15 best Airbnbs in Jeju that give the best views and cosiest vibes

The beautiful island of Jeju is best-known for its scenic views of natural beauty, including pristine beaches, spectacular volcanoes, and azure seas that stretch into the horizon.

If you are looking for an accommodation where you can take in the full splendour of Jeju and feel warm and toasty no matter which season you are travelling in, this is the guide for you! See some of the best Jeju Airbnbs that have been highly recommended by fellow travellers for the best views, clean environment, and impeccable service from the hosts.

1. Sometimesjeju 201

Location: Jeju-si
Rate: SGD87 per night for 1 room (3 guests)

Located in Owedo i-dong, Jeju’s traditional fishing village, this Airbnb is one of the most popular Airbnbs that everyone wants to stay in.

It is only a 10-second walk away from the ocean, so you get to wake up to the relaxing sight of the blue waters first thing in the morning, soak your feet in the sea for a quick perk-me-up, and then watch the glow of the sunset as the night descends – certainly sounds like something we could get used to!

This Airbnb is located close to Jeju International Airport (9.8km away) with public transport available, but also situated far away enough from the city centre so that you can enjoy the peace and quiet that Jeju offers.

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2. JW’s House 2

Location: Yongdamsam-dong, Jeju-si
Rate: SGD105 per night for whole pension (5 guests)

Panoramic views of the sea to the north and Hallasan (South Korea’s tallest mountain) from the south, coupled with good coffee just downstairs? Yes, please!

This Airbnb in Jeju is just five minutes’ drive away from the airport and 10 minutes from the downtown duty-free shop. It’s not just the convenience that makes this place a hit though: you get to watch aeroplanes descending, grab a bite nearby, and have any problems solved efficiently by friendly Airbnb hosts – no wonder some guests wish they could stay at this gorgeous Airbnb forever!

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3. Ocean view townhouse

Location: Jeju-si
Rate: SGD108 per night for whole house (4 guests)

There’s no better way to connect with nature than with the Jeju sea in full view from the comfort of your bright and airy accommodation, which is why this Airbnb is a top pick.

According to travellers’ reviews, the house looks exactly as beautiful as the photos depict, and will give you some of the best sunset views you could possibly ask for. It is located 10 minutes from the airport, with the Aewol seashore drive and Iho beach just nearby if you’re planning to head to the beaches during your trip.

There is also an open-concept kitchen where you can watch the waves roll and the sun set while you prep a meal, complete with a microwave, rice cooker, and other cooking equipment.

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4. Duplex3, Pureuda Ocean

Location: Hallim-eub, Cheju
Rate: SGD70 per night for 1 room (2 guests)

You know that this Airbnb is definitely worth checking out when guests have booked the accommodation every time they visit Jeju!

This Airbnb in Hallim-eub house features windows with a clear view and faces the Jeju sea, so every room is brightly lit by the sun rays and the reflection of blue waters. It is also situated in a popular fishing spot, so you can whittle away the afternoon by fishing right outside the house (all guests get to rent a fishing rod for free).

Take note that this Airbnb doesn’t have an escalator, which may be a little inaccessible, but rest assured that the friendly host will be there if you need any help with your luggage.

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5. Jeju Lee House

Location: Seogwipo-si
Rate: SGD64 per night for whole house (3 guests)

Want a private space where you can hang out with your family or friends? Jeju Lee House has been highly recommended by 265 guests with a 4.80 rating (out of 5) for being one of the cosiest places in Jeju that you can stay in.

It is a quiet, self-contained pension located 40 minutes from the airport and comes with amenities such as an attic room and a kitchenette living room.

The host advises that you book your own transportation as there is no public transport readily available, but there are two convenience stores within walking distance, plus it also means that you really get a good respite away from the crowd and noise so that you can get the best healing experience in Jeju.

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6. #201 Trip Recipe

Location: Jeju-si
Rate: SGD105 per night for 1 room (3 guests)

With an amazing rating of 4.85 from over a hundred guests, this Airbnb is a luxurious treat for anyone looking to stay in Jeju, and it’s so affordable that you won’t have a hole burned in your pocket either.

Every morning, you can wake up naturally to gentle sunlight filtering through the glass windows, and then have free breakfast (think coffee, sandwiches, and salads) while admiring the sea and lake; in the evening, grab your fellow travellers and sit around to watch the glow of the sunset before tucking into luxurious hotel-style bedding.

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7. Artistic House with Rooftop in Coast Village

Location: Jeju-si
Rate: SGD73 per night for whole guest suite (3 guests)

For those who are just looking for a relaxing time away from the city and are not particularly keen on ticking off attractions on an itinerary, you may consider this cosy studio tucked away in the quiet but scenic town of Gonae.

This is a two-minute walk away from the ocean and five-minute drive away from Jeju’s major beaches, so you can hop from place to place for a different view of blue skies and waters everyday. There is also a coast road nearby if you’re looking to trek around the island.

On the days that you just want to rest and take a breather in between exploring the island, you can sit on the swing in the front yard and read the books provided.

Other amenities are also on hand to make sure that you feel right at home, including a kitchen, refrigerator with jams and drinks, washing machine, and a heated floor for a toasty stay during the cold winter months.

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8. Jeju Amabila – Violet

Location: Jeju-si
Rate: SGD65 per night for 1 room (2 guests)

Most Airbnbs may not offer elevators, which you may find to be rather inconvenient especially if you’ve brought a little too much luggage along with you, or have someone travelling along who may not be able to cope with the stairs.

If this is your main concern, you can consider booking Jeju Amabila -Violet, an Airbnb that not only guarantees ocean views from all rooms but also easy access, thanks to the elevators installed.

You can also have an outdoor barbecue on the first floor, an activity popular with the locals holidaying in Jeju – but take note that additional charges apply.

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9. Trendy Mini Pool Villa

Location: Jeju-si
Rate: SGD101 per night for 1 room (3 guests)

Claiming to provide the best views in Jeju, this Airbnb provides every room with a private mini room that is operated during all seasons except winter, as well as a barbecue pit for you to host your own private BBQ party. All these amenities – at just around SGD30 per person for each night!

Each room will also have a massive wide three-sided clear view of the ocean, but if you want to dip your toes into the emerald waters for yourself, head down to the beach less than 200m away.

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10. Arvins

Location: Namwon-eup, Seogwipo-si
Rate: SGD175 per night for whole house (3 guests)

If you’re not so much a beach person but still want to bask in the natural beauty of Jeju, Arvins provides the perfect setting for you to kick back and relax in.

Overseeing a field of Hallabongs (Korean tangerines), Arvins is a quaint little cottage with a high ceiling and spacious interior that will make you feel right at home.

Be warned – some of the guests have been so enamoured with this Airbnb in Jeju that they cancelled their day’s plans just to stay in and laze around!

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11. Healing couple-stay in east of Jeju

Location: Aewol-eup, Jeju-si
Rate: SGD115 per night for whole house (2 guests)

Jeju is incredibly popular with honeymooning Korean couples, and if you and your special one are also looking for a quiet place in Jeju, you should definitely consider this Airbnb.

This Airbnb is located some distance away from the city centre, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially when you consider that many famous natural attractions like Seongsan Ilchubong Peak and Hallasan are located far from the airport as well.

The living room has a large window that allows a lot of sunlight in, so your house will always be well-lit. You get to see different flowers blooming at different times of the year in the backyard as well: cherry blossoms in April, hydrangea in June, and camellia in winter.

To make sure that couples will have a romantic time here, the hosts have even added amenities such as a couple vanity and marble heart-shaped bathtubs for couples!

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12. Private romantic space for couples

Location: Aewol-eup, Jeju-si
Rate: SGD87 per night for whole guest suite (2 guests)

Situated in the quiet countryside village of Aewol-eup, you get undisturbed, breathtaking views of Jeju’s landscape that you can enjoy with your loved one.

Designed with couples in mind, this accommodation also transforms into an incredibly romantic place at night with fairy string lights and music on the rooftop.

If accessibility is still a concern, you’ll be glad to know that even though it is far from the city centre, the bus station is located just outside the apartment so you’ll have no problem travelling around the island.

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13. Traditional house overlooking Gimnyeong Sea

Location: Gujwa-eup, Cheju
Rate: SGD105 per night for whole guesthouse (4 guests)

To get a taste of traditional life on Jeju, book a century-old house located all the way at one end of Jeju.

This traditional house is an idyllic spot that gives you the option of looking out to the sea from the comfort of your temporary home, as well as easy access to the best beaches in Jeju.

It is possible to stay here with up to three other adults, but the host’s advice is to have up to four adults in your party. If you are a family with two to three kids, this Airbnb will be just right for you.

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14. Entire Studio 5mins From The Airport and Duty-Free

Location: Jeju-si
Rate: SGD52 per night for whole apartment (2 guests)

Can’t seem to completely pull away from the bustle of city life? Stay close to the main street where you can get all your shopping done in a studio located just five minutes by car from the airport and five minutes by foot to the largest duty-free shops in Jeju. You’ll also have convenience stores and cafes at your doorstep, so you don’t have to worry about midnight hunger pangs either.

Many guests recommend this place for the friendly and responsive host, cleanliness, and comprehensive amenities provided to make sure that you can have a carefree holiday.

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15. Norwegian cabin with a great view between Jeju stone wall and tangerine fields

Location: Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo-si
Rate: SGD98 per night for whole cabin (4 guests)

While most other Airbnbs boast modern architecture and furnishings, this one wants to bring you closer to nature with its wooden cabin built from Canadian fir trees.

The main design feature of this cabin is the presence of large windows on both the first and second storeys, where you can sit right next to them and watch beautiful sunsets and stars in the night sky. You’ll get a different type of view in every season: cherry blossoms in spring, luscious green trees in summer, bright red leaf fall in autumn, and thick white snow in winter – you could come every season just to indulge in a different view!

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