15 beautiful Airbnb in Seoul that you want to stay at forever

Airbnb has become one of the top sites to look at when looking for accommodation overseas especially if you are travelling to cities such as Tokyo and London, where hotels and guesthouses are generally more expensive.

When travelling to a beautiful city that is full of life and culture such as Seoul, the place that you choose to stay at might make a big difference to your experience. There are many listings available on the website and we have curated a list of Airbnb in Seoul that are so convenient and beautiful you’d want to stay in them forever.

1. Rooftop Apartment @ Hongdae

If you have watched enough K-dramas, you would have seen the popular rooftop apartments that Koreans live in. It is not surprising that in a dense city like Seoul, most apartments are pretty much shoebox apartments.

If you are travelling in a group or prefer more space, a rooftop apartment would be great for a breather. Right at the heart of Hongdae, this Airbnb in Seoul is the perfect K-drama rooftop apartment for you to indulge in the bustle and culture of one of Seoul’s most happening districts.

View Rooftop Apartment @ Hongdae

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2. The Terrace Villa @ Cheongdam-dong

A one-minute walk from major Korean entertainment agencies such as FNC, JYP and SM, this rooftop Airbnb is the dream of all K-pop fanatics. Even if you are not, this Airbnb is in a good location with a direct bus to Incheon International Airport and only a short walk to the Han River Park.

View The Terrace Villa @ Cheongdam-dong

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3. Daniel’s apartment @ Gangnam

When it comes to Seoul, what’s that one district you can certainly name? The Gangnam district, of course! The more uptown area is made up of many dongs (Korean for “neighbourhoods”) including the previously mentioned Cheongdam-dong, and other popular neighbourhoods such as Apgujeong and Sinsa-dong.

Daniel’s apartment is right next to Gangnam Station Exit 1 and the bus stop right outside the apartment takes you straight to Incheon International Airport, making this Airbnb in Seoul a great location in a popular district.

View Daniel’s apartment @ Gangnam

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4. Dwyane’s Luxury House @ Gangnam

The Airbnb that brings out the excess and luxury residential houses of Gangnam, Dwayne’s luxury house looks like a K-drama film set that you could live in.

View Dwayne’s Luxury House @ Gangnam 

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5. Perfect house for a group @ Gangnam

If you are travelling in a group and prefer a simpler house, this Airbnb is Seoul listing is a good alternative to the luxury house. Doesn’t it look like a hotel suite room?

View Perfect house for a group @ Gangnam

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6. Huge Family House @ Jungno-gu

This is the apartment in our list that can accommodate the most number of people – up to 28 guests. Situated in Jungno-gu, this family house is within the proximity of the famous Ilhwa Mural Village and Naksan Park.

View Huge Family House @ Jungno-gu

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7. Korean Traditional Hanok @ Gyeongbokgung

This Airbnb in Seoul is perfect for the traditional Korean experience. With a traditional Hanok exterior and furnished with modern facilities like an automated door lock and heating system for winter, you get the best of both worlds.

This Hanok accommodates up to four guests and is a few minutes away from Gyeongbokgung Palace and Samcheong-dong, a tourist district that fuses the modern and the traditional.

View Korean Traditional Hanok @ Gyeongbokgung

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8. Warm and relaxing house @ Sinsa

Sinsa-dong is possibly one of the most popular streets that could make you feel like a celebrity. Filled with boutiques and cafes on the street of Garosil-gil, it is a place for the hip and trendy. This warm and relaxing Airbnb in Seoul has definitely rubbed off the hipster vibes from the district.

View Warm and Relaxing house @ Sinsa


9. Relax and Cozy place @ Seoul Station

Seoul Station is akin to Singapore’s City Hall Station where different train lines intersect. This is also the station that connects to the AREX Airport Express line as well as railway trains and KTX (Korea Train Express) that take you to other provinces of South Korea.

Major departmental stores such as Galleria and Lotte Mart are also near this station so staying in this apartment would mean that you get to shop and travel with ease.

View Relax and Cozy place @ Seoul Station

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10. Duplex Studio @ Seoul Station

Duplex apartments are commonly found in Seoul. Consisting of two floors, these apartments have an open concept with the kitchen and bathroom on the first floor and the second floor an open area with low ceiling.

If you prefer an apartment with a fancier design, this duplex apartment will be able to charm you inside out. From the interior that features exotic decoration to the city view that overlooks the Namsan Tower, this apartment would be a nice place to wake up in.

View Duplex Studio @ Seoul Station


11. Big City View @ Myeongdong

Further down Seoul Station would be the tourist-famous Myeongdong district where rows of Korean cosmetics stores, fashion boutiques, and restaurants can be found. With a modern retro theme, this apartment listed on Airbnb looks like a great place for the Myeongdong go-ers.

View Modern Duplex @ Myeongdong



12. 4-room apartment @ Dongdaemun

If you want to be close to Myeongdong yet do not want to live in the centre of the busy district, Dongdaemun is a good area to stay in. With the Dongdaemun market as well as the historical sites such as Heunginjimun Gate and Dongdaemun Seonggwak Park close by, Dongdaemun is an alternative to Myeongdong without compromising on the shopping and sight-seeing.

This Airbnb in Seoul is able to accommodate up to nine guests so you can stay in a big group with no worries about the lack of space.

View 4-room apartment @ Dongdaemun

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13. Jessica’s apartment @ Hongdae

Known for the street buskers and nightlife, Hongdae is the acronym for Hongik University which the area is named after. It is a popular area among young adults with neighbouring districts like Myeongdong and Sinchon where universities such as Yonsei University and Ehwa Women’s University are located.

Staying in the Hongdae district is always a good choice when visiting Seoul. Just a minute walk from the train station, Miae’s apartment is worth the stay.

View Miae’s apartment @ Hongdae




14. Planterior House @ Hongdae

Another eco-friendly apartment, this Airbnb apartment in Seoul has such a minimalist and earthly design that looks like it is taken right out of a furniture catalogue. Don’t forget to take some photos for Instagram while you’re staying there!!

View Planterior House @ Hongdae

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All photos taken from Airbnb.