PANDORA launches a bubble tea dangle charm – it’s time to add this to your collection

With the huge line of charms that PANDORA has, you’d think that you can find everything that truly represents you.

Well, but not a bubble tea charm… until now.

pandora bubble tea charm

The brand pays tribute to the iconic drink that is popular in Asian communities everywhere with the launch of its new Murano Glass Bubble Tea Dangle Charm.

Specially crafted with Murano glass to resemble the white to brown colour gradient of milk tea and soft black tapioca pearls, this also features overflowing milk foam in sterling silver to complete the look of this miniature replica.

String it through a bracelet or necklace to wear it as a wrist charm or pendant respectively, or hook it on as a bag accessory with a bag charm holder if you like.

PANDORA Murano Glass Bubble Tea Dangle Charm retails for S$99 and  is now available at all Pandora stores and estore.

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