Minimalist jewellery to wear for an effortlessly elevated style

“Less is more” has never been more true than with minimalist jewellery. With streamlined silhouettes and elegant designs, these accessories easily pair with simple, everyday outfits, as well as can spruce up your wardrobe from ordinary to evening-worthy.

Just toss on a minimalist ring stack, delicate pair of earrings, and sophisticated necklace, and you’ll be ready to go out – whether for a simple lunch with friends or a glamour-filled dinner date – in style.

Here are nine minimalist jewellery brands that you can turn to in Singapore!

Monica Vinader

minimalist jewellery singapore - monia vinader
Credit: Monica Vinader / Instagram

Monica Vinader is a British jewellery label that creates jewellery bridging the gap between luxurious and minimalist.

From rings to necklaces, the stunning pieces from this brand have simple silhouettes, yet with a twist of opulence. You’ll find clean, hoop earrings with a sprinkling of diamonds, and slim pendant chain necklaces with opulent green onyx charms.

One thing that’s extra special from Monica Vinader is you can build your own necklace, bracelet, or earrings to create a piece that’s completely you. That also means you can customise a heartfelt, unique gift for your loved ones.

Shop Monica Vinader online and in-store at ION Orchard.

By Invite Only

Founded in 2009, By Invite Only is a local jewellery brand that creates truly delicate minimalist pieces. With jewellery in 14k gold, rose gold, and rhodium-plated 925 silver, you can flaunt the feminine hues that best compliment your skin tone as well as outfit.

minimalist jewellery singapore - by invite only
Credit: By Invite Only

This slim Gold Grace Pearl bracelet (S$59) is one of our favourites, and pairs so well with a delicious caramel brown.

Shop By Invite Only online and in stores at Ion Orchard, [email protected], Bugis Junction, and Vivo City.


minimalist jewellery singapore - mejuri
Credit: Mejuri

Mejuri is a popular Canada-based jewellery brand with over a million followers on Instagram. Its minimalist pieces have been spotted on style icons like Bella Hadid and Alisha Boe, so you know that you can certainly flaunt this jewellery in stunning fashion.

And, if you thought that minimalist jewellery only consists of slim, delicate designs, then think again. Mejuri boasts bold pieces like its Heirloom Ring clad with a vibrant jewel, and Pavé Diamond Thin Dôme Ring dusted with sparkling diamonds.

Shop Mejuri online. Mejuri offers international shipping to Singapore for US$30 for orders below US$200, and free for orders US$200 and above.

Ana Luisa

minimalist jewellery singapore - ana luisa
Credit: Ana Luisa / Instagram

Ana Luisa doesn’t just create beautiful minimalist jewellery, it does so with consideration for the planet. The brand’s pieces are carbon-neutral, which means that Ana Luisa offsets the carbon footprint incurred from the production of its jewellery so that there are net-zero carbon emissions (related to the crafting of the pieces).

There are so many elegant minimalist pieces to choose from too, with everything from classic rings, initial engraved necklaces, to zodiac pendants, so you can keep it minimal whilst showing off the best you.

Shop Ana Luisa online. Ana Luisa ships to Singapore and you can view the shipping fees in your bag as you order.


minimalist jewellery singapore - a kind ooof (1)
Credit: A KIND OOOF / Instagram

Quality and unmatched beauty are what you wear on you with A KIND OOOOF’s minimalist jewellery pieces.

The brand’s accessories are made with quality 925 sterling silver – 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals – a highly durable material that doesn’t tarnish easily if it’s taken care of properly.

Don’t worry, silver isn’t the only colour you can wear, as the brand also has a wide selection of opulent gold jewellery; they’re created by plating gold over not just any metal, but 925 sterling silver.

minimalist jewellery singapore - a kind ooof
Keepsake Collection. Credit: A KIND OOOF

We’re head over heels in love with the brand’s Keepsake Collection, which lets you customise your minimalist jewellery with hand-stamped initials and symbols for a 100% unique style.

Shop A KIND OOOF online. Enjoy free shipping for orders above S$40.

The Mindful Company

minimalist jewellery singapore - the mindful company love wins
Credit: The Mindful Company

More than a fashion statement, why not create meaningful moments with The Mindful Company’s minimalist jewellery pieces?

The label’s unique accessories have encouraging reminders like “love wins” and “don’t give up” detailed on them gracefully. The Mindful Company also has special collections like the ‘Reminder Frames’, featuring pendant necklaces with framed quotes – including one that says to trust the process.

Shop The Mindful Company online. Enjoy free delivery with minimum spending of S$60.

The Ordinary Co

minimalist jewellery singapore - the ordinary co
Credit: The Ordinary Co

From subtle sparkles to timeless classic designs, The Ordinary Co offers an exquisite range of minimalist jewellery for every occasion. Don’t mistake minimalistic for plain either – the devil is in the details with the label’s extra-intricate creations, like its soft-petalled flower and asymmetrical lobed earrings.

Shop The Ordinary Co online.

Meg & Zoe

minimalist jewellery singapore - meg & zoe
Credit: Meg & Zoe / Instagram

The dainty pieces from Meg & Zoe are sure to add just enough shine to your outfit, and take it from ordinary to with a touch of glamour.

The brand gives spotlight to a little sparkle in almost all of their feminine minimalist jewellery. So, if you’re hoping to bring a teasing twinkle into your look, then you’ll surely want to adorn yourself in these pretty pieces!

Shop Meg & Zoe online. Enjoy free delivery for orders above S$80.

Wanderlust & Co

minimalist jewellery singapore - wanderlust & co
Credit: Wanderlust & Co / Instagram

For the daydreamers, travellers, stargazers, Wanderlust & Co’s minimalist jewellery are the accessories perfect for expressing the wanderer that’s inside of you.

These are no ordinary minimalist pieces – each of them is etched with natural, mystical elements that embody a spirit of dreaming. You’ll get to don sun pendants engraved with intricate stars and a diamond-encrusted moon, as well as beautiful cloud earrings with a dangling raindrop, moon, and star.

minimalist jewellery singapore - wanderlust
Credit: Wanderlust & Co / Instagram

At the same time minimalistic and magical, you’ll be wearing something special on you wherever you go.

Shop Wanderlust & Co on their website, with free shipping on orders over S$70. Or, get your Wanderlust & Co minimalist jewellery from Zalora, with shipping fee calculated at checkout.

Featured image credit: By Invite Only, A KIND OOOF

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