11 best Bintan resorts for family and large groups (including villas for up to 12 persons!)

The perfect family vacation is often hard to plan: other than organising activities and sights that cater to the interests of everyone, finding the right accommodation that can have everyone near to one another is another challenge.

Bintan is a great vacation spot to check out, especially if you’re travelling with your family or a group of friends. Just a 60-minute ferry ride away, Bintan offers beautiful greenery, golf courses and water sports facilities, amazing food, and pampering spa treatments.

If you’re looking for the best resorts for family trips or to hang out with your group of friends – keeping reading! We have curated 11 best Bintan resorts for family and friend trips, and we’re sure one of them will be suitable for you!

1. Angsana Bintan

best bintan resorts for family angsana bintan

Whether your idea of a great holiday involves reading at the sundeck or touring the mangrove forests, Angsana Bintan will have something for you. Its Island Family Suite comes with a spacious living area and even a dining room. With two bedrooms that can comfortably accommodate four, the suite is also furnished with a private landscaped garden and sundeck, outdoor shower and jet pool.

Suggested activities at Angsana Bintan:

best bintan resorts for family angsana bintan 1

  • Dine in a fisherman’s boat: In this destination dining experience, you’ll be feasting on local seafood while you sit in a traditional fisherman’s boat.
  • Enjoy a massage by the sea: After enjoying your choice of spa treatment, enjoy dinner at the cliff top outside the spa.
  • Dinner at a Kelong: Take a local boat out to a traditional fisherman’s house for dinner, and enjoy the sea breeze as you dig into fresh seafood.
  • Do your part for nature: Plant corals and restore natural reefs at the resort’s Marine Conservation Lab. This is also a good chance for you to learn about the marine ecosystems in the region.
  • Join a mangrove tour: Check out the mangrove forests native to Bintan and explore wildlife. How often do you get the chance to be surrounded by lush greenery in Singapore?

2. Banyan Tree Bintan

best bintan resorts for family banyan tree bintan

Banyan Tree is best known for its spa treatments, so if you and your travel companions are into such indulgences, this resort will be ideal. Each villa at the resort is built in traditional Balinese style and allows you to wake up to the sound of crashing waves every morning. Check in the Oceanview Infinity Pool Villa that sits atop a hill surrounded by the rainforest and looking out to the ocean. There are two bedrooms in this villa, a private infinity pool, and an outdoor sunken bath.

Suggested activities at Banyan Tree Bintan:

best bintan resorts for family banyan tree bintan 1

  • Indulge in a spa therapy: Like we’ve mentioned earlier, Banyan Tree is best known for their spa treatments, so you should never leave the resort without indulging in one! The therapies at Banyan Tree Bintan feature traditional Indonesian ingredients including coconut milk and scrubs made from native herbs and spices.
  • Yoga: Book a session with Banyan Tree Bintan’s yoga instructor for quiet time as you energise yourself with the poses and stretches.
  • Jog and enjoy nature: If you’re a morning riser, consider getting up for an early jog. Jog along Laguna Bintan paths if you enjoy greenery, or the private beach if you want to catch the sunrise.
  • Hang out at the Beach Pool Bar: If you’d prefer to engage in light banter over drinks and food, then the Beach Pool Bar offers light bites and drinks in a casual setting. Don’t forget to order the Sate Campur (Indonesian grilled meat skewers, much like the satays that we enjoy in Singapore), a signature dish at this bar.

3. Bintan Agro Beach Resort

best bintan resorts for family bintan agro beach resort

There are four units of Family Room that are directly adjacent to one another on top of a beautiful flower hill at the Bintan Agro Beach Resort. Each Family Room accommodates up to three persons, which means if you book all four units, you’ll be able to have 12 people over!

Suggested activities at Bintan Agro Beach Resort:

best bintan resorts for family bintan agro beach resort

  • Ride a bicycle: Rent bicycles and go around the 14-hectare of greenery in the resort area.
  • Cabin fishing: Rent fishing rods and buy bait from the resort and to fish at the cabin.

4. Bintan Lagoon Resort

best bintan resorts for family bintan lagoon resort

If you are planning for a trip with up to seven people, then Bintan Lagoon Resort has a great accommodation option for you. The Angsoka Villa is a double-storey villa with four bedrooms. The master bedroom comes with a double bed, the second and third bedrooms have twin beds, and the fourth bedroom has a single bed. Bathrooms aren’t a problem too – other than the en-suite bathroom in the master bedroom, the villa also has two common bathrooms. You’ll also get to enjoy a private swimming pool and a full kitchen if you’d like to prepare your own meals.

Suggested activities at Bintan Lagoon Resort:

best bintan resorts for family bintan lagoon resort 1

  • Join an ATV tour: If you enjoy outdoors activities, consider booking an ATV (all terrain vehicle) tour with the resort. A guide will take you through the beach and other nearby attractions. Single-seat and double-seat options are available.
  • Get on a pedal boat: You don’t need to be athletic to enjoy water activities. A pedal boat is a child-friendly activity that everyone in your group can enjoy.
  • Sing the night away: The resort has a karaoke lounge that features a state-of-the-art sound system and a wide selection of songs. You can consider singing at the open lounge, or book one of the private rooms available.

How to get there: You can take the ferry service from Mozaic Ferry Lines to get to the resort directly from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. You can also travel there on the public ferry service (Bintan Resorts Ferry) to Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal, followed by a complimentary shuttle bus service to the resort.

5. Bintan Spa Villa Beach Resort

best bintan resorts for family bintan spa villa beach resort

The Bintan Spa Villa Beach Resort is a cosy hideaway that promises to help you escape from city life. Built along the shoreline, the resort offers a great sea view that you’ll get to enjoy whether you’re in your room or at the restaurants. If you’re travelling in a group of four, check in the Seafront Family Villa, which is built with a private balcony so you can enjoy the sea view at your comfort.

Suggested activities at Bintan Spa Villa Beach Resort:

best bintan resorts for family bintan spa villa beach resort 1

  • Light up the night: You can arrange with the resort to set off fireworks or wishing lanterns. This will definitely make a trip extra memorable, and perfect for a great Instagram photo.
  • Experience a fisherman’s life: The resort has its own kelong, and at an extra fee, you can experience a hands-on visit. The two-hour visit includes the boat ride, platform jumping, and relaxing at the water hammock. But what’s most interesting is that you’ll also get to fish using kelong nets, and then grill or fry your catch.
  • Try wind or kite surfing: Shallow waters along Trikora Beach is made available for you to try your hands at surfing. Don’t worry if you’ve never done it before – you can sign up for lessons for beginners and get started.

How to get there: Take a ferry ride from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (Singapore) to Bandar Bentan Talani Ferry Terminal (Bintan Island). Inform the resort about your arrival timing so they can arrange for a representative to pick you up on an air-conditioned bus. The ride will take approximately one hour. This pick-up service is complimentary.

6. Club Med Bintan

best bintan resorts for family club med bintan

If you’re looking for a child-friendly resort with full-board service, then Club Med Bintan will be the best choice. Activities that cater to children and teenagers are available so parents can enjoy their stay without worry. Two restaurants that provide gourmet cuisine (both local and international options) are accessible as part of your package. Check in one of the Deluxe Rooms that can accommodate up to five people, and wake up to the beautiful South China Sea.

Suggested activities at Club Med Bintan:

best bintan resorts for family club med bintan 1

  • Pick up a new sport: If you have always wanted to learn how to learn a new sport you’ll be pleased to know that group classes for all levels of skill are available as part of your package (no extra cost). The Sports School in Club Med Bintan offers lessons for archery, flying trapeze, golf, windsurfing, and sailing.
  • Snorkel: If you’re checking in during summer, snorkelling is also available as part of your package (no extra cost).
  • Play golf: Bintan is one of golfers’ favourite place to play at because of the beautiful ocean views and magnificent cliffs. Additional fees are applicable.
  • Enjoy a coconut body treatment: This unique 2.5-hour therapy begins with a warm coconut oil rub, followed by a tropical coconut wrap. Then, your body will be exfoliated with marine salt, before you’re treated to a Huna Huna massage on your scalp.

How to get there: Take a ferry ride from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (Singapore) to Bandar Bentan Talani Ferry Terminal (Bintan Island). Inform the resort about your arrival timing so they can arrange for a pick-up service.

7. Indra Maya Pool Villas

best bintan resorts for family indra Maya Pool Villas

If you’re planning to travel with a large group of up to 12 people, you should certainly consider the Indra Maya Pool Villas. The Nirwana Pool Villa, in particular, is a huge four-bedroom villa with 750-sqm of living space. With a separate living room, kitchen, and dining room, as well as king-sized beds and en-suite bathroom in every room, this villa is perfect for a larger group. Each room also leads out to a centralised courtyard featuring a private swimming pool. Extra bed per room is allowed to accommodate more people.

Suggested activities at Indra Maya Pool Villas:

best bintan resorts for family indra Maya Pool Villas 1

  • Try undersea walking: While you can only dive if you’re trained, undersea walking doesn’t require any special skills. The resort will arrange for licensed instructors to take you to the sea floor, as you walk around to observe marine life. Note that a minimum of two and maximum of six will be able to participate at a time.
  • Ride down the zip line: Thrill-seekers will be happy to know that a four-storey flying fox zip line is available at the resort centre.
  • Parasail with your loved ones: The Beach Club at the resort provides “tandem” parasailing flights that accommodate up to two persons at one time. The parasail goes up to 60 metres high. The resort’s parasailing boat can take up to eight flyers, so it’s perfect if you’d like to experience this with your family/friends.

8. Ria Bintan Golf Club

best bintan resorts for family ria bintan golf club

If you’re expecting to spend a lot of time at golf course, then the Ria Bintan Golf Club may be the most ideal choice for accommodation. Check into the Albatross Family Room, which offers a great view of the South China Sea, and space for four people.

Suggested activities at Ria Bintan Golf Club:

best bintan resorts for family ria bintan golf club 1

  • Golf, of course: There are two courses available at Ria Bintan Golf Club for you to choose from – the Ocean course and Forest course – each offering a different scenic view.
  • Learn golf: If you’re travelling with companions who don’t know the sport yet, encourage them to learn it at the club! They’ll get to learn golfing basics and etiquette over a two-day course with an instructor, and also get to play a three-hole game, and enjoy a sunset buggy tour. And they don’t have to invest in anything – golfing equipment will be provided!

9. Sanchaya Bintan

best bintan resorts for family sanchaya bintan best bintan resorts for family sanchaya bintan 1 best bintan resorts for family sanchaya bintan 2

If you’re travelling with a huge group, Sanchaya Bintan have lots of options for you. Note that this is a luxury resort that can be expensive, but offer impeccable service, and beautiful villas and facilities. They have villas that can accommodate two, four, six, and even eight persons. The largest one – the Vanda Four-Bedroom Villa – accommodates up to eight, and comes with a beautiful sea view and private outdoor infinity pool. The two-storey beachfront villa also offers a huge balcony, indoor living rooms on each floor, and a kitchen and dining room on the ground floor.

Suggested activities at Sanchaya Bintan:

best bintan resorts for family sanchaya bintan 3best bintan resorts for family sanchaya bintan 4 best bintan resorts for family sanchaya bintan 5

  • Enjoy a meal at its in-house restaurant: The Dining Room is set within the resort and offers delicious food made with market-fresh ingredients and exquisite detail. And while you’re there, don’t forget to pick up a Jamu drink from the Jamu Gendong lady who will visit your table (during breakfast). This traditional medicinal drink is an ancient recipe passed down for generations, and made using local spices and root-tubers unique to the region.
  • Play croquet: There is a croquet lawn that overlooks the ocean at Sanchaya where you get to play the ancient sport as you sip on a refreshing drink.
  • Enjoy books and wine: The Salon and Library of Sanchaya is inspired by old European salons, and offers a selection of rare books that you can spend lots of time with. They serve wine and cheese and open till 2am.

10. The Canopi, Treasure Bay Bintan

best bintan resorts for family the canopi

“Glamping”, a combination between “glamorous” and “camping”, is the concept behind The Canopi. Surrounded by lush greenery and forestry, The Canopi offers luxurious safari-themed tents, which accommodates up to four persons per tent. You’ll be staying right next to a private mangrove nature park, and the region’s largest man-made seawater lagoon.

Suggested activities at The Canopi:

best bintan resorts for family the canopi 1

  • Take a Jetovator class: The Jetovator is a water sports accessory that propels riders into mid-air using the force of water thrust. Suitable for those aged 10 years and above, the Jetovator is available at The Canopi, together with coaching lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advance users.
  • Watch fireflies: Join a tour at the private mangrove near the tents to watch fireflies at night. Trust us, it’ll be an interesting experience getting up close and personal with nature.
  • Start a bonfire: A camping experience is not complete without a bonfire. Gather around one, sing along to campfire songs accompanied by the strumming of a guitar and spend quality time over conversations and stories. Note that advance booking is required for this arrangement.

11. Trikora Beach Club

best bintan resorts for family trikora beach club

If you’re looking for a quiet vacation, Trikora Beach Club may be what you’re looking for. Since the resort offers simple facilities, it means that you get to plan your own activities and spend quality time together! Go for its private villas that offer sea view. Each villa can accommodate up to four people.

Suggested activities at Trikora Beach Club:

best bintan resorts for family trikora beach club 1

  • Walk down the beach: When was the last time you spent time just walking down the beach and engaging in deep conversations with your loved ones? The quiet and pristine Trikora beach is the perfect place for you to do so.
  • Try out water sports: The in-house sea sport operator staffed with trained professionals will be able to offer guidance for water activities including kite sailing, snorkeling, and laser boat sailing. Don’t forget your sunscreen!