10 ways to store shoes and bags without adding clutter to your HDB apartment

Some (or many) of us are guilty of buying multiple pairs of shoes and bags because we need a different accessory for each outfit, each mood, and each day. Space constraints in our homes sometimes dictate that we have to keep our beautiful collections to a minimal, or simply stash our precious purchases in a corner of the house, wherever they fit.

However, that doesn’t have to be the case if you find a good storage method that works for you. Check out some of our storage ideas, ranging from simple and straightforward, to the most creative and engaging ones!

1. Get a cabinet

Source: DecorPad

If you have plenty of shoes and bags but can’t find a space to stash them away, one of the most straightforward ways is to get a cabinet just for your collections. However, instead of getting one for your bags and another for your shoes, find one where you can proudly display both collections for your guests (and of course, yourself) to see.

2. Store in hanging bag organisers

Source: Connectwide

No space in your house to put a bulky cabinet? Try using hanging bag organizers, an affordable option for storing your beloved tote collection. Hook them onto your closet or on a wall peg, so that you can easily take one to match your outfit for the day. The plastic dustcover further ensures that your bags stay clean and in the best condition for your next appointment.

3. Use shoe racks – for both shoes and bags

Source: Karobarmart.com

Before you go “duh” at the idea of using a shoe rack to keep your shoes, hear us out: shoe racks are easily accessible, and chances are, you might already have a shoe rack at home, just that you never thought of keeping your bags there. Keeping both bags and shoes on the same rack frees up a lot of space in Singapore’s tiny apartments, and is especially convenient if you’re always in a rush.

4. Store in fabric storage bins

Source: The Container Store

If you are really hard-pressed for space in your house but have too many shoes to count, consider getting fabric storage bins. They take up so little space that you can even slide them right under your bed! You can even stack a few storage bins on top of one another to form a mini ‘cabinet’. What’s more, you can simply stash away the foldable fabric bins in the future if you ever sell your shoe collection away (although we hope not!)

5. Re-purpose Your Coat Racks

Source: Amazing Interior Design

Coat racks are undoubtedly very useful in any home, even if you don’t have a habit of hanging your clothes or hats on coat racks. They take up a lot less space than a rack or cabinet, and you get to see all your bags at a glance. If you are not too particular, you could also hang a few shoes on the lower rungs to fully utilize the rack.

6. Hang molding on the walls to create a shoe display

Source: Buzzfeed

So you are really proud of your gorgeous, colourful shoe collection and really want to show it off – what better way than to incorporate it into your home decor? Make your own molding with instructions here, and you’ll be sure to receive lots of compliments from guests on your handicraft (and shoe collection).

7. Build your own PVC-pipe shoe rack

Source: Shelterness

Interested in more DIY storage methods? Try building your own PVC-pipe shoe rack to add some down-to-earth vibes to your living space. You can get PVC pipe from your local hardware store and either have them cut it, or you can do it at home if you have a table saw. You can also opt to buy concrete forming tubes, which may be a little cheaper and easier to cut. Get the project instructions here.

8. Store shoes in an ottoman

Source: Pinterest

Kill two birds with one stone by having a seat that stores your shoes within it. You can either buy one on websites such as Amazon, or make your own by creating fabric pockets in a normal ottoman.

9. Hang up your shoes with hangers

Source: DIY Home Life

Depending on the type of hangers you have, there are different ways in which you can hang your shoes. You could get a shoe hanger like those used in shoe stores, or simply use a normal clothes hanger to clip on your shoes. Although simple and straightforward enough, this method limits the kind of shoes that you can store to mostly ballet flats and slippers.

10. Hang a pocket shoe organizer on your door

Source: HomeBNC

Much like hanging bags on your door, there is an even more space-saving, but still eye-catching way of storing your kicks. However, you have to be careful with the way in which you place the shoes, as some users have complained about them falling out when they open the door.