This hamburger bag by Moschino is the strangest accessory we’re dying to get our hands on

Over the years, we’ve seen our fair share of strange accessories, such as Loewe’s Broken Egg Sandal and Rose Heel Sandal, as well as AMBUSH’s Nobo Clip Earring and Cable-Tie Bracelet. These have all garnered attention for how unusual they are, but nothing beats what we’ve seen today. And trust us, you’re in for a treat!

Introducing the Moschino Hamburger Bag!

Credit: Moschino

Moschino’s Hamburger Bag

This shoulder bag looks just like a burger you can order off of any fast food chain menu, and it is adorned with transparent sequins and decorated with shiny rhinestones to mimic the sesame seeds on a burger bun.

Credit: Moschino

To add a touch of luxe to the bag, a chain shoulder strap with leather insertion is used, making this an interesting yet appropriate choice for a night out with your friends, with all weirdness aside. Just pair it with a killer outfit and you’re ready to head out of the house!

Credit: Moschino

Taking a look at the bag, you may not know how it opens up. Well, just do what you usually do when you want to peek into the contents of a burger: lift the top burger bun!

Credit: Moschino

This top closure is secured with a magnet, so you’ll know that your belongings will stay safe and secure no matter where you go. This also creates a more seamless look to the bag which will definitely have confused strangers guessing how you use the bag! Some may even say this would be a good accessory to have to prevent against theft!

Interested to get one for yourself or as a quirky gift for your loved one? The Hamburger Bag is retailing on the Moschino online store for US$1,785 (~S$2,427.86).

Other strange accessories by Moschino

As weird as it is, this isn’t the first unusual item that Moschino has introduced to the market. This Hamburger Bag is actually part of Moschino’s Spring Summer 2022 Collection under The Bag Edit. Take a look below to find other strange accessories you can get!

Hot Dog Bag

Not so much of a hamburger kind of person? What about hot dogs? This Hot Dog Bag (~S$1428.07) is made from padded nappa leather and it even has the brand written in three-dimensional ketchup on the side and mustard on the hot dog (because who eats hot dogs plain, right?).

Credit: Moschino

This bag also uses a magnetic closure and it opens up just like a spectacle case.

Credit: Moschino

Ice Cream Sundae Bag

If you’re someone with a sweet tooth, perhaps the Ice Cream Sundae Bag (~S$4,392.98) would be more interesting to you. It looks just like a decadent dessert that you would have after a satisfying meal as the cherry on top.

Credit: Moschino

This plexiglass shoulder bag features a hand-painted interior with a magnetic top closure and a gold galvanic chain.

Credit: Moschino

Show your love for ice cream with this bag!

Coffee Pot Bag

For many of us, we need coffee in order to function, so why not carry a pot of coffee with you wherever you go to show your need and love for coffee?

Credit: Moschino

You would probably notice that there’s no chain for you to carry this Coffee Pot Bag (~S$4,392.98) on your shoulder. Well, that’s because you’re indeed supposed to carry it around like a pot of coffee! This plexiglass handbag is filled with an internal liquid to simulate coffee, and it comes with a front and back print that gives a few interesting quotes!

Credit: Moschino

You can browse the full collection of interesting accessories on Moschino’s online store.

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