Buying jewellery in Singapore from online stores: Here are 27 of them to check out

A good piece of jewellery adds sparkle to any outfit and makes a statement on its own. Whether you’re already a big fan of indie brands, or a fashionista looking to level up your #OOTD game, there’s definitely something for you in all of these online jewellery stores in Singapore:

For those on a budget

On a tight budget for the month but still want to buy some jewellery to jazz up your outfit for a special occasion? Check out these retailers that offer something at every price point!

1. Zalora

Call It Spring – Ronchiel Choker Set (SGD 19.90)

Zalora is probably the website you head to when you want to update your wardrobe, but you may or may not have missed out on their jewellery offerings. Ranging from  S$5.90 earrings to gold rings worth more than S$1,000, there’s definitely something for every budget possible.

2. Pomelo Fashion

Farrah Ring Bracelet (Gold) – SGD 14

Another popular clothing retailer, Pomelo Fashion also sells jewellery, with nothing over SGD 20! With a focus on minimalist pieces, it is little wonder that many of their jewellery sell out fast.

3. H&M

9-pack rings – SGD 14.95

Can’t decide on which ring to buy? H&M offers bundle packs so that you can get a variety of accessories at an extremely wallet-friendly price.


ASOS Metal Drop Earrings with Recycled Denim Stones – SGD 25.86

Big retailers also sell affordable and chic statement pieces – ASOS, for example, sells these earrings, featuring stones made from recycled denim scrap fabric, set in a bio-based resin composite.

For the minimalist

Keep your look simple and clean with jewellery offerings from the following retailers:

5. By Invite Only

Rose Gold Moonstone Juliet Necklace – SGD 58

By Invite Only is a Singapore-based jewellery label that describes themselves as a brand ‘for the urban sophisticated woman who is on the constant lookout for whimsy in her life’. Instead of having collections, the label focuses on producing style-lines that are constantly replenished to give buyers fresh choices. What’s more, all their pieces are hand-made: 80% of the pieces you see are hand assembled in the studio while 20% are by hand-picked artisans.

6. The Ordinary Co.

Nebula Pearl Hoops in 925 Silver (Sensitive Ears) – SGD 12.90

If you love simple jewellery that makes your outfit look effortless, check out The Ordinary Co.’s collections. You can even shop by trend, such as indie, classic, bohemian, glam, pearls and marble!

7. Minimalist Lab

The Infinity Bond 14K-Gold Plated Charm – SGD 23

With a name like Minimalist Lab, one would expect to find many minimalist pieces, and it does not disappoint. The brand features sleek and tiny jewellery that is clean-cut and non-fussy to present an utterly elegant look.

8. Annielka

Sabrina Open Circle Pendant Necklace – SGD 98

If the brand Annielka were a person, this is how the founder, Angela, would describe her: “Annielka is a woman who is intelligent, ambitious, sophisticated and worldly. She enjoys the finer things in life, values handmade creativity and handmade quality. She travels through life as a modernist, always meticulously groomed, letting the allure of uniquely sculptured metals and jewels define her style.” If you identify with Annielka’s personality, this brand’s jewellery is definitely for you.

9. Vicki&Meg

Geometrical Jigsaw Cuff – SGD 27.90

Minimalist doesn’t have to equate to boring: pick a minimalist piece suited for any mood and style from Vicki&Meg to upgrade your look instantly. With interesting geometric shapes and unconventional details, your jewellery will surely be a conversation starter.

10. Covenant

Constellation Little Dipper Earrings – SGD 780

Covenant combines traditional craftsmanship of jewellery making and contemporary designs to create these elegant wardrobe upgrades. Each piece is carefully created from start to end by an artisan in Cambodia, and every purchase you make makes a great impact on the local community.

For the hipsters

Looking for quirky statement earrings or one-of-a-kind necklaces to showcase your individuality? These brands got you covered.


Classic Ring with White Gold Plating – SGD 54.90 establishes itself as more than just a jewellery retailer – it is a culmination of fashion and lifestyle, having worked with other fashion brands such as Zalora, Shiseido, and MegaFash. If you want to get something unique to you, check out their customisable accessories.

12. Love, Bonito

Eyala Crinkled Metal Drop Earrings – SGD 23.90

Love, Bonito may be a rather mainstream brand loved by many, but they offer statement pieces in whimsical shapes. Plus point: everything is usually priced under S$30, so you don’t have to break your bank in order to create a statement.

13. Carrie K.

Tooth White Pearl Ring – SGD 118

The award-winning Carrie K. creates affordable and unique jewellery for those looking for something special. Its collections are one-of-a-kind – just take its collaboration collection with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast as an example.

14. Risis

Dance Necklace with Amethyst – SGD 149

Risis turns Singapore’s national flower into gold – literally; it is famous for encapsulating natural orchids in gold. With something so uniquely local, you will never have to worry again about your jewellery looking like it came from a mass brand.


Modern Peranakan Pendant Drop Necklace (Blue) – SGD 115

If you love the beautiful peranakan culture and designs that come from it, celebrate it with Eden + Elie‘s hand-woven pieces. What’s even better is that with every purchase you make, you contribute back to society, as even piece is made by a team of artisans trained and employed by the Autism Resource Center and Daughters of Tomorrow.

16. Blue Nile

Premier Akoya Cultured Pearl Pendant – SGD 735

If you’ve ever balked at the idea of wearing the same old jewellery as everyone else, Blue Nile offers the opportunity for you to create diamond earrings, pendant, or ring. For example, if you want to make your own earrings, you can use the Build Your Own Earrings feature – all you need to do is select a pair of certified diamonds, and then choose a setting style and material.

17. Lustre

Blue Lace Agate, Mixed gems & Grey Pearls Necklace – SGD 209

Glamorous but wearable, Lustre offers a range of jewellery made with different types of gems, so you can always find beautiful colours in their collection.


Bow Earring Collection (Jackie in Pearls) – SGD 60

JUST TANGY is an online jewellery boutique based in Singapore, that specialises in selling jewelry, watches, and accessories from international designer brands that are not available locally. You can even send an email to request for an obscure jewellery brand to be brought in from overseas!

For luxury-lovers

Luxury is classic and timeless – if that’s what you’re looking for, these websites are for you:

19. State Property

Legato – SGD 905

A fine jewellery brand founded by a jeweller and industrial designer, State Property brings art and design together to create beautiful, wearable luxury. They’ve even been awarded Emerging Accessories Designer of the Year 2017 by Singapore Fashion Week – a recognition of their talent and success.

20. Choo Yilin Jewellery

Bamboo Vine Necklace – SGD 788

Love jade accessories? Choo Yilin works primarily with handpicked Type A Burmese jadeite and vibrant-coloured semi-precious gemstones to create heritage-inspired jewellery. The brand also made a name for itself overseas – it is one of the few Singaporean designers invited to showcase works in New York and Paris Fashion Week.

21. Gen.K Jewelry

Jade Cuff – Anna in Lemon Quartz – SGD 358

Another brand that has revolutionised and modernised jade, Gen.K uses Type A Burmese jade and semi-precious gemstones to create trendy accessories that will make you the talk of the town.


GLAMIRA Bracelet Ema – SGD 1572

With a strong focus on gemstones and precious minerals, you can be sure of the quality of GLAMIRA jewellery thanks to its detailed specifications on every product. Wondering if you can get a similar product elsewhere? GLAMIRA even offers a price comparison to traditional jewellery shops so that you know you’re definitely getting a good deal with them.


R1126S – SGD 64

If you have a penchant for silver jewellery, check out HEART TO HEART, a leading silver jewellery retailer and manufacturer with 12 outlets across Singapore. They are also the first retailer in Singapore to market SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA, which carries a cut standard equivalent to a finest-cut genuine diamond.

24. Goldheart

K-Style Diamond Ring – SGD 498

Goldheart Jewelry is one of the largest jewellery chains in Singapore, with more than 22 jewellery boutiques located at all major shopping malls islandwide. But if you don’t have the time to visit a physical store, fret not – they also have an eBoutique so that you can order from the comfort of your home.

25. Cartier

Love Bracelet, 4 Diamonds – SGD 13 900

You might already be familiar with the French brand that is renowned worldwide for its high jewelry creations. Priding itself on exquisite workmanship, these Cartier jewellery are timeless accessories that will never go out of style.

26. Pandora

Hearts of Love – SGD 159

Pandora is another well-known and well-loved jewellery brand, thanks to the countless charms that you can buy and add to your accessories. If you’re not keen on charms, check out their other collections for a mix of statement and minimalist offerings.

27. Pinwheel Jewels

Singapore Island Necklace 18K Yellow Gold – SGD 836

Pinwheel Jewels began as a multi-label fashion jewellery retailer, retailing luxury fashion jewellery from around the world in a range of styles and price point. It has since expanded to include selling its very own jewellery – the Singapore Island Collection.jeweller