24 cutest unicorn items that unicorn-lovers need to shop for. We can’t get enough of that quirky T-shirt!

You know what they say – be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn; in that case, you should always be a unicorn. But even if you can’t be a unicorn, you definitely can own one of these magical products:

1. Unicorn Plush Toy

Source: Lazada

Decorate your cosy home with a cute unicorn plushie – bonus points for being extra huggable!

Get this at SGD 13.03 from Lazada.

2. Unicorn Horn Headband

Source: Lazada

Who said unicorns aren’t real? Transform into your majestic alter ego on special occasions with this sparkly headband that’s sure to, well, turn heads.

Get this at SGD 2.90 from Lazada.

3. Too Faced Life’s A Festival Eye Shadow Palette

Source: Cali Beaute

The packaging of this eyeshadow palette is definitely enough to awaken the inner unicorn in you. Plus, you can use the vibrant shades in this palette to create looks that are out of this world.

Get this at SGD 59.00 from Sephora.

4. Unicorn Bedding Set

Source: Etsy

Did you know that if you see unicorns in a dream, it suggests magical feelings or a wish for more magic and enchantment in your life? Well, we reckon that the fastest way to do that is to get a good night’s sleep with this bedding set.

Get this at SGD 56.45 from Etsy.

5. Reversible Unicorn Sequin Cushion

Source: Etsy

You can literally unleash your inner unicorns with this cushion. Be it sparkly sequins or adorable unicorn print, it still screams you from inside out.

Get this at SGD 22.39 from Etsy.

6. Unicorn Washi Tape

Let everyone know you are a unicorn by plastering unicorn washi tape on everything, because no one would complain about having some extra magic in their lives.

Get this at SGD 4.00 from Shopee.

7. Unicorn Keychain

Source: Shopee

Add flair to your everyday look with a keychain with as much personality as yourself.

Get this at SGD 1.26 from Shopee.

8. Unicorn Makeup Brushes

Source: Shopee

Rest assured that no unicorns were harmed in the making of these brushes.

Get this at SGD 2.99 from Shopee.

9. Unicorn iPhone Case

Source: Shopee

While you can’t keep unicorns as pets, you sure can transform your phone into a unicorn that you can bring around everywhere.

Get this at SGD 9.50 from Shopee.

10. Unicorn Flip Flops

Source: Zalora

Put your best foot – or hoof – forward with these unicorn flip flops.

Get this at SGD 19.90 from Zalora.

11. Unicorn Backpack

Source: ezbuy.sg

Carry your stuff in style (and some cuteness) with this unicorn backpack.

Get this at SGD 15.65 from ezbuy.sg.

12. Inflatable Unicorn Float

Source: Zalora

This unicorn float is exactly what you need for a summer pool party. Inflatable flamingoes? So yesterday.

Get this at SGD 139.90 from Zalora.

13. Unicorn Knot Messy Hair Brush

Source: Cotton On

Now you can have a mane just as luscious, tangle-free, and impossibly smooth as a unicorn.

Get this at SGD 4.99 from Cotton On.

14. Unicorn Party Hairclip

Source: Cotton On

You are never too old to adorn a unicorn hairclip, especially not one this pretty.

Get this at SGD 6.99 from Cotton On.

15. Pen Holder

Keep your pens together in this rose gold pen holder that looks like a classy mantlepiece.

Get this at SGD 14.99 from Typo.

16. Lip Balm

Even unicorns have to take care of themselves too, so indulge in some self-care with this adorable lip balm.

Get this at SGD 7.99 from Typo.

17. Premium Sleep Eye Mask

Source: Typo

You might finally get some good shuteye with this fancy eye mask on.

Get this at SGD 11.99 from Typo.

18. Novelty Slippers

Source: Typo

We won’t know if walking in unicorn shoes will make you a unicorn, but we sure know this looks comfy to walk in.

Get this at SGD 29.99 from Typo.

19. Iridescent Unicorn Temporary Tattoos

Source: Monoyono

These temporary tattoos are so lovely, you might even want to ink a permanent version of this afterwards.

Get this at SGD 14.90 from Monoyono.

20. Personalized Unicorn Lunch Box

Source: Etsy

People may finally stop peeping in your lunch box to see your food, now that you’ve given them something else to ogle at.

Get this at SGD 35.23 from Etsy.

21. Unicorn Graphic Tee

Source: ezbuy.sg

You should always wear graphic tees that resonate with you – this one surely will.

Get this at SGD 5.08 from ezbuy.sg

22. Unicorn Balloon

Source: ezbuy.sg

Put this up at your birthday party, and you may find your guests queuing to snap a selfie with this balloon instead of you.

Get this at SGD 1.60 from ezbuy.sg.

23. MKUP The Edelweiss Unicorn Foundation

Source: MKUP

This foundation promises to stay on your face all day, but you may be tempted to touch up just to see the unique unicorn design.

Get this at SGD 46.90 from MKUP.

24. Unicorn Onesie

Source: ezbuy.sg

Get together with your fellow unicorns for a sleepover in these onesies!

Get this at SGD 12.35 from ezbuy.sg