15 online vintage fashion shops to grab one-of-a-kind pieces anytime, anywhere!

For lovers of fashion, finding pieces that embody your style is a euphoric feeling unlike any other. This satisfaction is amplified in a vintage thrift-store setting where discovering treasure is that much harder, but much more rewarding. Not to mention, it is also an environmentally-friendly alternative that builds your wardrobe into a more unique and personalised style. However, the only downside of this thrilling experience is the amount of time needed to sift through numerous “no”s to reach a “yes!” piece.

Well, it seems that the internet has yet again come to solve our problems, with many vintage stores migrating their one-of-a-kind offerings onto the online space! This digital marketplace gives you the luxury to shop at your convenience, any time anywhere. Here are 15 e-vintage stores to satisfy your individualist fashion:

1. Dark Horse Vintage

An exclusive e-shop that carries one-of-a-kind vintage apparel from around the world, this brand is sure to pique the interest of fashionistas that love quirky one-off pieces. Their curated collection consists of dresses, tops and even vests with distinctive prints.

Ranging from 80’s floral motifs to retro graphic prints, these eye-catching designs are donned onto funky colours. They are guaranteed to help its new owners stand out from the crowd. Updated with new pieces weekly, you can enjoy their statement pieces with free local shipping. That means new pre-loved vintage without even stepping out of the house!

 View their collection on their website or Instagram.

2. Retro Gate

The rise of street style in Singapore’s fashion scene has driven rising demand for sportswear apparel, especially those with market rarity. This means repping vintage variations of popular brands such as Fila, Adidas and Nike are all the rave now in the street style scene.

These premium items have been carefully selected by Retrogate in accordance with the revolving trends of streetwear, providing shoppers with a taste of local youth culture. Some of their offerings include vintage Tommy Hilfigire Athletics apparel and Yeezys.

View their collection on their website, Facebook or Instagram.


When talking about thrifting in Singapore, the company REFASH always comes to mind. As one of the most well-loved marketplaces for pre-loved items, expansion into the online realm has made their collection of fashion items conveniently available.

While they are best known for their troves of Forever 21, Zalora and Topshop gems, their site also offers vintage styles at prices that don’t break the bank. All you have to do is type in “vintage” into their search box – and then be amazed by their pages of apparel and accessories hailing from different origins or brands. This is definitely suitable for those who love to browse from a myriad of unique styles than a curated selection.

View their collection on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

4. Style Tribute

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If you are an avid fashionista with a strong interest in the runway and high fashion scene, then Style Tribute will definitely satisfy your tastes. With over 1,000 monthly new arrivals from high-end designers, Style Tribute is a stylish marketplace carrying an assortment of pre-owned luxury and designer fashion. In fact, their curated selection of rigorously authenticated pieces can even be offered up to 90% off retail price.

Their helpful search bar allows you to filter out vintage pieces, from brands such as Burberry and Chanel. It can feel like a risk to purchase pre-loved designer’s apparel or accessories based on what you see in pictures online, but the site’s free return policy promises full reimbursement to allow a peace of mind while shopping.

You can even be part of their community by selling your own luxury items, which they will collect via a concierge pick-up service. This means more wardrobe space and cash for new pieces off their site!

View their collection on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

5. Déjà Vu Vintage

A brand that has had enough of “mass-produced fashion cloning”, and instead believes in dressing to be different from the crowd. With personally selected items imported from the U.S, Europe, Australia and Japan, their curation ranges from vintage cocktail dresses, casual outerwear tops and even vintage house decor.

They even have a section of handmade fits! Most of their styles are reminiscent of the 80’s saturated colour and funky prints, perfect for the spunky and bold.

View their collection on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

6. Dustbunny Vintage

With over 15 years of experience in the business of vintage wear, Dustbunny’s collection is scoured from many continents around the world. Their original vintage dresses are one-piece-only designs made 20 to 30 years ago. Aside from having a comprehensive range of vintage apparel, they also carry designer pieces from Chanel and Louis Vuitton that are no longer in production.

In recent years, this brand has also expanded to carrying its own in-house retro-style clothing and accessories. With ’60s sailor shift dresses, to ’40s pencil sheaths and ’50s fit flare dresses, this collection is great for those looking to emulate silhouettes and fashion statements of the funkier times.

View their collection on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

7. The Attic Place

A pioneer in Singapore’s pre-loved luxury bag industry, The Attic Place is a licensed buy-and-sell merchant with a carefully selected stock of designer bags. Trawl through their extensive collection of brands such as Balenciaga, Fendi and Bottega Veneta that are all eligible for local shipping.

Not to mention, the site holds regular sales with great slashes to the price tags, allowing you to find steals that would definitely delight the vintage junkie within you.

View their collection on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

8. ASOS Marketplace

ASOS is no stranger to the avid online shopper, but their marketplace platform may still come as a surprise to some.

Just like its parent site, ASOS Marketplace carries over 800 boutiques and independent labels around the globe. With a unique product range of vintage 90s sportswear, expect to find rare pieces from the likes of Nike, Champion and Tommy Hilfiger. Their large marketsplace definitely imitates the ‘hunting’ one would do in a physical vintage store, and shoppers that favour street style would surely not be disappointed.

View their collection on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

9. Bell Forest

Fuss-free with feminine elegance, Bell Forest houses a visually appealing collection of quirky and floral prints on classic retro cuts. Bursting with sophistication and style, many of their pieces are unique but wearable statements that add a touch of vintage to the closet.

Not to mention, their pieces are mostly affordable, with the highest-priced item at SGD50. Their website also includes a nifty ‘Compare’ widget that allows you to analyse two products and their descriptions side by side like you would in-store!

View their collection on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

10. The Curvy Elle

For curvy belles, vintage fashion may seem difficult to experiment with since many only come in one size. The Curvy Elle tackles this misconception by bringing a curated selection of plus size vintage pieces to the table. Modelled by the owner herself, many of the garments feature beautiful American-style retro prints. Some of the apparel are even homemade from their respective eras, elevating the vintage feel.

View their collection on their Etsy, Facebook and Instagram.

11. ShopPassport

It is a well-known fact that lived-in denim is always the most comfortable, and the most classic of fits is that of a T-shirt and jeans. ShopPassport embodies such a philosophy with their offerings of vintage Levis from the ’70s to mid-’90s along with tees branded with dated graphics.

Sifting through their products is made easy through their size filter, which categorises their jeans by waist sizes. Levi’s enthusiasts would definitely love this shop, as would those who are known to rock t-shirts with unique prints.

View their collection on their Etsy, WebsiteFacebook and Instagram.

12. Manikin Vintage

What is vintage without the classic button-up? Manikin Vintage showcases their eye for style by curating varied button-up shirts coloured with fancy prints. Every piece is beautifully unique from each other, and are even individually named.

With a strong belief in sustainable fashion, the Manikin team donates 5% of their profits to ending World Water Crisis. Orders can be made through Instagram or their website, but they are fast to be sold, so be sure to check it out at the soonest you can!

View their collection on their website and Instagram.

13. Loop Garms

If you are not afraid to rock wild graphics on tees, then Loop Garms is the one-stop Instagram account for you. Locally-based, their selections range from anime-inspired prints to iconic movies such as James Bond and Man in Black. A store for the trendy and bold, this brand is definitely worth to take a look for how unabashedly quirky they are.

View their collection on their Instagram.

14. Baju Mama Vintage

Striving to make the old new again, Baju Mama Vintage adds a contemporary touch to their items by restoring pieces to the best of their abilities. Endearingly translated to “Mother’s Clothes”, Baju Mama impresses with retro pleated skirts printed with chic designs, Corduroy dresses and cocktail pieces with a flare. You can even shop by eras to suit your own style and vintage vibe!

View their collection on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

15. The Fifth Collection

If you are a collector of luxury, then The Fifth Collection’s curation is perfect to add to your collection. Expertly selected, their pre-loved luxury fashion items are both rare and quality controlled. The labels they host are broad and from a spectrum of designers – Louboutin, Hermès, Yves Saint Laurent and more.

More than just a vintage seller, they also have their own e-magazine with helpful tips and DIY inspirations to further your fashion collection.

View their collection on their website, Facebook and Instagram.