27 easy tips and hacks you’ll want to steal to getting a neater, more organised closet

In the everyday grind of work, work, and work, it can often be only too easy to shed off your clothes after a long, gruelling day, chuck it onto the floor or in your wardrobe haphazardly, and before you know it – you can’t find anything to wear because of how messy it is.

We have tips on how to organise your closet better, because a neater wardrobe means being able to see all of your clothes clearly, helping you spend less time in the morning rummaging through your closet.

1. Compartmentalise your wardrobe

Source: loveyourclothes.org

Start by taking every single thing out in your wardrobe, fold them, then compartmentalising them according to the occasions they are intended for. Work clothes at one side, play clothes at the other.

2. Throw some stuff out

We all know the first-world conundrum of having nothing to wear, despite a closet packed to the brim with clothes.

This means that there are obviously a lot of clothing items that you no longer like. Take our advice: chuck them out.

3. To donate, to sell, or to throw?

Another conundrum you’d likely face is this, because there might be some clothing items that are still in good condition, but you’re just not feeling it, like, at all – and that’s perfectly fine!

Instead of giving it the good ol’ chuck in the bin, consider donating to the Salvation Army, or if you’re strapped for cash, sell it on second-hand platforms like Carousell.

After all, one man’s trash might be another man’s treasure!

Alternatively, if it’s expensive and you still see yourself wearing it, perhaps some time in the distant future, consider storing some items in storage boxes to save some well-needed space!

4. Compartmentalise, compartmentalise, compartmentalise

So you’re now left with a pile of clothing items you now can confidently say that you like. You’re not done yet though – there’s still lots of sorting to do.

Consider having your own sorting system, according to your own preference. Need inspiration to organise them? Read on for the next few tips.

5. From most used to least used

Consider sorting the clothes you wear most on hangers (easy to take out of the closet in the morning, and saves you the hassle of always having to fold your clothes!), and the ones that don’t see all that much use to be folded in a pile.

6. According to occasion

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You could consider separating your work from your casual clothes, or casual from your date night clothes.

7. According to type of clothing

You could also separate your clothes according to the type of clothing: shirts, T-shirts, and tank tops in a pile, and dressers or other one-piece clothing on hangers.

8. Consider buying little organisational knick-knacks for a neater closet


A little while ago, we wrote an article about strange things you could find on Lazada: this is where you should put the full spectrum of weird things you can find on the Internet to use.

Consider things like…

9. Boxes to store clothes you don’t wear often

Source: pinterest.com

You know how we said you should store away clothing items you don’t find yourself wearing very often? Store them into neat little boxes that don’t look completely out of place aesthetically!

10. Mini partition organisers for smaller clothing items

Source: ybmhome.com

Not just limited to sorting underwear (like in the picture), you can even use them to sort other things like jewellery, socks, ties, or other such items, nifty!

11. A hanging storage compartment

Source: makespace.com

Providing an easy way to see all your shoes and occupying so little rod space, you’ll never struggle finding your shoes ever again in the morning – simply grab them from the shelf and go.

12. Using a cheap metal chain to hang clothes vertically

Source: brit.co

If you’ve seen Jamie Chua’s infamous video of her magnificent walk-in closet, you’ll realise that her clothes are hung vertically to make room for the sheer amount of clothing items she has.

Sure, she didn’t exactly use a metal chain for this, but if you want a cheaper alternative, check out this little DIY hack here!

13. Double up on clothes railing

Source: hgtv.com

Literally, double it up, as you can perch your collection of shoes neatly on them, shoe shop style (sort of)!

14. Invest in different coloured hangers

Source: closetstalker.wordpress.com

If you’re someone who considers yourself to be a little on the “OCD” side, indulge by getting differently coloured hangers, and organise your clothing items according to occasion, type – whatever you like.

For clothing items that don’t see much use, put them at the bottom of the pile of clothing, sort of like arranging your clothes according to ascending order from ‘hardly sees any use’, to ‘everyday wear’.

15. Using bathroom railings to hang up shawls and belts

Source: chapintv.com

Get yourself a bathroom railing to hang up your shawls, belts, and other such finnicky items.

This way, you can see them all at once with ease – no more folding, PLUS, you get to save closet space for your clothes!

16. Consider putting storage boxes above your closet

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

After all, when you’ve run out of space in your house, the only way to save space is to pile it all up, and what better way to save space than stacking it above your closet? Consider storing less-frequently-used items there, for example, winter wear or costumes for parties.

17. Consider an extendable rod

Source: amazon.com

Simply stick it where the closet rod ends, and voila, you can stack at least four to five more clothing items – so hassle free!

18. A cabinet for your purses

Source: pinterest.co

Have too many bags and struggle every morning to find them (or just struggle with matching the right bag to the right outfit)?

Get yourself a handy cabinet to place your bags in, where they’ll be free from dust, and also just easy to see at a glance. No more scrambling!

19. Consider slide hangers for your pants

Source: amazon.com
This is for the lazy people, but we also know only too well how inconvenient it is when pants are hung over regular hangers – they slip and slide if they’re skewed too far to one end, and sometimes even slide off just because you prodded them, just a little, in the process of getting another pair of pants.

Annoying much? Get yourself this slick slide hanger, where it is much easier to simply grab it off the rack, and rush off to whatever meeting you may have.

20. Splurge on matching hangers

Source: bustle.com

Always admired clothing stores and their neat, professional looking racks? Invest in matching hangers – yes, this means getting a bunch of the same hangers all in the same colour, and same design, but trust us, the result is most certainly worth it.

21. Stagger shoes

Source: youtube.com

Have you always wondered why shoes are often fitted in a criss-cross direction when you get them in a box? To save space.

Not just limited to boxes, apply this to your closet, too.

22. Put your accessories on the wall

Source: potterybarn.com

You could get yourself this wall-mounted jewellery hanger, because nobody likes to deal with tangled necklaces and earrings that have mysteriously gone missing.

23. DIY your own jewellery hanger!

Source: iconhomedesign.com

Alternatively, you could channel some of your DIY prowess with hooks, and a nice corkboard to put your earrings, necklaces, and whatever else you have in your closet – this way, you just need a glance to see all your jewellery, plus, no need to empty your entire jewellery box just to get what you want.

24. Invest in a basket with a pull out rail

Source: spaceslide.co

Have plenty of closet space that has absolutely no function? Put in some basket pull-out drawers to utilise that space to put your random knick-knacks like towels, and whatever the heck you want.

Get it here.

25. Use pillow cases to keep matching sheets together

Source: tiphero.com

Never liked having to scour your closet anew when changing bed sheets? (after all, if you’re particular about aesthetics, they have to match!)

Simply put all matching bed sheets, linen, and everything else in a pillow case, no more mad scrambling!

26. Forget jewellery boxes, put them neatly in ice cube trays!

Source: myamazingthings.com

Ice cube trays are affordable and really cute as organising trays.

27. Make use of shower rings to hang up your caps!

Source: pinterest.com

Got a lot of caps, but don’t want them to be get out of shape in the closet? Consider using shower rings, and hang them up using handy bath rails!