Studies: Couples who travel together have deeper connection and better sex

Couples who travel together are reported to have more satisfaction with their relationships and even better sex lives.

A survey by Travelocity, an American online travel agency, asked couples to rate their relationships according to a few factors, and the results show that couples who travel together rated their relationships higher on every factor asked.

A high 94% of respondents who travel as a couple responded that they feel very close to their partners, compared to 86% of respondents who do not travel together. 86% of the former group also believe that the romance is still alive in their relationship, compared to 73% of the latter group.

The survey also reports that couples who travel together are more inclined to say that they have the following positive traits in their relationship:

  • Share similar goals and desires
  • Have a good balance of time together and apart
  • Have shared hobbies and interests
  • Agree on how to spend money
  • Laugh and have fun together
  • Handle differences well
  • Think their partner is patient
  • Say that they are best friends


And it looks like having a stronger and deeper connection with your partner isn’t the only benefit that travelling together offers. Another study conducted by the US Travel Association also suggests that couples who travel together also have better sex lives.

In this study, 77% of respondents who travel as couples say that they enjoy a good sex life. This is contrasted with 64% of satisfied respondents who don’t travel with their partners. Most interestingly, 28% of the couples say that their sex life has improved after they started travelling with their partners, and 40% say this improvement was a permanent one.

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