnel through monorail, the Dora Observatory where you can get a glimpse of North Korea territory, and the Suspension Bridge that used to be a fierce battle field during the Korean War.

dmz tour 1

Alternatively, you can consider another DMZ tour (S$32.85) that brings you to the Freedom Bridge, Third Tunnel, Dora Observatory, and the Unification Village.

Seoul city tours

It’s easy to get around Seoul because of its very well-connected subway network. However, if you prefer an easier time getting around or having a local guide to show you around, here are tours you can go for.

seoul city tour bus

Hop on this city bus tour (S$15.39) offers that offers a night route that lets you enjoy the night lights of Seoul. It passes by eight landmarks that gives you the view of Han River and the iconic N Seoul Tower.

The tour even lets you get down the bus at the beautiful N Seoul Tower have 30 minutes of free time, where you can explore the spot and take photos.

seoul bike tour

Alternatively, explore Seoul on a bicycle instead. At this half-day biking tour (S$45.35), your English-speaking guide brings you some of the most popular areas in Seoul, including Iwha Woman Street, Inchon, Deoksu Palace, and famous Insadong markets.

You’ll get to stop for photo breaks at any of the attractions anytime you want, so you’ll be sure to capture the best memories from this trip on camera.

For those who prefer an itinerary that’s more customised and have very little time in Seoul, we recommend a four-hour private tour (S$87.45) instead.

At this tour, you’ll get to choose the places you’d like to visit and your guide picks you up either at your hotel or at your first spot. The guide brings you around for the next four hours before dropping you off at your hotel.

Seoul cultural tours

Korea has a rich history and culture so it can take you a long time to understand it. For a one-day immersion into it, consider taking up a cultural tours that bring you to palaces, museums, and markets so you can get a crash course on it.

seoul cultural tour 1

For a comprehensive cultural tour, this package (S$82.05) may just be it. Your tour bus will be driving past the President’s pad (Blue House or Cheongwadae), and you’ll get to watch the changing of the guards at one of the Korean palaces. Then, visit the National Folk Museum, Jogyesa Buddhist Temple, and Namdaemun, while your English-speaking guide shares more about Korean history.

seoul cultural tour 2

If you prefer to walk to different cultural sites, this walking tour (S$51.29) will be it. Go on foot to visit sites such as the Gyeongbok Palace, Insadong, and more. What makes this tour interesting will be the funny historical and local stories your English-speaking guide will tell you!

Seoul nature tours

Explore some of the most picturesque sights in Korea through nature tours so you can work up a sweat while enjoying the great outdoors.

mount seorak

Consider a trip to Mount Seorak and Naksana Temple (S$87.19). The former is a latter park that’s home to wildlife, while the latter is an old Buddhist temple that exudes calmness.

sunrise on mountain

If you prefer to hike, here’s a programme that lets you see sunrise from Bukhansan (S$66.69). The 2-day-1-night programme assigns.a sherpa to accompany you and you’ll treated to a beautiful view once you hike to the top of the mountain.