Avengers collectibles are now available from Taiwan’s 7-11. You got to see the toaster!

Avengers: Endgame may mark an end to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but for those who want to keep their favourite MCU memories close to heart, 7-11 Taiwan has partnered with Marvel Studios to release limited edition Avengers: Endgame merchandise.

These merchandise can be redeemed with points collected at 7-11. In order to get a point, you have to purchase selected drinks from the City Cafe counter.

Here are the various Avengers: Endgame merchandise available:

Iron Man & Captain American Toasters

Even superheroes need to eat breakfast in order to have energy to defeat the villains. Start your day right with toasts emblazoned with the Avengers logo on one side, and Iron Man’s helmet or Captain America’s shield on the other. We bet you will no longer think of toast as a boring breakfast option again.

Iron Man & Captain America Toasters can be redeemed with 6 points + NT$599.

Avengers Coffee Mugs

Have had a long day in the office? Add some oomph to your usual coffee break by drinking your energy booster from the highly-coveted Infinity Gauntlet.

You can also opt for other designs molded in Captain America and Captain Marvel’s symbol, Thor’s new hammer/axe Stormbreaker, Iron Man’s helmet or the Incredible Hulk’s fist.

Avengers Coffee Mugs can be redeemed free with 40 points or 6 Points + NT$99

Infinity Gauntlet Coin Bank

Don’t worry, half of your hard-earned savings will not disappear if you put them in this coin bank.

In fact, you and your kids may cultivate a good saving habit because it’s so addictive to see the infinity stones light up every time you deposit a coin. It certainly is a good way to remind yourself that saving is a powerful habit to culminate.

Infinity Gauntlet Coin Bank can be redeemed with 6 points + NT$499.

Iron Man Helmet Alarm Clock


You will be motivated to wake up every morning when you see the eyes in Iron Man’s Helmet light up. After all, there is no time to waste when you have a huge battle to fight.

Iron Man Helmet Alarm Clock can be redeemed with 6 points + NT$499.

Avengers 20-Inch Deseno Luggage

Manufactured by renowned luggage brand Deseno, this stylish luggage has a custom lock and detachable inner pouch to make travelling a breeze. Your choice of superheroes include Captain America, Black Panther, Hulk, and Iron Man.

Avengers 20-Inch Deseno Luggage can be redeemed with 6 points + NT$2799.

Avengers Helmets

Maybe you are not a superhero fighting a war yet, but you can still pretend that you are when you wear these Avengers-themed helmets as you zip around on a motorcycle. These come with adjustable ventilation at the top and a clear visor in front to protect your eyes and face.

Avengers Helmets can be redeemed with 6 points + NT$1099.

Avengers Tumblers

Quench your thirst with a cold soda or warm your insides with piping hot tea in these cool (pun not intended) tumblers. You can take your pick from Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Black Panther – or you could simply have them all.

Avengers Tumblers can be redeemed free with 20 points or 6 points + NT$199.

Iron Man and Captain America Umbrellas

Chase away the blues that come with gloomy, rainy days with these umbrellas that change colour. Upon contact with water, the white Iron Man and Captain America prints on the 27-inch wide umbrella will slowly turn red.

Unfortunately for most of us, these are currently only available for redemption in 7-11 Taiwan. If you are not heading to Taiwan soon, you can still get your hands on these by requesting it on Airfrov.