Give your wardrobe a fun update with these takeaway paper bag-inspired bags

With news of many fans upcycling their McDonald’s BTS meal packaging, we wonder if those paper bags would last a day as something other than a takeaway carrier.

Thankfully, we came across some quirky backpacks that look just like paper bags from fast-food chains — but are actually durable enough to carry all your possessions.

Originally started as a crossbody bag, all the hype has led to this backpack rendition and we’re definitely here for it. From McDonald’s to Starbucks and even Dunkin’ Donuts, these quirky backpacks resemble packaging from household brands and anyone who wears it would definitely stand out in the crowd.

Not only does it make a great statement piece, but it is also pretty functional with its water-resistant properties and a wide dimension of 25cm x 13cm x 32cm.

Just like the actual thing, you have to roll the backpack down to close it. Plus, it comes with adjustable straps so anyone can wear it regardless of size or height.

Each backpack retails at S$29 on Shopee

Besides the backpacks, AVENUE ONE has also rounded up other takeaway-inspired bags that you can consider.

Crossbody Takeaway Bag

As the original takeaway-inspired bag, you’ll be spoilt for choice with its variety of designs. Choose from 10 quirky models such as Famous Amos, Ikea, and Pizza Hut to cross over your body.

And just like the backpack rendition, it is water-resistant, has adjustable straps, and needs to be folded down to close. It is also slightly more compact standing at a dimension of 16cm x 8.5cm x 21cm, so it’s great to carry if you’re just running errands.

Each bag retails at S$16.90 on Shopee

Sling Takeaway Bag

If you want something that resembles more of a messenger bag, these sling takeaway bags would suit your liking. It comes in two designs, Starbucks and Ikea, that has adjustable straps and is also water-resistant.

However, do note that the designs differ in sizing, with the Starbucks bag at 26cm x 17cm x 8.5cm and the Ikea bag slightly bigger at 30cm x 16.5cm x 8.5cm.

Each bag retails at S$38 on Shopee

Retro Good Citizen 新加波好公民 Kraft Paper Sling Bag

Relive the good ol’ days of Civics and Moral Education lessons with this Good Citizen paper sling bag.

Made out of washable kraft paper, it feels like a proper takeaway paper bag but with an added water-resistant benefit and adjustable PU leather straps.

At just 25cm x 18cm x 7.5cm, this sling bag is compact enough to carry all your essentials, making it perfect for everyday wear.

Each bag retails at S$21.50 on Lazada

As an added bonus, we also found other adorable upcycled-inspired bags that may tickle your fancy.

Kopi Dabao Bag

Want to spice up your boring canvas tote bags? This Kopi Dabao Bag may just do the trick.

At 32cm x 42cm x 12cm, you can fit your laptop inside and even protect any valuables from the rain with its waterproof PVC material. Each bag comes with detachable pink and green straps, a postcard, and a straw.

Each bag retails at S$19.90 on Lazada.

Ikea Sling Bag

Lightweight and compact, this Ikea Sling Bag is the hipster essential. Choose from three colours – blue, green, or cream – to level up your streetwear game.

Each bag retails between S$11.99 and S$13.99 on Shopee.

M&M Sling Bag

If you’re a huge M&M fan, this would be the bag of your dreams. At just 25cm x 16cm, this sling bag can snugly fit your phone and wallet for a casual trip out.

Each bag retails at S$31.20 on Shopee.

Lays Sling Bag

Can’t get enough of your favourite potato chips? Now you can proudly carry it around as a sling bag! Choose between the classic or sour cream & onion design, and show off to the world which is your all-time favourite flavour.

Each bag retails at S$31.20 on Shopee.