Cherry blossom viewing in Korea 2019: Here’s everything you need to know

One of the most anticipated seasons for those living in Korea has to be Spring! Not only does it suggests the beginning of something new, it also allow people to know that now is the time to head outside and enjoy!

Korea is blessed with the right temperature for cherry blossoms to happen during Spring, which makes it a great time for tourists to make their way to the lovely country to check out one of the most beautiful phenomena it offers.

Compared to cherry blossoms in Japan, the flowers in Korea are slightly paler in colour. However, that does not mean it is anyway less enjoyable!

Find out where and how you can enjoy the cherry blossoms viewing in Korea this year!

When do cherry blossoms start blooming in Korea?

Most of the time, cherry blossoms go into full bloom when the temperature is at its optimum. The perfect temperature for them to bloom ranges from 17 to 20 degrees.

With that being said, the blooming usually begins from the South of the Korean peninsula with Jeju Island in late March. After which, the bloom would slowly make its way up from Busan, Gwangju, Daejeon and Seoul.

If you are planning to visit Seoul in 2019 for the cherry blossoms, you might want to mark your dates around end of March to mid April for the best sightings!

However, do take note that the timing of the blooming of cherry blossoms may differ due to the weather differences.

How to enjoy viewing cherry blossoms in Korea

Sometimes you might notice Koreans sitting under the cherry blossom trees with a bottle of ‘makgeoli’ (rice wine) and ‘kimbab’! You can easily find them at convenience stores or even from the ‘ahjummas’ (aunties) selling by the street.

On the other hand, if you are not up for some alcohol, you might be interested in ordering fried chicken that many tourists rave about whenever they head to Korea. These fried chicken delivery men would be able to locate you no matter where you’re at!

Many Koreans love to chill out and catch up with their friends and family members while looking at the beautiful, light pink cherry blossoms – so join them in this activity!

Important note!

The downside of going through Spring in Korea is the occurrence microdust or yellow dust! In recent years, the air in Korea has been affected by yellow dust that came uninvited mainly from China. Make sure to turn on your cellphone as you will receive text messages from the Korea government when the level of yellow dust is really high!

Remember to also equip yourself with a face mask that is made especially for yellow dust. They can be easily found in convenience stores. It is also recommended to get model K90 and above.

The places to view cherry blossoms in Korea

Cherry blossom viewing in Seoul

1.  Kyunghee University

One of the most popular campuses to visit during Spring has to be KyungHee University.

Against the backdrop of medieval-inspired architecture and blue sky, cherry blossoms look especially stunning, and this is why people – even the locals – would travel all the way up North of Seoul to witness such beauty.

Blossoms: 9-20 April

Directions: Take free shuttle bus from Exit 1 of Hoegi Station (Line 1)

Admission fee: Free

2. Yeoido Park

Another highly raved about location to check out cherry blossoms is the Yeoido Park! The park has more than 1,400 cherry blossom trees, so get ready to be overwhelmed by the number of flowers you’ll be seeing.

In addition to how the park is located right beside the Han River, you get to enjoy the seasonal cool wind while enjoying the view of cherry blossoms. Aside from cherry blossoms viewing, many locals would also lay down their mats to have a leisurely picnic with their loved ones. The location is also very popular among couples!

Blossoms: 9-20 April

Directions: Exit 2 of Yeoinaru Station (Line 5)

Admission fee: Free

3. Seokchon Lake

Popular among many Korean youngsters, Seokchon Lake is ‘the place’ to go especially with their friends and loved ones.

Why is it so popular? Well, this lake is right beside the famous Lotte World! You can put Lotte World in your itinerary and plan to spend some time viewing cherry blossoms after you’re done with the amusement park.

Blossoms: 9-20 April

Directions: Exit 2 or 10 of Jamsil Station (Line 2)

Admission fee: Free

4. Gyeongbokgung Palace

If you are looking for cherry blossoms viewing spots that give off a more traditional vibe, why not visit the palaces in Seoul? To add on the cherry blossom viewing experience, many tourists also rent traditional Korean hanbok to take pictures with the historical buildings.

Aside from Gyeongbokgung you might also want to check out some of the other popular palaces, such as Changdeokgung, Deoksugung and Changkyunggung.

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Blossoms: 9-20 April

Directions: Exit 5 of Gyeongbokgung Station (Line 3)

Admission fee: 3,000 won

Cherry blossom viewing in the Gyeonggi Province

5. Nami Island

Do you remember the popular Korean drama Winter Sonata? Guess what – the filming site isn’t just beautiful in Winter, it gives off a charming vibe in Spring too!

Located out of Seoul, Nami Island is a famous attraction that is filled with natural heritage.

A highly recommended spot for cherry blossom viewing, this is where you can bring someone special to if you want to impress him/her.

Blossoms: 9-20 April

Directions: Ferry to Nami Island from Gapyeong Wharf

Admission fee: 8,000 won

Cherry blossom viewing in Busan

6. Jinhae Yeojwacheon Stream

Jinhae is one of the places that the locals would definitely recommend if you were to come to Korea for a trip. Although it is located at Busan, many Koreans would even travel all the way to there because of the spectacular cherry blossom viewing experience.

This place is also famous for its ‘Romance Bridge’, a photography spot that gives a very romantic vibe.

Aside from the cherry blossoms, there are also many activities and performances for visitors that you can enjoy while you’re there.

Blossoms: 25-31 March

Directions: Take bus 307, 309 or 315 after alighting from Jinhae Station

Admission fee: Free

7. Beomeosa Temple

If you wish to learn about Korean history while checking out the cherry blossoms, Beomeosa Temple in Busan might be the perfect location for you.

With more than 1,300 years of history, Beomeosa Temple offers you a peaceful and serene vibe that you’ll love if you’re enjoy getting away from city buzz. In addition to the lovely cherry blossoms, you can also reward your eyes with the old architecture of temple buildings.

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Blossoms: 25-31 March

Directions: Take bus 90 from exit 5 or 7 of Beomeosa Station

Admission fee: Free

Cherry blossom viewing in Jeju Island

8. Seogwipo Area

If you’ve planned a trip to Jeju Island and wish to do some cherry blossom viewing while you’re there, we’ve got you covered here.

Along the Seogwipo area in Jeju Island, you will be able to witness the full bloom of the king cherry blossoms. Just like how its name suggests, the size of the cherry blossoms is more spectacular from those commonly seen, which means you’ll get more dramatic photos!

Blossoms: 20-28 March

Directions: Seowipo Bus Terminal

Admission fee: Free

Cherry blossom viewing in Daegu

9. Suseong Lake

Simplicity is often the best and Suseong Lake is such a spot, for people to just relax and unwind.

Some people may find this place bland compared to other recommended places but Suseong Lake has its own uniqueness that is hard to describe unless you visit in person.

Perhaps it is due to the sense of calm this lake offers, you’ll find many people next to the lake and simply take in the serene view of the water and mountains.

Blossoms: 31 March – 5 April

Directions: Take bus 401 from exit 1 of Banwoldang Station

Admission fee: Free

Cherry blossom viewing in Gwangju

10. Uncheon Reservoir

If you are up for another attractive spot with cherry blossoms near a water body, Uncheon Resevoir is a place you do not wish to miss out.

Many locals living near the reservoir are often seen there spending time with their friends or even alone. Kind ahjummas who are strolling there might even offer you some food if you try to talk to them!

Blossoms: 6-18 April

Directions: Exit 2 of Uncheon Station

Admission fee: Free