11 easy ways to jazz up white shirt with jeans – some combinations you don’t even know you have are lying in your closet!

There’s really nothing quite like a pair of classic jeans. While it’s an essential piece in every wardrobe, it is only too easy for jeans to fall into the boring category, or worse, frumpy. Here are 20 tips on how to dress up the classic combination of the white shirt and jeans to suit any occasion.

Tip #1: Play around with belts

Ah, yes, belts. Belts are super awesome at defining the waist, or maybe to give a pop of colour or more personality to an otherwise basic outfit. And because there’re soooo many belts out there, we’re essentially spoilt for choice, from thin, more dainty looking belts to thick, chunky belts.

We are in LOVE with the way the leopard-patterned belt adds so much character to the entire outfit.

Source: Pinterest (Her Campus)

Because who says that belts only can go on the jeans? We just love the clever use of the belt to tie (literally) the jacket and white shirt together, with jeans to complement the entire look.

Source: Pinterest

Alternatively, you could go with a more chunky belt for those who want to look sophisticated but with a rebellious edge.

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Tip #2: Play around with the type of jeans

Who said that jeans have to be boring? We have all sorts now, from high-rise, to mom or boyfriend jeans, to extremely baggy jeans, to skinny jeans or the more classic mid-rise or low-rise jeans to suit any mood and any occasion, or whatever cutting that flatters your body type.

You could go with simple but classic skinny jean look…

Source: shopheist.com

Or high-rise baggy jeans, a trend brought back from the 90s, which can be used to make you look chic, yet laid back and casual. And not to mention, extremely comfortable to boot.

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P.S. Plus, it hides any unwanted… bulges should you be going for a big feast.

Tip #3: Play around with colours

As mentioned earlier, we are extremely spoilt for choice when it comes to variety in jeans.

We often forget that jeans can come in as many colours as Kylie Jenner’s ever-changing hair, which can run the gamut from basic blue jeans to red, pink, green jeans – the world is your oyster, really.

You could go with a classic monochromic combination of white and black…

Source: Pinterest

Or you could hop onto the pastel trend with some mint coloured pants…

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Or you could go straight up funky with bright coloured jeans. White-coloured shirts are fortunately a neutral which means that you really could go wild with it.

Source: quitecontinental.tumblr.com

Tip #4: Play around with patterns

Patterns are always, always a good thing when it comes to sprucing the basic, tried and tested.

Consider fancy floral-patterned shirts…

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Or floral patterned jeans for a more snazzy edge…

Source: Pinterest (POPSUGAR)

You could also play with some gringham frillls for a quirkier look…

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Tip #5: Play around DIY-style jeans

(For those who are more hands-on, this is your chance to bust out your old jeans for a good ol’ DIY!)

Ripped jeans are often worn for an edgy look, but we think that they’re versatile enough for a sophisticated look too, because it’s not like there are rules out there saying you can’t pair a dressier top with ripped jeans, the ultimate definition of casual.

P.S. For those struggling to style-up your old pair of favourite jeans (and for those who prefer taking things into your own hands), you could simply create some tears by yourself by channelling your inner Edward Scissorhands to create some tears and riffs. And, on your own terms too.

Alternatively, online stores also have plenty already pre-torn jeans for you to choose from. So hey, even us lazy people can have stylish jeans too.

You could go with the more mildly torn jeans…

Source: Pinterest

Or you could go hardcore with the tears.

Source: Pinterest

Tip #6: Play around with the length of sleeves

White collared shirts may be a staple in (most) wardrobes, and are pretty uniform all across, but that doesn’t mean we can’t play around with the length of the white collared shirts we wear, especially in Singapore’s hot, sweltering weather.

There is, of course, the classic long-sleeved white collared shirt for more formal occasions…

Source: Pinterest

And then there’s the more casual version of the classic combination ala the short-sleeved white shirt, which is appropriate from party wear to say, a day in the mall without seeming like you’re overdressed.

Source: Pinterest

Tip #7: Play around with the art of tucking in, or out

The ever-present question stuck at the backs of our minds: to tuck, or not to tuck. We’ll let you be your own judge; after all, we sincerely believe in the adage of “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

You could either do the tuck-in for a more sophisticated, body-hugging look…

Source: Pinterest

Or the tuck-out, which is still sophisticated and not to mention, comfortable. Less body-hugging is good too especially after meals.

For the undecided, you could either do a half-tuck…

Source: Pinterest

Or if you could go for the crop top, which has the comfort of an untucked shirt but the length of a tucked in shirt.

Source: Pinterest (Nasty Gal)

Tip #8: Play around with accessories

Accessories always help make a basic outfit stand out, ’nuff said.

We certainly love the look of necklaces under the collar, just to give the outfit a little pizzazz and colour.

Source: Pinterest (GLAMOUR)
Source: Lookbook

We like the use of the hairband as a makeshift neck accessory. Not only is it cute, it’s practical for those who want to save some well-needed cash.

Source: Pinterest (TheyAllHateUs)
Source: Pinterest (GLAMOUR)

And lastly, the use of the sunglasses perched on the collar area just gives off an aura of cool and chic. Can’t go wrong with the classics!

Source: Pinterest

Tip #9: Play around with buttons

The (other) burning question when wearing button down shirts: to button all the way or to leave some buttons off?

Button all the way for a more clean and polished look, perhaps for more formal events. Besides that, we love how you can put fun accessories like brooches and necklaces below the collar for a more distinctive look.

Source: Pinterest

Most people tend to leave the first button off though, if you feel buttoning all the way contricts the neck too much. We love that it is non-constricting, yet is still formal enough for most events.

Source: Pinterest

Leaving the first two, three or more buttons makes for a more casual look, but perhaps not so business or work appropriate. We love that leaving those buttons off gives you sooo much space for accessories, or if you just want breathing space (for your neck). It also has the nice effect of giving the appearance of a longer neck.

Source: Pinterest (Her Campus)
Source: Pinterest

Tip #10: Play around with layering

But of course – outerwear. Outerwear are so good at giving an otherwise basic outfit a more distinctive flair.

You could a sweater over for a more casual look…

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest (Glitter Guide)

Or you could wear a long jacket over to look classy and chic. Pair it with some sunglasses and you’ll look as though you’ve just stepped right off Hollywood into sunny, sunny Singapore.

Source: Pinterest (Aimee Song)
Source: Pinterest

Tip #11: Play around with footwear

A person’s shoes maketh a person, someone in history once said. Probably. Even though shoes, while pretty, often have to be relegated to the bottom of our outfit where it is often not seen, shoes – or footwear – is hugely important, especially in determining formal wear vs informal wear.

This probably doesn’t need to be said, but heels, no matter how uncomfortable, are sooo good at elevating outfits from boring to distinctive, from informal to formal.

Source: Pinterest (GLAMOUR)

In this picture, we just love how the red from the heels gives just that pop of colour which saves an otherwise monochrome outfit from veering into boring territory.

Source: Pinterest (Little Miss Momma)
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Sneakers, wedges and sandals (for you comfort-loving folk!) are perfect for a more casual look.