12 gorgeous Airbnb rentals in Osaka you’ll never want to leave after you’ve checked in

Curation by Hwang Ji Ah

Being a part of the 21st century, we like to keep our options open – that includes everything from a meal to deciding where to stay during your holidays. Lately, thanks to a steady stream of tourists (and a shortage of hotels), Japan has been stepping up its rental game, giving us plenty of beautiful selections to gape at.

For those planning to pin Osaka as your next travel destination, here are 12 superb spots to give you a bit of holiday inspiration.

1. The one that takes you back in time

Built more than 70 years ago, this is a traditional house that will definitely let you have a traditional Japanese experience. While traditional, it has all the perks of modernity; it is fitted with air-conditioners and is only five minutes away from the nearest subway. The only thing to note is that because it’s an old Japanese house, some parts of it has deteriorated. But if you can look past this, you’ll probably enjoy the stay – many reviewers described it as cosy and comfortable.

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2. The one with green tea tones


If you’re looking for something cosy and convenient, this one would suit you. Located a minute walk away from the subway station, this has everything you need for a comfortable stay.

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3. The one has touches of tradition

We know sometimes we can’t make up our minds – should we go for a modern apartment, or one that’s more traditional? This is a modern flat that has touches of tradition in its decor. The space also comes with a dining room and sufficient space to accommodate up to six people.

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4. The one that feels like home

This is a beautiful traditional Japanese house that’s located near subway stations. Besides three bedrooms that are fitted with handmade futon and a full kitchen, it also comes with a spacious balcony garden. You have the option of Japanese or Continental-style breakfast, and the carers for the house visit every morning to have breakfast with their guests. They also provide a gift to guests who choose to donate a book, because they collect books written in different language to share with foreign and local guests.

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5. The one with strong nautical vibes

Other than beautiful furnishing, this apartment comes with a bathtub so you can relax comfortably. Another huge draw: the apartment is located at a two-minute walk away from Shinsaibashi area (a popular shopping area in Osaka) and four-minute walk away from Dontonbori (a must-visit food area). There are even two 24-hour supermarkets near the apartment for absolute convenience.

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6. The one that takes you into Totoro’s world

If you or your children love the cute animated character Totoro, then this is probably a clear choice for you. The Totoro-themed apartment is also very convenient – it provides you with plenty of space, is walking distance from Shinsaibashi and a subway station, and offers free wi-fi in the house, and provide you with free pocket wi-fi too.

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7. The MUJI you can finally sleep in

The apartment is furnished heavily with MUJI items that we’re sure if MUJI were to have a hotel, it’ll look like this. The owner is also very meticulous with their care for their guests – they provide a traditional southern iron teapot for you to enjoy tea in, all types of personal grooming essentials you’ll need, and even items (like a baby cart) to make the stay for families with young children even sweeter.

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8. The one with a view

This was converted from a ryokan (an old Japanese-style hostel) and the owners try to keep as much of its traditional style as possible. Best part is that they also offer a great view to look out from a quiet mountain. If you enjoy soba, you’ll also be pleased to know that the owner runs a soba restaurant right at where the accommodation is at.

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9. The Japanese minimalist

Clean and comfortable, this apartment is loved by reviewers for its proximity to 24-hour convenience stores and the subway station. They also love how friendly and caring the owner is and that while it’s convenient, it’s quiet enough to have a good night’s rest.

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10. Total Tumblr material

This will be where you’d want to stay if you intend to take plenty of photos for social media. The beautiful apartment is located near the Umeda area, which is the business district of Osaka, which makes it a convenient area to stay in.

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11. The one that’s has touches of Disney

This apartment has little touches of Disney around the house without it being too overwhelming. While reviewers say that it’s small, its convenient location and quiet environment make up for it.

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12. The one filled with sakura all year round

The sakura that you see aren’t just within the house – but outside the apartment too, if you’re there during the right season! The apartment is located along a river that is lined with cherry trees, so reviewers who were there during the cherry blossom season said that they got to enjoy a wonderful view.

Reviewers also highlighted that the owner is caring – snacks and cup noodles are prepared for guests to make sure that they won’t go hungry!

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