12 best wedding dresses and gowns from Taobao that start from just SGD23

A typical wedding in Singapore costs an average of at least SGD27,000, and a huge bulk of it goes to your wedding dress – just renting a gown can start from SGD600, and you don’t get to keep it afterwards.

For the brides-to-be who don’t have deep pockets and want to keep their gown as a memory keepsake after the wedding ceremony, here’s a tip that many brides on a budge have shared: get your wedding dresses from Taobao!

Before you grimace at the thought of buying a cheap and possibly poorly-made wedding dress from a mass e-commerce platform that sells everything from eels to electronics, you’ll be surprised to discover that the gowns featured on Taobao are actually as good as the bespoke gowns you can find in local wedding boutiques, as some of them are actually designed and stitched by talented Chinese fashion designers.

Not convinced? Take a look at some of the most highly-rated and immensely popular wedding dresses and gowns that cost a tiny fraction of what most brides in Singapore usually pay!

1. Classic V Neck ball gown

Brides who prefer a classic wedding dress will surely fall in love with this gorgeous piece.

With a neckline that flatters your curves and a light mesh skirt embellished with flowery details, no one will doubt that you are the most beautiful lady on your big day.

Get this gown at CNY1899 (SGD370) here.

2. Grecian gown

For those who are not fans of fancy ball gowns and want to keep things simple, this is a beautiful white draped gown that exudes sophistication and grace on any bride.

Complete the look with a bouquet of flowers and floral accessories, and you’re guaranteed to look like a stunning Greek goddess on your wedding day.

Get this gown at CNY999 (SGD193) here.

3. Boat neck gown

Meghan Markle’s wedding dress captured attention for its quiet but pleasing simplicity. If you yearn for a similar dress but cannot afford the price tag (Meghan’s was designed by Givenchy), this is a charming alternative that will surely have everyone gasping at the mere beauty of it.

This satin gown is best worn to show off your collarbones and back – it even comes with a giant bow that is said to resemble an elegant white bird!

Get this gown at CNY1,899 (SGD368) here.

4. Vintage lace gown

High collars, puffy sleeves, and lots of lace may seem like a thing of the past (just take a look at your mum’s wedding photos!), but vintage is the new vogue, so why not opt for a dress that will make an interesting wedding theme?

Here’s more good news: while there are some gowns tailored for certain body types, this one is designed so that even plus-sized ladies can pull it off – sweet!

Get this gown at CNY398 (SGD77) here.

5. Vintage mandarin collar dress

Although said to have taken inspiration from vintage French dresses (see the corset-inspired back), this exquisite dress also comes with a mandarin collar for an Oriental touch that won’t go unnoticed.

The waistline has also been tailored to make you look 10kg lighter – a dream come true for brides who dread the intense dieting for their upcoming weddings!

Get this gown at CNY128 (SGD25) here.

6. Sparkly mesh dress

This dress is specially designed for pregnant brides or those who want to hide their tummy without losing the glamour and splendour of a flattering gown.

Embellished with sparkly details and a mesh skirt to create a light feeling as you swish down the wedding aisle, you’ll be glowing from both happiness and the extra radiance from your lovely wedding dress.

Get this gown at CNY498 (SGD96) here.

7. Reversible lace gown

If you are one of those fickle-minded customers who can’t make up your mind on a dress style and/or always end up regretting a choice you made earlier, this dress is for you!

This champagne lace gown can be worn four ways, depending on whether you want a lace collar and/or puffy tulle sleeves. No matter which way you choose to wear it on your big day, there are bound to be heaps of compliments from relatives & friends, and perhaps even multiple questions on where you got this dreamy piece from!

Get this gown at CNY799 (SGD155) here.

8. Pearl-adorned see-through gown

If you are a staunch believer that simple is best, an uncomplicated gown like this one will suit your taste.

What makes this a must-have is the tulle fabric that creates an airy, see-through layer over an otherwise ordinary V-neck A-line dress. It is also adorned with tiny pearls for an extra touch of class!

Get this gown at CNY399 (SGD77) here.

9. Flower fairy gown

It’s all about making a statement on your wedding day, and for those who want to stay away from mainstream white gowns that look one and all the same, how about a brightly-coloured gown that makes you look exactly like a fairy?

Exude the joy of spring with this magnificent statement piece – the dress itself is a calm Tiffany blue, adorned with purple blooms, violet tulle, and a lavender belt to add a pop of femininity.

Here’s a tip: you can even do away with holding a flower bouquet when you opt for this alluring gown!

Get this gown at CNY298 (SGD58) here.

10. Embroidered gown

The combination of floral lace embellishments and tulle will make any bride look like a ravishing princess on her wedding day.

We especially love the details on this gown’s sleeves – the tulle and pearls drape gracefully from a bateau neckline to create a unique silhouette that no other wedding dress can boast of.

Get this gown at CNY456 (SGD88) here.

11. Cheongsam-inspired ball dress

Get the best of both worlds with this cheongsam-inspired ball dress.

Incorporating elements from the traditional qun kua (Chinese wedding ceremonial dress) and the dreamy chiffon skirt of Western wedding dresses, you’ll get a stamp of approval from the elders and admiration from your stylish friends for this wonderful marriage (no pun intended!) of cultures.

Get this gown at CNY438 (SGD85) here.

12. Traditional Qun Kua

If you are doing a traditional Chinese wedding, you can find all kinds of traditional qun kua on Taobao (but of course!). They are typically all red and adorned with embroideries of dragons and phoenixes, which symbolise good fortune and blessings.

We highly recommend this one for the numerous rave reviews, high number of verified purchases, and of course the unbelievably cheap price of just SGD23!

Get this gown at CNY118 (SGD23) here.