This “rice dumpling” from Taiwan can’t be eaten – find out what it actually is!

With the Dragon Boat Festival right around the corner (it’s this Thursday!), many of us are looking out for the most delicious dumplings to share with friends and family. And while the AVENUE ONE team is doing our research, we found this “rice dumpling” from Taiwan that looks delectable.


Before you think of digging in – guess what – this is actually made of soap!


Each part of the dumpling is handmade with different natural ingredients or herbs for a realistic look – the “glutinous rice” layer is made with Leguminosae, a green leafy plant, while the “egg” and “braised meat” is made with chrysanthemum and heartleaf houttuynia, all to cleanse and purify the skin of impurities. There’s even an oatmeal soap “meat filling” enhanced with oils to nourish and moisturise the skin!


This intricate “dumpling” takes experts at Yuan Soap 60 days to make, to make sure that they’re able to put in skin-loving herbs into this funny-looking soap.

Although you won’t be able to get this locally (it’s only available in Taiwan from 13 to 24 June), you can still purchase a selection of Yuan Soap’s Taiwanese herbal handmade soaps, baby skincare, and lifestyle products from their online store that ships to Singapore here.