Up your hypebeast game with Louis Vuitton’s Nike Air Force 1 sneakers

The last time we were this hyped over a pair of Nike footwear, it was because of the Diordan (what the sneakerheads called the Dior x Nike Air Jordan 1). This time, another luxury fashion house is collaborating with the American sportswear company yet again — and this might be the crescendo of them all.

Meet the Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1, a bold collection of 21 sneakers that was unveiled at the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2022 menswear fashion show in Paris two weeks ago.


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According to the show’s notes, these kicks are inspired by hip-hop, particularly drawing inspiration from the album art for It Takes Two by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock.

The cover embodied the hip-hop community’s early practice of hacking together high fashion and sportswear, side-lining diverging brands with equal reverence. A cultural symbol in its own right, today the Nike Air Force 1 serves as an objet d’art emblematic of self-generated subcultural provenance.

Expect monogrammed sneakers in rich hues of green, blue, red, yellow, white, and even Vuitton’s iconic “Damier” print that we predict will fly off the shelves once they hit the boutiques.

Source: Esquire HK Instagram

And in true Virgil Abloh fashion, the collection features offset tongue tags, mini flipped-out neon green tags behind the swoosh, “AIR” on the midsoles, and “LACET” (French for laces) on the lace tips.

Source: Esquire HK Instagram

Some can even be made taller with removable ankle portions, shapeshifting from low to mid-top for a completely different look.

Source: Esquire HK Instagram

With regards to their launch, Louis Vuitton has kept understandably coy on the release date. The only few words uttered about it was by Abloh himself who told fashion publication WWD to “stay tuned for more details”.

But like all Virgil Abloh collections, you’ll need to be on standby to copy this because it will definitely sell out immediately.