We neglect this crucial aspect of self-care, and it affects us more than we realise

Here’s a question to ponder over: when was the last time you really took care of yourself?

Many of us tend to think of self-care as something to be done once in a while, taking time out of our busy schedules to go for wellness retreats, pamper our skin at facial treatments, and undoing the tight muscle knots at relaxing massages.

However, we are guilty of being overly fixated on taking care of the skin on our face, but forget that our hair and scalp deserve attention and care as well. We simply don’t remember to treat our hair well daily so that it becomes more manageable in the long run. We also forget that we face environmental pollution on a daily basis – imagine accumulating a month’s worth of grime on your skin before getting a thorough scrub – not quite an effective way of taking care of yourself!

The good news is that there is a simple yet luxurious way to take care of yourself so that every tiring work day can still be a good day: the SHISEIDO PROFESSIONAL SUBLIMIC hair care range.

The SUBLIMIC product range is formulated with Shiseido’s cutting-edge technologies, which are designed specially to care for Asian hair that is badly damaged by pollution that we don’t think about.

  • Hair Reforming Technology – Ability to reconstruct hair from the core, for a fortified and silky smooth result.
  • Self Moisturising Technology – Encourages the scalp to generate moisture on its own.
  • Daily Shielding Technology – Protects hair and scalp from external stressors.

In addition to technologies that keep your hair and scalp healthy, Shiseido has also enhanced the user experience with what they call Uplifting Aroma. These are scents that have been tried and tested in clinical studies to make people smile and feel positive, so you are also taking care of your mental wellness when you treat your hair right.

Each of us has a different lifestyle and in turn, have different approaches to self-care. With that in mind, the SUBLIMIC range has formulated different product lines to suit everyone’s different needs – read on to find out which type you are from the following list:

  • For the #fitspo ladies hitting the gym everyday
  • For the busy OLs who want perfect #iwokeuplikethat hair
  • For the adventurous ladies who change hair colours often
  • All of the above!

Stay tuned till the end for a special treat!

For the #fitspo ladies hitting the gym everyday

Hitting the gym and going for yoga classes regularly is great for your health, but not so much for your scalp – the buildup of oil and sweat on your scalp is the main cause of odour and dandruff!

Regular exercise junkies have to treat scalp care more seriously to avoid potential scalp issues, which is why the Fuente Forte line will work like a dream for you as it cleanses your oily scalp and/or rejuvenate dry scalp.

With 105 years of scalp care expertise, the brand’s unique Bold Scalp Enhancing System applies advanced skincare technology to protect the scalp from stress factors, while keeping up its hydration levels and boosting blood circulation for healthy hair growth.

The Fuente Forte hair care products also come with a green, herbal fragrance which will make you feel like you’re taking a well-deserved break in a forest retreat.

Products in this line include: Shampoo (dry scalp / oily scalp / dandruff scalp), Treatment, Scalp Serum (Hydro Beauty Spa / Purifying Beauty Spa /Clarity Beauty Spa)

For the busy OLs who want perfect #iwokeuplikethat hair

For the busy-bees who barely have time to do their makeup in the morning, having to manage their bed hair can be an absolute nightmare.

If you can relate to that morning struggle, you’ll be happy to know that the SUBLIMIC range also has a product line that makes sure you never have to spend one hour combing through your hair again.

The Airy Flow line is made for people who are struggling with unruly and hard-to-manage hair. Each product has a softening oil, cuticle-softening ingredients, and a micro-bouncing complex – these work together to make your hair feel so soft, airy, light, and voluminous, your only regret would be not using this earlier so that you could have slept in a little longer every morning.

P.S. You can even do away with perfume after using this product line, as all the products come with a sweet floral and fruity fragrance with a hint of Earl Grey!

Products in this line include: Shampoo, Treatment, Mask, Refining Fluid

For the adventurous ladies who change hair colours often

Some of us get bored with our hair colours a little too often, but every time we get a new coat of colour, we want to make sure that the ash grey or cotton pink shade stays shiny and true-to-colour for as long as we can.

If you pride yourself on always having the most gorgeous and trendy hair colours but worry that the repeated dyeing is damaging your hair, or that your colour will fade unevenly after one week, try the SUBLIMIC Luminoforce product line.

Shiseido has a unique Color Luminous System that brings out hair’s natural shine by magnifying hair’s ability to reflect light, and this is found in the formula of all the SUBLIMIC Luminoforce products. Use them daily, and you’ll notice that your hair colour remains shiny, vibrant and smooth for a long time.

In addition, the SUBLIMIC Luminoforce products are scented with the natural perfume of a rare rose referred to as the “liquid jewel” – the ultimate way to elevate a simple hair care routine.

Products in this line include: Shampoo, Treatment, Mask, Brilliance Oil

If you can relate to all of the above…

Are you all of the below?

  • Fitspo who hits the gym everyday
  • Wants to wake up to perfect hair
  • Adventurous with your hair colours

Chances are that your hair has been damaged by multiple factors, which is why you struggle with hair that is very dry and lacklustre.

Some signs that you’re struggling with dry hair is that it often looks frizzy, has a lot of flyaways, and breaks off very easily so you lose more hair per day than normal.

Instead of resigning to your fate of permanently damaged hair, try the SUBLIMIC Aqua Intensive hair care products, which is a hydrating line best suited for weak and dry hair. They improve the hair shaft’s resilience for stronger hair, and introduce protein, moisture, and lipids to your hair cuticles so that each hair strand is well-moisturised and less prone to moisture loss.

You no longer have to deal with hair-clogged drains and untameable hair, and can instead bask in the fresh and clean smell of white flowers as you pamper your hair – sounds exactly like the kind of self-care we could do with everyday.

Products in this line include: Shampoo, Treatment (Weak, damaged hair / Dry, damaged hair), Mask (weak, damaged hair / dry, damaged hair), Velvet Oil

BONUS: For all ladies from all walks of life

As much as we would love to visit the salon every week (or even everyday) so that we can leave our hair in the hands of a professional, time and budget constraints restrict us to the occasional salon appointment.

But that’s okay – you can still maintain the effects of your last in-salon treatment by protecting the hair from seven external stressors in everyday life, thanks to SUBLIMIC Wonder Shield.

Here’s a fun fact: hair cuticles actually open up when they are soaked in water! The reason why SUBLIMIC Wonder Shield works wonders (pun intended) on hair is because it is hydrophobic, so it locks your colour in when you are washing your hair and also makes your hair dry faster as well – killing two birds with one stone!

If you are part of the crowd who tries not to wash your hair everyday just to protect your beautiful new dye job, you can now safely wash your locks without worrying about losing the original vibrancy – nor deal with the grime and smell of infrequently-washed hair!

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The Shiseido SUBLIMIC product range is priced from SGD32 onwards and is available at selected hair salons. Visit here for salon listings.

This article is brought to you by Shiseido Professional.