First hotel in space will open in 2027 and here’s a first look at what it will be like

We know you may be thinking that this sounds like something from a Star Trek movie – but no, it’s really happening! Here’s news for you: the first hotel in space – Voyager Station – is set to open in 2027.

You must be bursting with questions at the prospect of a hotel in space and luckily for you, AVENUE ONE has some of the answers.

First hotel in space: First look at what to expect

Will you be bouncing around like the astronauts?

Thankfully, Voyager Station will have artificial gravity that’s similar to Earth’s to keep you grounded. While some of us may be disappointed by the idea of not experiencing zero gravity, consider how much more convenient and comfortable it will be to have gravity work for you (instead of against you) when you use the toilet, shower, and sleep.

The hotel will also offer a gym, restaurant, a bar, and all the other amenities you’ll usually get in a hotel on Earth. According to the Voyager Station’s website, the hotel will “harness the technologies of space and the comforts of Earth” to create a one-of-a kind experience.

Next question on your mind: will it look like a regular building or perhaps look like you’re in a rocket or a spaceship?

The answer? Neither.

The Voyager Station is going to have a rather unique shape because it’s composed of two rings sharing the same axis that are connected to each other with spokes. In other words, it looks more like a giant wheel than a regular skyscraper.

The outer ring is where you’ll find the residential modules, solar panels, radiators, and even a rail transport system. Meanwhile, the inner ring features amenities for guests, the crew quarters, as well as modules for scientific research.

All images are from Voyager Station.