9 ultimate ways to style your activewear into daily wear so you can wear them anywhere

We love how comfortable our activewear is and we wish we could wear them all the time.

However, we know our friends are going to throw us a dirty look if we do that, so the best alternative? Expand your wardrobe by styling them into looks that give off a athleisure vibe so you can wear them literally anywhere and anytime.

Here are the nine ultimate ways to style your activewear into daily wear— no fluorescent leggings needed!

Psst, these tips are also great for those who have no time to shower after a gym session and has to take your workout gear from gym to group outing.

1. Invest in a mesh top


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Airy yet stylish, sliding a mesh top on is the fastest (and easiest!) way to transition your activewear into daily wear.

Not only do they look great paired with just about anything, if you’re intending to get out of the gym in your activewear, they also provide us sweaty betties with a nice amount of ventilation. Oh, and all while keeping you from appearing as if you’ve just emerged from the gym, of course. Score!

Some great places to consider buying a mesh top from include sports stores such as Nike and Adidas. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, try out Forever 21 and Cotton On.

2. Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!

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Adding accessories to your activewear is a sure-fire way to add a hint of your casual to your look. We’re talking sunglasses, bracelets, hats, or even your trusty smart watch.

If you have a shoe bag, we recommend bringing along a chic pair of boots or flats to change into, too. Swapping out of your sneakers definitely helps pull your activewear out of a gym setting and into a street one.

3. Tie a jacket around your waist

Break up traditional activewear combinations (such as tracksuit) by adding unexpected elements to it, such as a jacket around your waist. This is a great way to style your activewear into daily wear, and it can keep you warm if you decide to head to a freezing cold air-conditioned mall after.

Try to go for something with interesting patterns, textures, or a bold colour to add a hint of freshness to the look. A piece that seems to work great with most athletic wear? A flannel shirt. Most places sell them in a wide variety of patterns and colours, so you’ll be able to pick out one that complements your ensemble perfectly.

Stumped as to where to go to get one of your own? We recommend Uniqlo, Zara, and H&M. These high street brands have a great selection of options at varying prices, too!

4. When in doubt, stick to a neutral palette

Nothing screams gym wear quite like patterned leggings and a neon yellow sports bra. Keep it simple (and effortless!) with a neutral palette instead that works for a variety of locations. Black, white, and nudes make it so much easier to transition from active wear to daily wear.

If you looking to add a hint of fun to it, opt for anything in a cropped cut or monochromatic patterns. Sophisticated, comfortable, and suitable for everyday wear? Yes, please!

5. Make sure your outfit is in pristine condition


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Going straight from the gym to the cafe? Wearing ratty leggings, baggy shirts with holes, or anything that looks a little too stretched out is a massive giveaway that you’ve just had an intense workout. This especially applies to you if you work out at the gym in a school tee and FBTs!

Prevent this by happening by making sure your activewear is in pristine condition: and by this, we mean no unsightly stains or scuffed sneakers in sight!

If you’re new to athletic wear, we recommend heading to sportswear stores to pick up a few essentials. Decathlon is a great place to grab some basics, or you can opt for Nike and Adidas if you’re looking for more specialised pieces.

6. Layer on a jacket

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Okay, it may be impossible to layer on too many pieces in Singapore’s relentless heat, but sliding a cool bomber, denim jacket, or blazer over your gear is a great way to style your activewear into daily wear effortlessly.

Our pick? A bomber jacket in a neutral palette. High street stores here sell them at an affordable price, and a lot of them are made from lightweight fabrics that don’t weigh you down. Check out stores such as Bershka and Pull & Bear if you’re looking to get one— they have a wide variety and tend to range between SGD35-SGD50!

7. Don’t show too much skin


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An exposed mid-riff with track pants are fine, but it is impossible to be subtle when you’re in booty shorts, a sports bra, and sneakers.

Trust us, no amount of jackets and accessories are going to help with that situation. If you have to wear your FBTs, just make sure they’re cover your derriere, and match it with a long jacket to make it more suitable for daily wear. We recommend sports jackets, windbreakers, varsity jackets or even a military inspired piece.

8. Pull a sweatshirt over


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A sweatshirt is stylish, comfortable, and adorable so opt to layer that over your activewear if you want something you can slouch around in after your session at the gym.

Go for patterned ones or a slogan piece for a casual, day-to-day vibe. You can up your street cred by wearing one by #hypebeast approved brands, such as Champion and Stussy. Want a more affordable option? Cotton On and H&M are filled with a wide variety, all at reasonable prices.

9. No B.O. please!


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Stinking up the room is a big no-no (and a huge indicator of where you’ve just been), so make sure to keep yourself smelling fresh like a daisy throughout! Do this by keeping a deodorant in your gym bag, always, and maybe even a roller ball perfume too if you’d like the scent to last.

Need a good deodorant recommendation? Check out our video here to see which is the BEST in Singapore: