20 best toiletries bags, pouches, and cases any frequent traveller must have

Whether you are packing for a short vacation in a neighbouring country or a long holiday in a far-flung location, it is important to keep your toiletries well-organised in your luggage. Not only does it make it easier for you to unpack (and pack again), you are also preventing unwanted spills and stains, say, from a shampoo bottle that was squashed at the bottom of your luggage.

Not sure what to look out for, and which ones are best suited for your needs? Avenue One has compiled some of the best toiletries bags, pouches, and cases that you need to check out – there’s definitely something suitable for any budget and any capacity you need!

1. Portable Toiletries Organiser

If you are looking for a toiletries bag that is easy to carry around and comes with enough pockets to organise everything, this one will hit all the right notes.

It comes with six mesh pockets, four pockets with two big zippers, a hand strap, and a side buckle design – perfect for keeping all your travel-sized lotions, skincare, and even your towel. You will find this incredibly convenient to use if you are staying in a hostel with communal bathrooms or heading on a nature expedition.

The best part? This also doubles up as a handbag while you are travelling – keep your passport, cash, and other essentials in the pockets, and you’re good to go!

Portable Toiletries Organiser retails at SGD3.61 on Shopee.

2. Muji Hanging Case Pocket for Small Item

Struggling to find space in a suitcase to keep toiletries is a common problem, especially when you are packing to go home and realise that your shopping loots are taking up way too much space.

Muji solved the problem by creating a thin and flat case that you can easily slot it into your luggage. It also opens to become a toiletries organiser that you can hang on the bathroom door, so you don’t have to struggle with taking everything out and putting them back in again at the end of your trip.

Muji Hanging Case Pocket for Small Item retails at SGD23 at Muji stores.

3. Felt Cosmetic Insert Toiletries Bag

Even if you do not have many toiletries to bring along, that is no excuse to simply dump everything in and hope that you can find them afterwards.

This unique toiletries bag comes with three exterior pockets and ten interior pockets – all you need to do is pack your toiletries accordingly, slide it into your luggage or your hand-carry, and you’re done! It comes with a slit at the top so that you can hang this on your hotel bathroom’s hook.

Felt Cosmetic Insert Toiletries Bag retails from SGD6.91 to SGD14.03 on Shopee.

4. Waterproof Toiletries Bag (Set of 3)

It is easy to organise different types of toiletries when you have not just one, but three toiletries bags! These waterproof bags are printed with the popular LINE Friends character Brown, and many customers who have purchased these are satisfied with their high quality and cute design.

It is advised that you keep smaller travel-sized products in the smallest bag, and bigger essentials like a towel in the biggest-sized bag. At less than SGD2 for three bags, we say this is definitely a steal.

Waterproof Toiletries Bag (Set of 3) retails at SGD1.19 on Shopee.

5. Storage Wash Pouch

Never worry again about your belongings getting wet when  you store all your toiletries and makeup in this waterproof wash pouch.

Featuring lovely designs that will light up even the dullest of hotel bathrooms, the pouch has sufficient capacity to keep a few bottles of lotions, and also contains slots to keep your makeup brushes safe and secure.

Storage Wash Pouch retails from SGD2.31 to SGD2.84 on Shopee.

6. Kanken Toiletry Bag

Don’t belittle this humble toiletry bag from Kanken – it is made from durable, waxed fabric for a sturdy finish, and comes with a PU-coated polyamide lining which makes it easy for you to clean.

There is also plenty of room in the bag’s two spacious compartments for you to get an easy overview of all the small bottles and tubes that you’ve packed, so feel free to bring all your skincare samples and travel-sized products on your trip.

Kanken Toiletry Bag retails at SGD99 on Zalora.

7. Bagstationz Lightweight Water Resistant Travel Organizer And Toiletries Pouch

A camera bag is designed to keep your expensive cameras and lenses safe, and Bagstationz has taken inspiration from sturdy camera bags to create this thoroughly organised toiletries pouch.

Equipped with three exterior pockets, ten interior pockets, and one zippered pocket, the Batstationz toiletries pouch has made it much easier for you to pack your toiletries neatly – even skincare products that come in fragile glass packaging will hold up well in this hardy bag!

Bagstationz Lightweight Water Resistant Travel Organizer And Toiletries Pouch retails at SGD17.90 on Zalora.

8. Cation Waterproof Toiletries Bag

This toiletries bag has received 46 5-star ratings and many compliments online from happy customers. It is not difficult to see why this is a hit among travellers: at less than SGD10, you get a spacious, waterproof bag that can hold all of your personal care items. Coupled with the fact that you can hang this in the bathroom and get easy access to anything you need, this is a must-buy if you always bring a lot of toiletries on your travels.

Cation Waterproof Toiletries Bag retails at SGD7.28 on Shopee.

9. Matador FlatPak Toiletry Case

If you are travelling on an outdoor expedition, you need something more resistant to hard knocks and unpredictable weather conditions. In that case, the Matador FlatPak Toiletry Case will do just the trick.

Designed for efficient and lightweight travel, the FlatPak Toiletry Case is said to have “everything you need, nothing you don’t”. It has a rolltop design, which allows you to change the size of the toiletry case as and when you need. There is also a buckle closure that keeps the case leakproof, so even if your shampoo spills out, the rest of your luggage is safe.

Matador FlatPak Toiletry Case retails at SGD45 on Lazada.

10. Floral Collapsible Hanging Toiletry Bag

Nothing beats travelling with a pretty toiletries bag that will put you in a good mood every morning!

This lightweight toiletry bag is fitted with multiple compartments to easily separate your necessities for hygiene purposes, and a capacity that is large enough for most trips. The top hook makes it easy for you to hang this from a shower rack, door knob, or anywhere that is easy for you to grab your toothpaste and other toiletries as well.

Floral Collapsible Hanging Toiletry Bag retails at SGD11.31 on Lazada.

11. Cath Kidston Button Spot Classic Wash Bag With Grab Handle

Perfect for storing your toiletries when on the go, this wash bag from Cath Kidston comes with grab handles for easy carrying. It is made from PVC coated cotton for a handy splash-proof and wipe clean finish, and adorned with the brand’s fun and flirty spot print.

You could even use this as a handbag to keep your phone and passport when you go your sightseeing, then pack your toiletries back when it’s time to go home – sweet!

Cath Kidston Button Spot Classic Wash Bag With Grab Handle retails at SGD43.06 on Zalora.

12. Rawrow 131 Waxed Canvas Pack Double Pouch

For those of us who have space constraints in our luggage, chances are that we would try our best to squeeze everything into one bag, unpack everything to be used when we reach our accommodation, and then struggle to pack them back again when it’s time to leave.

Rawrow has eliminated this problem by creating a double pouch – the storage space is divided into both sides by a zipper in the middle. You can then unfold the pouch and stand it on your dressing table, so that it is convenient to take any product you need without having to rummage through everything.

Rawrow 131 Waxed Canvas Pack Double Pouch retails at SGD52.90 on Zalora.

13. Typo Vacay Cosmetic Bag

You can’t go on a vacay without a Vacay Cosmetic Bag! This brightly-coloured faux-leather bag is so spacious that you could possibly fit toiletries for your family in it, and still have space left to keep your makeup products!

If you end up buying too many souvenirs overseas and find that you can’t fit this into your suitcase, you don’t have to worry either. The convenient handle allows you to carry it on the side so that you can just carry it on board with you – just be careful and check that you don’t keep large bottles of shampoo in there!

Typo Vacay Cosmetic Bag retails at SGD19.99 on Zalora.

14. Cotton On Debonair Wash Bag

It’s difficult not to stay organised with Cotton On’s Debonair Wash Bag – the main cargo hold is perfect for all your skincare essentials, while the bottom stow-away compartment features an elastic tie down to keep your razor and tooth brush in place while travelling.

Cotton On Debonair Wash Bag retails at SGD29.99 at Cotton On stores and website.

15. Holographic Toiletries Pouch

Good toiletries pouches don’t have to be boring, which is why we love these holographic ones.

For starters, you can see everything inside the transparent pouch at one glance, so that it is easier to check if you have packed everything. The designs on the pouches also add a quirky and adorable touch – just pick one that screams “you” the most!

Holographic Toiletries Pouch retails at SGD5 on Shopee.

16. VBIGER Translucent Toiletries Packing Cube (Set of 3)

Travelling is all about convenience, so it is difficult to resist a set of three toiletries bags that are not only waterproof, easy to clean, but also TSA-approved – meaning that you can clear security checks even faster when you pack your personal care items in these.

Even if you do not have so many toiletries to pack, you can still use the biggest bag as your carry-on. You will thank us for this suggestion when you clear security faster than anyone else in the queue at customs!

VBIGER Translucent Toiletries Packing Cube (Set of 3) retails at SGD19.88 on Shopee.

17. Multifunctional Toiletries Handbag

We know, a lot of us stick to only one particular personal care product and won’t settle for anything else, even if it means we have to lug the whole bottle there. We are also frequently guilty of over-packing because we are overly anxious not to miss out on anything.

For those of us who always have so much toiletries to pack but never enough space in our luggage, this Multifunctional Toiletries Handbag is a godsend. Besides being designed to be flat enough for a snug fit in most luggage cases, it also comes with a strap that you can wrap around your luggage handles, so now you can separate your bulky toiletries and leave more space inside for your other belongings.

Multifunctional Toiletries Handbag retails at SGD5.58 on Shopee.

18. Drawstring Toiletries Bag

Packing more than a week’s worth of shampoos and body lotions for a big family, and too lazy to organise all your items neatly? You would definitely want to get your hands on this handy drawstring bag – just put all that you need inside, roll it up, pull the string until it is taut to secure everything inside the bag.

Just a word of caution – if you pack this bag to the brim, it may become too bulky for you to keep in your suitcase, so our advice is always to pack as little as you can afford!

Drawstring Toiletries Bag retails at SGD8.53 on Lazada.

19. Toiletries Case

We love a versatile case, so it’s no surprise that we have included this as a must-buy. You can keep all your personal care essentials in this PU leather case that looks as sleek as it is useful.

The best part? This comes with a mirror so that you can do your skincare and makeup routines on the go, even if your hotel room doesn’t come with a vanity table.

Feel free to use this as a leather bag for fashionable travel OOTDs as well – it’s easy to pack everything back in again when you are ready to go home!

Toiletries Case retails at SGD5 on Shopee.

20. Skinnydip London Up Too Late Wash Bag

Yes, we are guilty of staying up too late even when we are not on vacation, so remind yourself to wash up early every night with this on-point wash bag.

The bright frill design also makes it easy for you to spot the bag even when it is buried deep in your luggage, or when you leave it on the vanity table because you forgot to pack it.

Skinnydip London Up Too Late Wash Bag retails at SGD43.06 on Zalora.

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