Harry Styles and other male celebrities look so good with this traditionally feminine accessory, you’ll want to rock one, too!

As classic as pearl necklaces are, when we think of them now, they’re more often than not associated with grandmothers rather than old-school Hollywood film stars. However, in an unexpected turn of fashion trends, it’s the male celebrities who are bringing back the pearl necklaces, breathing new life into this seemingly old-fashioned item.

Leading the trend is British singer Harry Styles, who has donned a simple single-strand pearl necklace in many occasions. Harry Styles has always pushed the boundaries when it comes to fashion, so it’s no surprise that he is rocking this traditionally feminine accessory and looks good wearing it.

Nick Jonas also joined the trend by sporting a pearl necklace in a matching colour with his suit jacket in their latest music video “What A Man Gotta Do”.

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Famed fashion designer Marc Jacob called this single-strand pearl necklace his “favourite thing” in an Instagram post where he paired it with a grey Lacoste sweater and, fascinatingly, two polka dot hair clips.

No one does red carpet looks like Billy Porter, and for this year’s International Music Awards, the Broadway actor was fully decked out in an eye-catching multiple-strand pearl necklace. Pair it with matching pearl earrings and a pair of equally bejewelled sunglasses like Billy did here and we have an instant showstopper.

How to style pearl necklaces

Pair it with a vest over button-up combo

Go full-on retro by pairing the necklace with a sweater-vest-and-button-up-shirt combo. Keep it subtle by only letting a part of the necklace peek out from under the collars.

Layer it with other necklaces

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Layering jewellery pieces when done right can add dimension and instantly elevate a look. To make sure the pieces don’t clash, stick to similar colours like what rappper ASAP Rocky did here with a white pearl necklace and gold chains.

Go casual

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Pearl necklaces are often associated with formal and fancy events, but to make it more wearable, you can pair the necklace with a casual, athleisure outfit. The contrast will bring an interesting dimension to the whole look and help tone down the formal look of the necklace.

Where to buy pearl necklaces in Singapore

If you want to hop on this trend, here are some places where you can buy similar pearl necklaces to the ones above. You will have to directly contact some of these stores for accurate pricing as well as specifications of the piece.

1. Mikimoto

Get this single-strand golden pearl necklace here.

2. Tasaki

Get this Silver Akoya Pearl Necklace here.

3. Nordstrom

Get the Luna Double Row Pearl Necklace at SGD1,621.81 here.

4. SK

Get this three-piece set of pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings at SGD199 here.