How to get the perfect #OOTD shot: 8 tips by 5 stylish Instagram influencers

There’s nothing quite like a well-styled outfit to get those Insta likes rolling in, but we’ve all wondered at some point: just how do influencers nail the art of the OOTD over and over again?

Does it really take expensive clothes, a great camera, and high-end makeup to work those outfit of the day shots?

Apparently not. It could really be as simple as a good location and timing choice, practising of poses, and battling with nerves and awkwardness (yes influencers get awkward too!)

Avenue One reached out to five stylish local Instagrammers to find out their tips and tricks of snagging the perfect OOTD shot – luckily, they know the struggles all too well and are here to share their tricks. Read on for their pro advice!

1. Selecting a good location

Aside from selecting your outfit, nothing is more time-consuming than finding the right location for your shot to really pop. But what constitutes a good location? The influencers we spoke to say it’s all about a clean background and working with the location so it’s suitable for the story behind your photo.

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Gelly: Make sure to take note of leading lines to frame yourself with the background! Try your best to avoid crowded areas unless it’s specially intended for the shot.

Yenser: East Coast Park or Gardens by the Bay is definitely IG-worthy with the beautiful flowers and beach-side view.

Qi Yun:  I usually do my shoots in outdoor locations and they need to either have a clean feel, or the location needs to help tell the story. I don’t have a favourite place as I find exploring new places to shoot is part of the fun!

Sabrina: A place with no rubbish! A clean and scenic background with good lighting is a bonus. I also love florals – The Singapore Botanic Gardens is amazing.

2. Posing 101

OOTD poses might look #casual on Instagram but we all know it’s much harder than it looks. So you’ve got an Insta-worthy outfit on but unsure of how to pose? And has anyone figured out what on earth we’re supposed to do with our hands?

Here’s the secret behind these popular go-to poses you’ve definitely seen on your Insta-feed!

Qi Yun: My pose really depends on what I am wearing. If it’s a long dress or skirt, I like to do a little swirl to show some movement, energy and flow. I prefer my poses to look more natural. For hands, get something to hold – it mustn’t look too out of place. The other hand can then find its way around the body for a relaxed casual look.

Sabrina: My go-to pose is folded arms, hands on my waist, resting my hands or arms on the wall, and a strong face! Practise in front of the mirror and find what suits you best.

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freshman 15 is a real thing

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Sierra: I tend to stick one leg out and look towards the sun. Keep hands slightly away from your body and hold on to your bag or put on on your hip!

3. Golden Hour

To truly elevate your OOTD shots, try taking them during the golden hour – also known as the magic hour. This is the time before the sun sets or rises, casting the most beautiful shadows and warmth all around. It’s clear why this is the favourite time for many influencers when it comes to seizing that OOTD shot.

Qi Yun: When we are taking OOTDs overseas, we wake up as early as 4am to reach our destination and avoid crowds while making it on time for golden hour. There’s actually a lot of work that people don’t see, just for us to get those really nice pictures.

Gelly: Golden hour is the first or last hour of sunlight in a day and it produces a soft, warm light that’s great for shots! Sometimes I plan for my shots, and sometimes I wing it – some of my favourite shots were spontaneous.

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Sierra: I love the feeling and effect of the sun on my face that the golden hour brings! But I don’t believe in planning for my shots or it becomes too inorganic.

4. Insta-bf, stranger, or self-timer?

You’ve seen Insta-boyfriends faithfully (or begrudgingly) snapping away as girlfriends pose artfully with their avocado toasts. But it’s also not unheard of to use a self-timer and be self-sufficient while you ace those poses. Which ones are preferred amongst stylish Instagrammers?

Yenser: Most of my photos are taken by my Insta-bf or friends. But find someone you’re comfortable with!

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Gelly: If you have no one, your trusty self-timer & tripod combo is your friend. However, if you’re open to try different kinds of styles, collaborating with other photographers on Instagram is a great option too!

Sierra: I’ll always get someone to take my pictures. Anyone who can use self-timer is a genius and my hat goes off to them. Normally I’ll frame the photo first, then get someone to press the button.

5. Influencers get awkward too!

Poised, effortless, with not a single bit of awkwardness – influencers make OOTD shots look simple. But in truth, they have their own tips when it comes to dealing with the familiar sense of awkwardness we all deal with.

Sierra: To get rid of the awkwardness, I always laugh! It always breaks the ice.

Sabrina: I just try not to think about anyone else, zone out and just focus on the main goal: a nice picture!

Gelly: If there are onlookers while I’m getting a shot, I just focus on the task. Besides, they probably won’t remember me anyway.

6. OOTD Heroes

We take inspiration from Insta-influencers but where do they go for their inspiration? Here are some accounts that inspire the stylish influencers we spoke to:

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Every detail of this city ?

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Qi Yun: I love the way @taramilktea composites her pictures – you can see that she puts in a lot of thought about what to wear for the shoot location so that the background amplifies the beauty of the pieces that she is wearing.

Sabrina: Both @masturahkay and @eika_azam are so beautiful and confident. They’re also such empowering women and very photogenic too!

7. Favourite Influencer Shots

Influencers put in a ton of effort into all their shots and you might not expect them to play favourites when it comes to their posts, but every influencer is sure to have a certain shot of themselves that they love!

Sierra: I love this shot because my hair matches the tone in the background! Tiny details like that make me happy.

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Qi Yun: This picture has its own story to tell and I like the way it makes me feel.

Sabrina:  This picture was taken at night and the flash helped me! It was a lovely night look.

8. OOTD Tips for newbies?

Sierra: Smile, laugh, jump around! You’re bound to get a good photo in the mix.

Gelly: Start by Googling poses and pay attention to clothes that suit your body type and personality. Keep trying! Your first few photos might not look magazine-worthy, but with hard work and practice you’ll see the difference in no time!

Sabrina: If you need someone to take your picture, find someone who will not judge you and who will support you. Bring them to a photogenic, quiet place with great sunlight and start taking pictures first. Build your confidence and – trust me – it will all just come naturally!