23 best honeymoon destinations for every budget

Getting hitched soon and have no idea where to spend the first few days as a newly-married couple? Here is a list of 23 of the best honeymoon destinations (or a romantic trip with your spouse to get away from the kids!) all organised according to budget.

Let’s start with the most affordable options.

1. Bali, Indonesia

Source: travelzom

This one might be a no-brainer option, and rightfully so! We’re practically spoilt for choice with spacious resorts and villas for as low as SGD91. Bali is the perfect place for a romantic getaway, with dozens of spa resorts providing the opportunity for you and your significant other to spend quality time together to release all that pre-wedding stress!

What to do: For the ultimate relaxing getaway, head down to a full-service spa to indulge in couple massages and mani-pedis. After a swim in the pool at your resort, visit the restaurant for a hearty dinner, then the bar for some drinks and music to end the day on a perfect note!

Source: The Mansion Bali

Where to stay: Live out your dreams of royalty at The Mansion Resort Hotel & Spa, where a 50 square-metre suite goes for just SGD175 a night. The rooms are decorated lavishly with gorgeous Javanese-esque furniture and decor.

2. Palawan, Philippines

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This island destination is a much more affordable alternative to other more exotic destinations, while still having the same clear waters and pristine beaches. The food and drink is amazing here as well.

What to do: Go scuba diving in El Dino where the waters hide amazing marine life and underwater topography such as cliffs and tunnels. Visit the longest underground river in the world, which features 8.2km of peaceful water. Sit side by side with your SO while you learn all about the rock formations! Starfish Island is home to hundreds of the little critters, so if you have yet to see one up close, this is the place to go! However, the most romantic activity yet would be kayaking in the darkness, lit up by thousands of fireflies to light the way. Is this real life or just a fantasy?

A room with a view of Lake Pichola at The Lake Pichola Hotel is only about SGD215 per night, and a deluxe room with a mountain view at the Ramya Resort and Spa is SGD100. Here, if you bag the right room, you can even watch the sunrise and sunset from it!

3. Ko-Samui, Thailand

Source: Kosamui

An idyllic seaside resort in Thailand’s second largest island will be perfect for some privacy and peace with your loved one. The island’s pristine rocky beaches and turquoise waters will have you doing a double-take. Wait, did we get on the right plane? Are we in Hawaii or Thailand?

What to do: Sweat out all the city stress in a sauna or treat yourselves to a couple’s massage at a spa. If the two of you don’t fancy being cooped up in one place for too long, visit the Big Buddha, and for a leisurely night stroll, visit the Fisherman’s Village to grab some souvenirs to always remember this special trip.

Source: q-breaks

Where to stay: The Prana Resort Nandana offers stylish rooms, fully equipped with amenities and wi-fi. For SGD213 per night, their 46 square-metre Pool Access rooms mean that only a sliding door stands between you and a lovely swim in the afternoon (or night, wink wink). The open-air concept of the resort means that the two of you will have ample, well-deserved fresh air!

4. Hoi An, Vietnam

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Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi may already be checked off our travel lists, but there’s so much more to Vietnam than just these two bustling cities! Hoi An is a gorgeous seaside town that marries intricate temples and French-colonial houses into one picturesque view that tops off the fact that it is unbelievably affordable. This is definitely a go-to for history buffs looking for an adventure on a budget!

What to do: There is much to do in Hoi An, such as visiting the many temples or taking a stroll along the beach. Visit the Cham Islands for diving or snorkelling sessions and underwater photography for something to remember this special trip by! Experiencing the bright coral in crystal blue waters does have a romantic charm to it. After that, chow down on delicious seafood at one of the many nearby eateries and restaurants.

Source: Booking.com

Where to stay: The Hoi An Emotion Boutique Villa is way fancier than it costs. A huge deluxe room with a balcony and pool view goes for as low as SGD80 per night, and the 60 square-metre suite for SGD110! The grounds are surrounded by lush greenery, which provides for a refreshing morning walk. There is also an in-house restaurant, beauty parlour, and spa for couple treatments.

5. Jeju, South Korea

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Korea’s largest island, known as ‘Island of the Gods’, looks fresh out of a postcard and is one of the top honeymoon destinations for Koreans, so why not make it yours?

What to do: The Hallasan National Park is exceptionally beautiful and is certified a UNESCO World Heritage site for its volcanoes and mountains. Get a good view of the sea at the Jeongbang Falls and the ragged Jusangjeolli Cliffs.  Another UNESCO Heritage Site is the Manjanggul Cave, where you can kayak into the lava tunnels with your loved one. For a laugh, visit Love Land, a sex-themed park full of… interesting sculptures.

Source: booknow.biz

Where to stay: The Maison Glad is a grand hotel located near the airport with a standard double room for SGD115 per night. Another option is The Ramada Plaza, a huge hotel with rooms for a similar price point with ocean views. This hotel also has twenty restaurants, so if you’re having difficulty finding a suitable place to eat, this is a great option.

If you are intending to set aside more budget for your honeymoon, read on for mid-range destinations to consider!

6. Udaipur, India

Source: Wanderlust

India isn’t your conventional honeymoon destination, but we highly recommend Udaipur as a great option that gives you great views, lights, and bodies of water.

What to do: Udaipur’s most famous sight would probably be Lake Pichola. Private boats are available for an hour-long boat ride that will take you around to see sunsets in Udaipur, which is one of the most beautiful in the world, especially when viewed against the backdrop of the Aravalli mountains and Lake Pichola from the Sunset Terrace at Fateh Prakesh Palace. Go paragliding above Udaipur’s breathtaking landscapes together. Tours that encompass most of the sights and lakes are available at affordable prices as well The Mewar Light and Sound show is spectacular enough to rival that of Disneyland’s, and end the night with a romantic dinner by the waters at Ambrai restaurant.


Source: agoda

Where to stay: Udaipur hotels have large and spacious rooms for a fraction of what it would cost in other countries.

7. Hokkaido, Japan

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Hokkaido is beautiful in both spring and winter. With its picturesque Lips Mountains, flower fields and hot springs, it makes a perfect honeymoon destination with lots of picture-taking opportunities and relishing of mountainous air.

What to do: Hokkaido is home to some of the most beautiful flora in Asia. Visit the town of Bie-cho, which looks like something out of a Studio Ghibli film with its rolling hills and famous stark Blue Pond. Farm Tomita’s acres of lavender will have you falling head-over-heels with each other again, and provides a colourful and serene backdrop for lots of pictures! If you can’t get enough of Hokkaido’s beautiful flowers, head over to Shikisai no Oka where flowers are in their full glory from May to September and if you’re visiting in the winter, check out the cutest snow figurines at the Sapporo Snow Festival.

Source: International Traveller

Where to stay: Hotels in Hokkaido aren’t particularly romantic, but since the two of you will probably be out and about, design may not matter as much as comfort. The ANA Crowne Plaza and Cross Hotel are both located in Sapporo and have comfortable and warm rooms for about SGD120-170 per night.

8. Multiple cities, Greece

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This Southeastern European country, birthplace of Western philosophy and the Olympic Games with its identifiable white buildings call all honeymooning couples to celebrate in their quaint, homely towns and beaches.

What to do: The most popular areas in Greece are Athens, Mykonos, Crete and Santorini, with many different things to do and explore in each. If you and your SO love to go to the movies, you can consider going for an open-air cinema, which paired with great weather is perfect to get snuggled up with popcorn and cocktails. Visit Greek historical museums in Crete, the grand Parthenon and Acropolis in Athens, the windmills in Mykonos and view the sunsets in Santorini.

Source: Fleetway Travel

Where to stay: The Melia and Periscope Hotel in Athens have spacious and comfortable junior suites for SGD290 per night.

9. Paris, France

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Contrary to popular belief, a holiday in Paris will not actually break the bank and can be done within a reasonable budget! What better place to celebrate your wedding than in the City of Love?

What to do: There is a little something for everyone in this city. Paris is the fashion and arts capital of the world, so waste no time and hurry down to the Musee de O’rsay or the Louvre, where the famed Mona Lisa resides. Literature and history buffs will love the gothic Notre-Dame Cathedral and taking a walk in La Marais, where Victor Hugo used to reside, or perhaps the Palace of Versailles. Visit landmarks such as the Arc de Triomphe and of course, the Eiffel Tower. For a creepy thrill, visit the notorious Paris catacombs that stretch on for miles and miles. Most of the attractions cost SGD30 or less. Just remember to hold on to your valuables to avoid being easy targets for pickpockets.

Source: La Maison Favart

Where to stay: Hotels in Paris are small, some nestled away in hidden corners, even, and most don’t have space for bathtubs. However, despite space constraints, the La Maison Favart provides comfortable rooms and beds at around SGD380, with decorations that are simple, yet très chic! 

10. Bordeux, France

Source: BurgundyBeyond

A little down South from Paris is the the region of Bordeux, known as the world’s wine industry capital, and is famous for their wines and gothic cathedrals. A train ride from Paris to Bordeux costs about SGD32 per person, and the journey lasts about two hours.

What to do: Of course, the key attractions in Bordeux are their vineyards, which produce some of the most delectable red wines. Go for their tours, which lasts about half a day. Learn about how wine is made and get to see their cellars and sample some wine at each winery. Bordeux also has a waterfront that is lined with 18th century buildings and flower bushes. It is a great place to go cycling or take a stroll on a cool morning. Check out the Miroir d’Eu, which is made of granite slabs and covered with two inches of water that reflects the Place de la Bourse perfectly. It is great for photo opportunities and wonderfully romantic at night!

Source: Qualys Hotel

Where to stay: Novotel Bordeux has fairly large rooms for about SGD200 per night, but is a 15-minute drive from the city centre. Most hotels in the city centre are slightly more expensive, but the Qualys Hotel offers standard rooms for about SGD120, though they are significantly smaller than average at 13 square-metres. If you prefer a larger hotel room, the Hotel de Seze has deluxe rooms for SGD340 per night.

11. Mauritius

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This lesser known island is situated in the Indian Ocean near Africa. It is largely diverse in its wildlife, and is home to some of the rarest plants and animals. In terms of weather, it’s pretty much sunny all year round save for occasional tropical cyclones between January to March. It is the perfect place for couples to soak up the tropical sun and sea.

What to do: If the hotel’s many amenities are not enough, spend the morning at their white beaches and swim in their clear blue waters, If you’re not a fan of swimming, try their Undersea Walk, where you can quite literally walk underwater with the help of special oxygen tanks that are fitted over your head. For 20 minutes, watch the breathtaking marine life flash their fancy colours, and even feed the fish! Visit the southern village of Chamarel, home of the ‘Seven Coloured Earths’, a formation of volcanic surfaces in colours of the rainbow. Explore their vast tea plantations or ride the roads near the coastlines in a rented car!

Source: Deals.mu

Where to stay: The Coin de Mire Attitude’s superior room is tastefully and minimally decorated with a beach theme and is only about SGD180 per night. Each room also comes with its own balcony and rooms on the ground level have private patios that are perfect to pop open that celebratory bottle of champagne or wine and indulge in each other’s company. The hotel’s pool winds around their restaurant and bar, which adds a nice touch to an already spectacular accommodation.

12. Croatia

Source: Split-excursions

Croatia is an up-and-coming favourite destination that has been gaining popularity over the years, especially for Game of Thrones fans. It is a hotpot of culture, good food, beaches and cobbled streets topped with just the perfect amount of sun in the summer and spring, and bonus points for not being as expensive as some other European countries!

What to do: Fans of the TV series might recognise Dubrovnik and its narrow alleyways and streets. This country was a key filming destination, so there are many tours that will take you to familiar landmarks and castles! Visit their cafes and restaurants for a romantic brunch or dinner, such as Nautika in Dubrovnik, or Rougemarin in Zagreb, which is known for their tasty burgers and various cuts of meat. For a big healthy dose of history, head down to the Diocletian’s Palace. Constructed in the 1300s-1400s, this is a perfect place to learn more about Croatia’s history and take well-lit pictures! For a more laid back afternoon, take a slow walk to visit their museums, cathedrals and iconic statues. To relax and soak up some sun, head down to their beaches near Split, which stretch for some 5.8km. This city comes alive at night, with scores of pubs, bars and clubs, so put on your dancing shoes and dance the night away!

Source: hotels.com

Where to stay: Hotel Excelsior in Dubrovnik offer airy villa rooms with balconies that overlook the sea for about SGD200 a night. In Split, Hotel Luxe also has rooms with balconies for a similar price, and a standard room for less at SGD90-100. It is also less than a 10-minute walk from the Diocletian’s Palace and other places of interest.

13. Ireland

Source: aranislands

When one thinks of Ireland, castles, pubs and rustic cottages comes immediately to mind. Britain’s neighbour is indeed as beautiful as what the movies make it out to be. The air is cooling, the cliffs are breathtaking and the taps at the pubs never run out. This country gets bonus points if you and your spouse are fans of Game of Thrones, for this is where some of the most memorable scenes were filmed!

What to do: It’s best to go for a tour of the area for easier access to off-the-trail places and to get the most out of your trip. Luckily, Ireland has more than enough to choose from, all at very affordable prices. There are tours that range from the Cliffs to Moher to Galway City to the Belfast Falls, and there are some specifically for the country’s most iconic castles and manors. Fans of the TV series will love the Game of Thrones tour, which brings on a fully-narrated trip to some of the filming locations and gives you the opportunity to meet other fans! If you’re in the city of Dublin, visit the Irish Whiskey Museum or go for the Dublin Pub Crawl tour, to drink, and make merry. After all, your new marriage is definitely a call for celebration!

Source: The Huntsman Inn

Where to stay: There are many cosy hotels in Ireland depending on which area you are travelling to. The Huntsman Inn offers warm-lit rooms for just SGD135 per night. Hotels in Dublin go for slightly more, such as the InterContinental at SGD270 for a deluxe room. The beds are massive and the bathrooms are huge, which makes for a perfectly comfortable stay.

14. Australia

Source: ABC

Australia is such an ideal honeymoon for couples because it is abound with endless activities ranging from opera shows to snorkelling to visiting the endearing wildlife in their natural habitats. If you and your new spouse are animal-lovers, this is a great place to experience together.

What to do: In Sydney, take a walk along Harbour Bridge, visit the iconic Sydney Opera House or their many other museums such as the White Rabbit. The Royal National Park is also less than an hour’s journey away and offers beautiful sights such as the Ogle Wedding Cake Rock, a strange, angular formation of stark white rock, the Figure Eight Rock Pools and the lagoon at Wattamola. Just off the coast of Queensland is the famed Great Barrier Reef which offers underwater sights you simply cannot find elsewhere, and relishing the view with your spouse makes it ten times better. Visit Kangaroo Island, which is abound with Australia’s amazing wildlife, so make sure to visit to learn more about the bandicoot, koala, kangaroo and countless species of birds and plants! If you’ve grown up with and loved Steve Irwin, now’s your chance to get up close and personal with wildlife just as he did.


Source: Sydney Frasers Hospitality

Where to stay: Frasier Suites in Sydney is one of the slightly larger hotels that give more value for money. A 56 square-metre room is about SGD360 per night. Or the Kangaroo Island Seafront with clean, spacious rooms that are priced reasonably at just SGD115 per night.

15. Scotland

Source: Tripadvisor

Live out your fairytale dreams in this land full of beautiful fantasy-esque scapes and castles. Good planning will allow you to get the most out of Scotland and show you that this place can be as romantic as Paris or Hawaii!

What to do: The National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh holds more than 20,000 artefacts that will educate you about Scotland’s rich history. The Falkland Palace and Garden is one of Scotland’s grandest Renaissance palaces, so take some time to appreciate the architecture and flourishing gardens. Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park is also ideal an afternoon meal and to admire the peaks and dips of the surrounding alps. Higher up in Iverness is Loch Ness, where the notorious monster-sighting was first reported. Feel like a princess at the Dunrobin castle, with its tall turrets and fairytale grandeur. Fans of the TV series Outlander will love visiting the Callanish Stones in Callanish – the iconic standing stones were used to model Craigh na Dun.

Source: Hotel Reviews Scotland

Where to stay: Hotels in Scotland are hugely inexpensive and have a very homey feel to them. They rarely go for more than SGD200, so there isn’t much constraint here!

If you’re prepared to splurge, the below honeymoon destinations are for you!

16. Bahamas

Source: Travel + Leisure

Of course, no honeymoon destination list would be complete without the Bahamas! While accommodations are relatively affordable, it’s the price of the plane ticket that immediately makes it a splurge. However, once you’re there, the seaside air will not make you regret anything. With palm trees swaying against the azure blue sky, you will wish you could have just had your wedding there!

What to do: Hideaways boasts a private beach and free use of its kayaking and paddle boats, which really is a bang for your buck. They also provide in-suite massages if you choose to take a break from water activities. Try Caribbean cuisine at their restaurant while gazing out into the Atlantic Ocean. The peaceful Hooper’s Bay is also just a 2km walk away!

Source: hotels.com

Where to stay: Cottages, villas and apartments are more common than individual rooms here, so the privacy makes it great for honeymooning couples. Many rooms also seem to have a rustic, old-worldly feel with vintage decorations and huge bed posts. A one-bedroom suite at the Hideaways Exuma costs about SGD290 and a one-bedroom villa is about SGD320.

17. Seychelles

Source: eluxmagazine

When considering honeymoon destinations, Seychelles is often overlooked. Essentially a cluster of 115 small islands, it doesn’t really matter which particular island you go since each area is equally as beautiful as the other. Home to hundreds of diverse wildlife, this is definitely the place to go to experience the easy-going coastal life!

What to do: Seychelles is a wonderful place to just kick back and relax with your spouse. Each villa comes with a huge, comfortable bed and lots of couches for lounging. No other words seem to describe the villas other than beautiful; so much so that it even makes cuddling up to read some books a romantic activity! All three hotels have on-site snorkelling so you can be really close to the marine life without even having to venture far, and H Resort’s spa has more than ten different indulgences to choose from!

Source: hilton

Where to stay: Stay in the pretty villas at The Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort and Spa for about SGD615 per night in Silhouette Island. The Meridien Fisherman’s Cove and the H Resort also provide gorgeous villas for the same price point.

18. The Netherlands

Source: antonspaargaren

Known for its Red Light District and ‘coffee shops’, couples might not even give it a second thought as a honeymoon destination. However, the Netherlands can be so much more romantic than that! Amsterdam is dotted by museums and connected by beautifully sombre canals, all accessibly by bicycle, the cheapest form of transportation there. Visit the Flower Bulb Region in Keukenhof, Lisse, where tulips flourish in every colour of the rainbow.

What to do: Art-lovers will definitely want to check out the Van Gogh museum, beside which is a huge labyrinth of 125,000 sunflowers!  Museum cards are available for purchase, which gives you access to more than 400 museums all across the Netherlands! The Van der Valk Hotel is about an hour’s train ride away to Keukenhof, home to more than seven million flower bulbs and considered the biggest flower park in the world! Take the most amazing pictures with your spouse against the backdrop of not only tulips, but roses, lillies, and dozens of other flower species. The wonderfully quaint coastal towns Katwitjk and Noorwidjk are also very close by. Do take into account that the flowers only bloom in mid-March to mid-May, so plan your schedule carefully!

Source: 717 Hotel

Where to stay: Hotels in Holland seem to have a trend of connecting two single beds into one, which may not be the most comfortable for a honeymoon.The richly decorated Hotel Seven One Seven in Amsterdam offers a 40 square-metre deluxe room with a king bed for SGD367 per night. When travelling further south to see the tulips, Van der Valk Hotel in Sassenheim has double-beds for about SGD200, and seems the best bet for couples on a romantic trip.

19. Marrakech, Morocco

Source: World Travel Guide

For more adventurous couples, Marrakech is a great option to shop, explore, and learn! There is much to see and do in the bustling streets of this large city. The sights and smells of Morocco makes it one of the most magical places to visit with your loved one!

What to do: Check out spices, delicious food, handmade carpets, clothing and lamps at the many souks (markets) in the area. Ladies will love the kaftans that come in every colour you can imagine! View arts from Morocco and the Sahara at the Tiskiwin museum or the Dar Si Said Museum. Those fond of leather products can visit the tanneries to see how leather is made. The end products can be purchased there too! Moroccan food is a definite must-try cuisine that is chock full of flavours and different spices. Camel rides are also available and would be a fun ‘first’ for newly weds! Take a break from the bustling city to indulge in their spas, which have a way of transporting you to a place of peace and tranquility.

Source: booking.com

Where to stay: As most of the excitement happens in the outdoors, the blistering sun can leave the two of you exhausted, so you might want to splurge more on the hotel. The Tigmiza has an 80 metre-square pavillon room for about SGD355 per night, or live like royalty at The Pearl for about SGD415. Both hotels are decorated with touches of intricate Moroccan designs, wide couches and lovely views.

20. Kauai, Hawaii

Source: wikipedia

Kauai is known as the “Garden Island’ for a good reason. If the two of you are Moana fans, you’ll love this sunny, tropical island for there is much to see and do.

What to do: Sand and sea are the highlights of Kauai for beach-lovers, and for some exercise, trek the 35km Kalalau Trail or make a trip to the Waimea Canyon where you can view waterfalls amidst the grand red rocks and vegetation. Other amazing waterfalls not to be missed are the Wailua Falls, Waipoo Falls and the falls on Mount Waialeale. The coastal towns are also good for grabbing a bite to eat and exploring the shops. Catch the sunset at Hanalei Bay to end the day on a perfect, romantic note!

Source: CDN

Where to stay: Koloa Lannding Resort is all you could expect and more from a Hawaiian resort. With on-site snorkelling, their studio rooms are 46 square-metres with a balcony, and their villas go up to 223 square-metres with a living room and fully-equipped kitchen for SGD1100 per night.

21. Sweden

Source: kirunaaurora

Escape the never-ending heatwaves in Singapore and find solace in Sweden’s cool weather and icy terrains. For those who love trekking, the outdoors and Scandinavian aesthetic will love all this Nordic country has to offer.

What to do: The perk of Sweden is that they have a ‘free-roaming’ policy – you can go basically anywhere for free. This is great because it means that all the gorgeous lakes, hills and fields are accessible and open to the public. This makes for a great opportunity to grab your hiking gear and explore The Wilderness Road, a 360km trail that will help you spot Sweden’s most beautiful wildlife and flowers! Visit The Glass Museum in Småland, South of Sweden, where you can see and buy he most intricate, well-crafted glass trinkets made. And what trip to Sweden would be complete without chasing the Northern Lights? The Abisko Sky Station has lifts that will bring you to the Aurora Sky Station, where you can catch a glimpse of the green and purple ribbons if you’re lucky. Witnessing this natural wonder is definitely one of the most romantic things you can do as a newlywed!

Source: mymodernart

Where to stay: You wouldn’t want to stay in just one place in Sweden, as its sights and attractions are fairly spread out. Stockholm has many comfortable hotels for less than SGD250 per night, but hotels near the Abisko National Park can be eye-wateringly expensive at a range between SGD300 to SGD500, but the views are going to be so worth it. The famous Ice Hotel is also a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so if you have the available budget, make a reservation there!

22. Galapagos Islands

Source: Gray Line Tours

The Galapagos Islands are a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean, and while the US dollar is their currency, it is the price of travelling there and the tourist attractions and tours that make this a splurge holiday. For the intrepid couples looking for a beach getaway that has some adventure, this is a great place visit.

What to do: Tortuga Bay in Santa Cruz Island is said to be one of the best tourist attractions of the Galapagos, mainly because of it’s white sand beaches and high sightings of the country’s iconic tortoises, Sally Lightfoot crabs and iguanas. For an even better view of the giant turtles, Rancho Primicias is a private-owned sanctuary for these reptiles. This area also has lava caves for free and easy exploration. Galapagos also has a large and diverse marine life, so snorkelling and diving is a must-do to see all the tropical fish, seahorses and sharks. Puerto Ayora is the centre of Galapagos, and filled with restaurants and shops, so pick up something as a souvenir for the honeymoon here! San Cristobel Island is flourishing with adorable sea lions and other birds and animals, and is also an ideal place for snorkelling.

Source: Kayak.com

Where to stay: The Semilla Verde hotel and Hotel Silberstein

both have spacious and fully-equipped rooms for about SGD260 per night. Both have beautiful panoramic views of the lush tropical greenery, and are secluded enough for privacy and peace with your SO. The Semilla Verde also prepares customised dishes of homecooked Ecuadorian cuisine for a truly unique and romantic dining experience.

23. Vienna

Source: trazeetravel

This enchanting city in Austria is perhaps one of the most romantic destinations in the world. Museums, music, and fancy cafes? If you an your SO are the ‘artsy-fartsy’ types, this place is the stuff of dreams, and definitely worth a visit to celebrate your new marriage!

What to do: Visit the Hofberg Imperial Palace, which displays the wealth and luxuries the royal families have enjoyed including clothes of the Empress Sisi and the heavily decorated Imperial Apartments of the Habsburgs. The Schonbrunner Gardens are also lovely to walk in to get away from the city. Visit the State Opera House for a night of classical music by the Vienna Philharmonic, and The Kursalon Vienna also have packages that include Strauss or Mozart concerts with dinner. Witness the dancing Lipizzaner horses, all in perfect synchronisation at the Spanish Riding School and explore their cafes for good coffee and pastries.

Source: Hotels.com

Where to stay: The Austria Trend Savoyen Hotel has deluxe rooms for SGD160 per night and executive rooms and suites from SGD250 to SGD300. It’s location is ideal for easy access to landmarks, museums and the State Opera House. Hotel Imlauer is near the Hofburg Imperial Palace and has rooms for as low as SGD120 and suites for just SGD200.