This is the spa session that all who love being pampered need to go through at least once in their lifetime

Leekaja Beauty Salon may have only opened last year, but the Korean hair and beauty salon has been receiving rave reviews from patrons, not just for their stylists’ professionalism but also the relaxing ambience it offers.


I have had my hair cut and styled at Leekaja before, and am a satisfied client. But it was my first time trying out their treatment and I had high expectations.

I was told that the LKJ Heavenly Head and Hair Spa was an exquisite top-to-toe service that was going to be like nothing I’ve ever tried before. As the editor of Avenue One and Daily Vanity (a beauty magazine), I have tried many spa treatments in my 11-year career, and I was really looking forward for Leekaja Beauty Salon to impress me.

Hey, by the way, one Avenue One reader will get to enjoy a complimentary session of the LKJ Heavenly Head and Hair Spa (worth S$390+). Read till the end to find out how!

Leekaja Beauty Salon: The ambience and service

As always, I was given top-notch service the moment I stepped into Leekaja Beauty Salon. Ushered to one of the comfortable sofas at the salon, I settled down and was immediately given a menu to pick a drink. I went with a cup of floral tea to make sure I can get myself into the mood for some serious pampering.


I was then taken to a private room where the LKJ Heavenly Head and Hair Spa would happen. The spacious room had a tranquil setting that was decorated to look like an urban garden, and it’s furnished with a huge window that allowed me to look out to the view of bustling Orchard Road – which felt satisfying because I was able to get a respite in the middle of the busy shopping belt.

The treatment began with a thorough consultation with their certified therapist who used a analytic device to check my scalp and asked me questions to understand my hair and scalp condition better. The therapist is Korean and is more fluent in her native language, but there was a translator there to help with communication.

LKJ Heavenly Head and Hair Spa: What was it like?

After understanding my hair and scalp condition, the therapist began the treatment that was customised for me.

The pampering session began with a Foot Spa that includes a gentle exfoliation to smooth and soften my skin. The therapist also gave my feet and calves an indulgent massage using nourishing essential oils that were picked to ease tension. This massage kicked off the entire treatment well; I felt my fatigue melting away from my body and was ready for even more pampering.

They didn’t forget my hands. A Hand Massage was then done using Paraffin Therapy, which opens up the pores of skin so that nutrients from the products can penetrate more easily. It was nice to leave the salon later with soft and supple hands, which I’m guilty of not caring for as much as I should.


A shoulder massage was then administered to help relieve tensions and fatigue around the neck and shoulder, as well as to improve blood circulation. This was something that I absolutely needed. Long hours sitting at the desk before the computer for work (plus, bad posture!) often leave me with aches around these areas. The therapist constantly checked in with me to see if I felt comfortable, finding out from me whether the strength of her kneading was okay and if I was comfortable. I felt very well taken care of throughout the session.


Finally, we got to the heart of the treatment – the Head and Scalp Spa Treatment. The scalp treatment ensured that impurities and sebum were eliminated from my hair follicles so that my scalp was deeply cleansed. The best and most suitable products were also used to condition my hair so that my hair felt soft, smooth, and light. The treatment then concluded with a head massage to round up the session perfectly.

The Head and Scalp Spa Treatment was definitely my favourite portion of the entire treatment. Thanks to the relaxing massages, soothing music, and subtle aromatherapy scent in the room, I slowly dozed off and had a short nap that was very gratifying. I was then served a cup of hot organic tea and some snacks when I woke up and had my hair dried.

LKJ Heavenly Head and Hair Spa review: Did I like it?


It wasn’t wrong to say that this was really unlike any other treatment that I’ve gone through, because it really gave a head-to-toe pampering experience like no other. Besides walking out with healthier scalp and hair, and a more relaxed body and mind, I also felt truly pampered because I was treated like a queen throughout the session. The privacy of the room and the attentiveness of the therapist (and her assistant) made the entire experience a very personalised and indulgent one.

I would definitely recommend this to anybody who needs a well-deserved break that will rejuvenate you. (I’m sure that’s almost everyone!)

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The LKJ Heavenly Head and Hair Spa is available exclusively at Leekaja Beauty Salon, at S$390+. Leekaja Beauty Salon is located at #03-13 Mandarin Gallery.