The cutest Rilakkuma menu is available at this Japanese cafe for a limited period of time

If you’re travelling to Japan soon and are a Rilakkuma fan (or simply love Instagram-worthy cafe food), you’re in luck! Rilakkuma has partnered with popular Japanese cafe Gelato Pique Cafe, which is known best for its crepes, to launch a super-adorable Rilakkuma-themed menu this spring.


Called the “gelato pique cafe meets RiLAKKUMA” campaign, the menu features only specially-selected organic ingredients and promises to be delicious and healthy.

Here are the menu items that caught our eyes:

1. “Treat yourself” High Tea Set

自分にご褒美 ハイティーセット, ¥3,980

The three-tiered English afternoon tea set is certainly the highlight on the menu. The gorgeous set consists of crowd-pleasing sweet treats including mousse cake, macarons, fruit tarts, and scones. The variety of items gives you a good tasting sample of the offering by Gelato Pique Cafe.

But the one item that is definitely going to catch your eyes is definitely the Rilakkuma beef slider. We highly suggest that you take a hundred photos posing with this cutie before stuffing it into your mouth!

2. “Peacefully Sleeping Rilakkuma” Katsu Curry Omu-rice

リラックマのスヤスヤ オムカツカレー, ¥2,480

Are you going “aww” just looking at this picture? Because we know we are!

This delicious and adorable-looking dish is made with wholesome ingredients: wagyu beef cooked with low heat for four hours to retain its nutritional value, free-range eggs, and genmai rice.

3. Korilakkuma Chicken Curry Omu-rice

コリラックマのチキンオムカレー, ¥1,280

Here’s another curry omu-rice to choose from, featuring Rilakkuma’s friend, Korilakkuma. This is also whipped up with free-range eggs and genmai rice, and you’ll probably notice that the vegetables are cut into heart and star shapes to make this even more photogenic.

4. 100% Natural Beef Rilakkuma Burger

ナチュラルビーフ100% リラックマバーガー, ¥1,680

Can’t get enough of the cute slider from the afternoon tea set? You can order an a la carte burger, which is also made with the same 100% natural beef patty and is just as adorable.

5. Rilakkuma’s Sugar Butter Crepe

リラックマのシュガーバタークレープ, ¥1,280

This may not look the cutest compared to the ones we recommended before, but it’s still a must-try because Gelato Pique Cafe’s signature is its crepes. The crepe is made with butter from premium French brand Echire and is paired with an ice-cream and a Rilakkuma-shaped pastry.

6. Rilakkuma and Kiiro Tori’s Ricotta Cheese Pancake

ラックマとキイロイトリのリコッタチーズパンケーキ, ¥1,680

Fluffy pancakes filled with ricotta cheese? Yummy. These pancakes are served with a chocolate mousse cake shaped like Rilakkuma and a mango mousse cake shaped like Kiiro Tori.

6. Mille Feuille Pudding

ミルフィーユ プディング, ¥680

This may not look so eye-catching at first, but wait till you open the lids and see Rilakkuma (chocolate and orange flavour), Korilakkuma (custard and strawberry flavour), and Kiiro Tori (pumpkin custard and mandarin orange flavour) staring back at you.

The cafe will also be stocking limited edition merchandise that you can get your hands on.


“gelato pique cafe meets with RiLAKKUMA” will be available in two stores, one in Tokyo and one in Kyoto. While they allow walk-ins, you can also make a reservation online if you want to avoid queuing.

Gelato Pique Cafe Bioconcept is located at:
Tamagawa Takashimaya
〒158-0094 東京都世田谷区玉川3-17-1 玉川高島屋S・C 南館B1F
Opening hours are from 10am to 9pm

Kyoto The Cube
〒600-8216 京都市下京区烏丸通塩小路下ル東塩小路町901 京都駅ビル The CUBE B2F
Opening hours are from 10am to 8pm (till 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays)

This limited edition menu will be available from now till 6 May 2019.