This neat hack transforms any wallet of yours into a chic wallet-on-chain!

If you’ve seen Chanel’s elegant wallet-on-chains that have been a welcome fashion item since 1997, then you would know that they’re a sophisticated cross between a purse and a shoulder-strap bag; they’re just the right snug size to carry all your cards and cash, as well as super functional when stylishly tossed over the shoulder.

wallet on chain hack - chanel wallet on chain
Credit: Pinterest

Gorgeous wallets-on-chains from brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci certainly come with hefty price tags – and if you already own a wallet from these designer brands, you might not want to spend another few thousand dollars to swap your current one for one with a chain.

wallet on chain hack - blue and gold chanel
Chanel Denim and Gold Metal Blue Wallet on Chain. Credit: Chanel

Great news, because we’ve found a simple hack that lets you upgrade your designer wallets into one with a chain. Or, it doesn’t have to be a designer wallet; you can also use this neat trick to transform any regular wallet into a super chic wallet-on-chain!

wallet on chain hack - chanel
Credit: Chanel

1. Buy a wallet insert

wallet on chain hack - wallet inset in purse
Wallet insert that’s inside a purse

First, buy a wallet insert that can be slotted snugly into your purse. A wallet insert is a simple flat ‘card’ that you can fit into your wallet. You can find them in felt, PVC, or leather – simply pick one based on how luxurious you want your purse transformation to be, or whether it fits your budget.

wallet on chain hack - felt insert
Felt insert

Felt inserts are soft and more flimsy, so you might find them to be more of a hassle when you’re trying to fit your other cards or cash into your purse. They’re slightly thicker too, taking up more space – but they also can bend to fit any size of wallet.

Shop felt wallet inserts for S$38.29 on Lazada

wallet on chain hack - PVC insert
PVC insert

PVC inserts offer a sturdy quality and slot securely into the purse; they’re also the next most affordable option. If you ask us, we’ll go for the PVC inserts as they look great, have a robust quality, and balance out on the price end.

Shop PVC insert for S$15.90 to S$26.90 on Shopee

Leather insert

However, if you prefer a wallet insert that’s lush and expensive to complement your leather purse, then leather inserts are ideal. You can find real cowhide leather wallet inserts online, but you can expect them to also cost a lot more than regular PVC or felt inserts.

Shop a cowhide leather insert for S$68.29 on Lazada.

2. Choose a chain strap

Aside from a wallet insert, you’ll also need a chain strap. Most wallet inserts that can be shopped online already come in a set that includes a chain strap, so you won’t have to worry about purchasing a separate chain.

Although, should you prefer a chain strap that’s longer or shorter so that the wallet can sit comfortably on your hip, you can also get separate chain straps from Shopee or Lazada.

Shop separate chain straps for S$12 to S$20 on Shopee

Chain strap with interwoven leather

There are even ones that incorporate a leather band, which allows the strap to rest easily on your shoulder, as well as ones that weave PVC into the chain for an elevated style.

wallet on chain hack - chain strap leather
Chain strap with leather band

Shop these chain straps with leather bands for S$6.80 on Lazada.  

3. Slot the wallet insert into your purse

Finally, once you have your wallet insert and chain strap, simply slip the wallet insert into your purse. You’ll notice that the wallet insert comes with two hoops on the sides. Use those to hook on your chain strap and – voila, you’ll have transformed your wallet into a chic, elegant wallet-on-chain!

wallet on chain hack - insert into wallet

If you need a video guide, you can watch this video!

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Featured image credit: Pinterest