Office dresses to help you stand out from the CBD crowd (in a good way)

It’s that age-old dilemma that goes through your mind almost every day – what to wear for work? You may actually have enough office dresses, but there’s something about wearing the same things in your wardrobe too frequently that gets on one’s nerves.

There’s no need to keep reaching for the same old blogshop dress you bought years ago now. We’ve curated this list of office dresses which will not only inject a breath of fresh air into your wardrobe, but will also make you stand out in the office crowd (in a good way)!

1. Introduce lace

office dresses zalora wrap front lace dress

You may associate lace with casual evening dresses but with a dress that has an office-appropriate cut, lace can give it an elegant touch. Try something like this three-quarter sleeved office dress features an elegant V-neckline.

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2. Try faux two-piece

office dresses zalora closet Printed Contrast Tie Back Dress


This office dress offers the illusion of a two-piece outfit, but both halves are attached via a waist sash fastening. What this means is that you’ll achieve a classic office look, with the convenience and comfort of a dress. Win!

Price: SGD80.90, click here to shop.

3. Flare details

office dresses zalora mango flared sleeves dress

Flare sleeves are back in trend again and incorporating it into your office dress gives it a playful touch.

Price: SGD52.90, click here to shop.

4. Plaids can work

office dresses zalora closet kimono wiggle dress

Gingham shirts may be associated with casual dressing, but put the classic print on a dress with a good cut, and it becomes work-appropriate without looking rigid. We’re sure an office dress like this will brighten everyone’s work day.

Price and stock unavailable.

5. Don’t be afraid of bold prints

office dresses zalora closet cap sleeve pleated tulip dress

Who says office dresses always have to be monochromatic? Bold prints are perfect for all kinds of days: it accentuates your bright mood, or gives you a quick perk-me-up when you’re feeling down.

Price: SGD79.90

Price and stock unavailable.

6. Flute sleeves for feminine professionalism

office dresses zalora closet split neck fluted sleeve tunic dress

Flute sleeves on office dresses give off a chic vibe without taking away from your professionalism. It can scream fashionable while also remaining solidly work-appropriate.

Price: SGD55.90

Price and stock unavailable.

7. Pleated dresses give a youthful touch

office dresses zalora tokichoi pleated slip midi dress

Pleated dresses and skirts have been all the rage this year, and we love that they’re also appropriate for the office. They’re elegant, classy, and always sashays flatteringly when you walk – what more can you ask for?

Price: SGD34.90

Price and stock unavailable.

8. Dress-down Fridays can be interesting too

office dresses zalora YOCO Printed Gathered Midi Dress

Want to dress down for the office but without looking overly casual? This gathered midi dress is everything you need. It is reversible and features a button and waist tie fastening.

Price: SGD39.90

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9. Shoulder-baring has become acceptable

office dresses zalora Vesper Alia Crepe Cold Shoulder Pencil Dress

This may not be so accepted in a corporate environment, but if your office has a more casual dress code, then feel free to explore off-shoulder tops and dresses. Remember to bring a shawl if your office is chilly!

Price: SGD97.90

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10. Dare to use bold colours

office dresses zalora something borrowed lace pieced swing dress


Besides bold prints, you can also perk up your day with some bold colours. Don’t be shy to rock some solid, eye-popping colours in the office, just make sure you own it.

Price: SGD34.90

Available in 3 colours.

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11. Jumpsuits are classy

office dresses zalora placement lace Pieced Culotte Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits have become a very viable alternative to dresses, and can now hold their own even at formal events, so why not for work as well?

Price: SGD54.90

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12. Watercolours aren’t just for children

office dresses lipsy cold shoulder midi dress

Who says office dresses have to be always serious and boring? Prove them wrong with this watercolour-themed cold shoulder midi dress.

Price: SGD53.90

Price and stock unavailable.

13. Freezing office? Go with stylish long sleeves

office dresses zalora CLOSET A-Line 3/4 Sleeves Dress

This dress is perfect for the days when the aircon in your office is really freezing, or when you simply want a relaxed fit dress that still looks serious and presentable.

Price: SGD74.90

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14. Ruffles and cold shoulders

office dresses asos boohoo floral cold shoulder

Give the cold shoulder trend a fun, floral spin with this high-necked design.

Price: SGD21.55

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15. Pull off lace and crochet

office dresses asos Boohoo Petite Lace And Crochet Detail Bodycon Dress

In the mood for something fancy? This may not be an everyday office dress, but it’s certainly a great statement piece for those days when you need an extra oomph in your style.

Price: SGD30.17

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16. Asymmetric hems are an easy way to stand out

office dresses asos River Island Asymmetric Hem Foil Print Dress

Simple, stylish, and so comfortable. Office dresses should be more like this.

Price: SGD56.03

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17. Don’t be afraid of unconventional details

office dresses asos Kiss The Sky Tea Dress In Floral With Tie Neck Detail

This is probably more for dress-down days in the office, but we love the quirky style of this Tea Dress.

Price: SGD36.64

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18. Asymmetry doesn’t apply to hems only

office dresses ASOS One Sleeve Scarf Neck Tie Midi Spot Print Dress

Asymmetry has been in trend for a very long time, and this dress takes it to the next level.

Price: SGD20.47

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19. Puffy shoulders are making a comeback

office dresses ASOS Mini Mesh Wrap Dress With Floral Ditsy Print

The fashion cycle is going back to the 80’s with this modern take on puff sleeves, coupled with an elegant, simple floral print.

Price: SGD22.63

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20. Simplicity with tiny details

office dresses lazada taobao calan-diana-women39s-korean-style-stripe-long-sleeve-underskirt-dress

Need something comfortable, affordable, but can also double up as an office dress? This piece from Lazada’s Taobao Collection has you covered.

Price: SGD9.80

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21. Subtle throwback to your beach resort holiday

office dresses lazada taobao V-neck lace seaside resort bohemian dress

Who says beach dresses are only for the beach? Seeing this dress in the office would seem perfectly natural to us.

Price: SGD10.90

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22. V-necks can also be work-appropriate

office dresses lazada taobao Women's Revealing Print V-Neck Lace-up Dress

This dress is an affordable option for those who want tot ry out the flare sleeve trend. The prints are muted brown, which are universally flattering.

Price: SGD15.20

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23. A relaxed dress can make your day better

office dresses lazada taobao lotus leaf wrapped chest long skirt dress

Going on a holiday soon? Wear this to work to say hello to your vacation in style.

Price: SGD11.10

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