PAZZION has a new complimentary concierge service that elevates shopping experiences, and we love it

Fashion and lifestyle brand PAZZION prides itself on offering modern and trendy lifestyle products made from premium materials for women to exude authenticity and appeal no matter where they go. Over the years, PAZZION has evolved into a destination where women head to for unique and exclusive designs, perfect for both formal events and everyday wear. This March, the brand came back better than before with the introduction of their new binary concierge service that will make shopping so much more convenient and luxurious.


Binary Concierge Service

For those who tend to head to the shopping mall earlier before meeting their friends, we’re sure that the temptation to purchase something, especially shoes, decreases once you think about having to lug the bulky bags around with you everywhere you go. Many would much rather dedicate a day where they can shop freely and return home immediately so that it’s less of a hassle. This is especially so when they don’t have a car to leave the bags in.

However, we’re sure that there were instances where you’ve come across something that you really liked, and had to wrestle with the temptation of giving it up just for the sake of convenience. PAZZION knows this can be upsetting, which is why it has introduced the Binary Concierge Service to increase the convenience of shopping, and to elevate the experience of it.


The Binary Concierge Service is a complimentary service that offers customers the chance to shop at a physical PAZZION outlet, and have the items they’ve purchased delivered straight to their doorstep with no extra cost within the next two to four business days. That’s right, this means you will no longer have to lug around a bunch of bulky shoe boxes and you can shop as freely as you want!

The shopping experience is also elevated as this service is usually only offered in luxury boutiques where you pay high prices for just one item.

So how exactly does it work?

AVENUE ONE had the opportunity to try the service out, and boy were we amazed!

We entered PAZZION’s latest flagship outlet at Takashimaya Shopping Centre and shopped just like how we usually would at any store. We tried on a few pairs of shoes, and once we decided on the ones we wanted, we simply flipped one side of the shoe to reveal its sole which had a QR code attached to it.

Once we scanned the QR code, we were brought to the page of the product that we selected. Here, we were able to indicate our size and colour preference, and make payment for it via credit card. We then keyed in our details and we’re done! All that was left was to wait for our packages to arrive at our doorsteps.

When they finally arrived in just two business days, we were pleasantly surprised to see that the shoes were not wrapped in the usual polymailers that came with delivery packages. Instead, the shoes came in a PAZZION paper bag with each shoe placed in individual black pouches within the shoe box.

This just made the whole experience feel more luxurious than purchasing our shoes online from the comfort of our own homes or lugging them home after purchasing them from a physical outlet, and we loved it.

New March 2022 collections

Other than the introduction of the new Binary Concierge Service, PAZZION has also launched two new collections this month – the Sustainable Capsule 2022 and the Spring/Summer 2022 Collection.

Sustainable Capsule 2022

Staying true to its mission of sustainability, PAZZION recently launched its Sustainable Capsule 2022 collection which features four different shoe styles in Greige. For the uninitiated, Greige is 100% recycled post-consumer polyester that is made of plastic waste collected from seas and landfills. Inspired by nature, the shoes are in earthy tones and pastel colours with sparkly embellishments that make them perfect for both work and formal dinners.

Metallic Accent Flyknit Flats


The Metallic Accent Flyknit Flats are soft and breathable thanks to their Flyknit material. These flats are also lined with lambskin, and they are so comfortable that you’ll be able to walk for long hours without feeling any pain. They don’t require much breaking in either because the softness will protect your feet from any unwanted blisters. This pair of flats is also ideal for those with slightly wider feet!

Available in Melon and Black, we can see this becoming a popular option amongst those who prefer something a little more subtle in terms of design.

Starlight Flyknit Flats


The Starlight Flyknit Flats are the ones you can wear if you’re looking to head to a fancy dinner party right after work. The breathable Flyknit material keeps your feet sweat-free, and the comfort the flats offer will leave your feet happy even after dancing all night long.

The flats are embellished with crystals that shine under the moonlight, making them way fancier than the Metallic Accent Flyknit Flats. Get this pair of Starlight Flyknit Flats in a neutral beige, soft pink, or light green.

Flyknit Gold Buckle Maryjane Flats


Switch things up with the Flyknit Gold Buckle Maryjane Flats that offer the perfect balance of being subtly fancy. The neutral colours that this pair of flats comes in makes it a wardrobe essential as it is easy to pair it with any of your work outfits. The classic Mary Jane silhouette with the sparkled gold buckle exude a feminine aura, so go ahead and channel your inner model as you flaunt your new kicks.

Earthy Classy Flyknit Sneakers


For those who are huge fans of sneakers, the Earthy Classy Flyknit Sneakers is the best pair to purchase out of the entire collection. These sneakers are made from the same breathable Flyknit material, but they are also lined with microfibre for added durability.

Available in beautiful shades of grey and brown, this pair of sneakers will be a staple in the wardrobes of many. Pair this with an above-the-ankle slim fit jeans and tee for that casual yet put together look!

Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

The Spring/Summer 2022 Collection is centred around earth and the great outdoors, so you’ll notice that the collection features loafers, sneakers, heels, sandals, and bags in neutral and earthy hues. Celebrate the beauty of nature with this collection and let the comfort and style of PAZZION take you further in life.

Gold Link Slingback Patent Heels


The Gold Link Slingback Patent Heels are open square toe sandals crafted with high-gloss leather and lambskin. The gold link hardware attached to the front adds a contemporary touch to the pair of sandals, and the adjustable ankle strap offers a secure fit for maximum comfort. Available in beige and brown, we’d recommend this pair of sandals for a casual date to a cafe or even a park.

Cage Strap Sandals


Welcome the weekend with this pair of Cage Strap Sandals that offer some height with its creeper sole without any compromise on comfort. This pair of sandals is made of fine quality calf leather skin and it is lined with lambskin leather for the ultimate edgy look. It comes in black and white, so it’s guaranteed to match all of your outfits without fail.

Mini Bucket Knot Detail Drawstring Bag


Other than shoes, the collection also offers handbags that are trendy, like the Mini Bucket Knot Detail Drawstring Bag. This bucket bag may seem small on the outside, but it can actually fit quite a number of items comfortably.

The bag is made of cowhide leather which provides additional structure, and it has a drawstring bag handle feature and a knot detail to ensure that there’s no chance of your belongings accidentally falling out.

You can browse PAZZION’s latest collections online and in-store at Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Bugis Junction, JEM, Jewel Changi Airport, Junction 8, Marina Bay Sands, Tampines Mall, VivoCity, and Wisma Atria.