A coffee-coke hybrid drink is launched and here’s how people think it tastes

You love your cuppa in the morning and you enjoy a can of coke on a humid day. Have you thought of combining these two loves in a mixture?

Yikes, you say. But guess what – the limited edition “Coke Plus Coffee”, a coffee-coke hybrid has been launched in Japan and Australia last year, and it is also going to be launched in Thailand soon.


The version that you’ll be able to find in Thailand features the Robusta coffee, a type of bean that can be found in southern Thailand, and is marketed as a “healthy beverage” because it has 50 per cent less sugar than regular coke.

Reviews have been rather mixed, though.

Reviews from Japan are generally negative, saying that the taste of the drink isn’t good. Japanese website Shin-Shouhin said that they didn’t like the aroma and that while the initial taste reminds them of cola, the drink has a coffee aftertaste. They also said that the taste wasn’t harmonious.

On the other hand, there are some positive reviews in Australia. YouTuber “That’s Noice” felt that it was “better than he thought it would taste”. He said that it smelt like regular coke, but with a hint of coffee.

Regardless of reviews, we are pretty curious about how it really tastes. And if you’re curious like us, you can find it in Thailand at 7-Eleven for THB15 per can (~S$0.60).

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