Beer with tapioca pearls are what everyone is drinking in Japan right now – and here’s why you’d want to try it

While we are all swooning over bubble tea with boba (tapioca pearls), Japan has taken the boba trend to the next level. Tapioca Beer, which is basically beer with boba, is the latest food and beverage trend that everyone is talking about in Japan currently.

Created by beer cafe chain iBEER LE SUN PALM, the drink is called “Tapioca the Next, Tapioca Beer” and is a mixture of beer, citrus soda, and of course, boba.


It is available in four flavours: regular, strawberry, pineapple, and kiwi.

SoraNews24 sent their writer to try it and they described the drink as looking “more like a cream-topped dessert than a beer”.

From the images we saw, the tapioca pearls filled up to more than a third of the glass. SoraNews24 said that the beer and boba complement each other, with the boba’s sweet notes balancing out the bitterness of beer.


The writer seemed to enjoy the Tapioca Beer (they picked the plain version) and would recommend it.

The boba beer is available at 580 yen (~SGD7.30) for the plain one, and 630 yen (~SGD7.95) for those with fruit syrup in them.


If you are a teetotaller, iBEER LE SUN PALM also serves non-alcoholic boba soda.

iBEER LE SUN PALM outlets are located at Shinjuku Mylord, Shibuya Hikarie, Futakotamagawa Rise, and Atré Kawasaki.