How to wear your lucky colours, based on your zodiac signs

After clearing out most of your old clothes after a round of spring cleaning, it’s time to embrace the new year with your favourite activity – shopping!

We share with you your lucky colours, based on your zodiac. Don’t fret if some of these colour combinations seem hard to pull off, because we’ve got that covered for you as well with our styling recommendations!

Born in the Year of the Rat

Lucky colours: Blue, gold, green

Rats are known to be optimistic and energetic, hence well-liked by all. You are sensitive to other’s emotions but are stubborn with your own opinion. On the financial side, you are in fact known to be huge savers, sometimes to the extent of hoarding.

Give yourself a fresh start by clearing out your wardrobe, and take the chance to buy new stuff. A maxi dress and elegant pearl earrings will be great for all those birthday parties and weddings that you have to attend (problems of a huge social circle!). We recommend that you stay comfortable in sneakers, because you may be running from party to party!

Get the Gold Hook Freshwater Pearl Drop Earring at SGD17.99 from Lovisa, Sarrah Ombre Maxi Dress (Green/Blue) at SGD48.90 from The Fleur Label, and Trainers at SGD34.95 from H&M.

Born in the Year of the Ox

Lucky colours: Blue, yellow, green

Oxen are some of the most honest and earnest people you will meet. You are low-key and never look for praise or to be the center of attention, instead choosing to prove yourself through hard work.

Stay warm in the library or office with a gorgeous cardigan, and a compact backpack that’s large enough for you to put your stationery in. Don’t always hide in a corner and hide yourself from others either: strut confidently in a pair of beautiful heels, because you definitely deserve the spotlight.

Get the Winter Extra Wide Fit Block Heeled Sandals at SGD27.79 from ASOS, Cable Knit Loose Fit Cardigan at USD52 from StyleNanda, and Mustard Metal Ring Backpack at £16.09 from New Look.

Born in the Year of the Tiger

Lucky colours: Green, blue

Kind and benevolent, tigers are lovers of animals, jazz music or other things that call for imagination. You rarely feel tired and have rich emotions. However, you may sometimes make brash decisions, and are hard to control.

Indulge in your care-free nature and love for art with fashion pieces that say it all. Add bohemian earrings to your simple, sophisticated outfit, with a reliable tote bag on hand to keep all those knickknacks you collect from special moments and memorable performances.

Get the Persephone Tassles (Forest) at SGD15.90 from ASOS, Two-tone wrap dress at SGD89.90 from Mango, and NUNI tote at USD335 from Rabeanco.

Born in the Year of the Rabbit

Lucky colours: Red, pink, purple, blue

Rabbits are a complicated bunch: you may seem soft and weak, but you are actually quietly confident and strong. Rabbits have a very attractive aura, but find it hard to open up to others and often turn to escapism. Though conservative and careful in your actions, you cannot settle with a boring life.

Play up your femininity and gentle nature with a predominantly pastel colour scheme. If anyone thinks you are boring or easy to pick on, prove them wrong with a powerful red handbag – a clear sign that you mean business.

Get the Mini Stone Hoop Earrings at SGD9 from Zalora, Clover Basic Maxi Jumpsuit in Pink at SGD42.90 from Intoxiquette, and Mini Sun Bag at SGD1481.64 from FWRD.

Born in the Year of the Dragon

Lucky colours: Gold, silver, gray

You know that you are truly the special one. Dragons are the most revered animal in Chinese culture, and emperors were seen as the reincarnation of dragons. You will find that Dragons tend to be strong and independent figures, but actually look for love and support from other people under the tough surface.

Allow yourself to take on a softer image with a comfortable and elegant dress with matching sandals. However, always keep a reminder of your strength close to you with a ring resembling a golden dragon.

Get the Sandals at SGD44.95 from H&M, Satin Pencil Midi Dress with Tie Back at SGD40.76 from ASOS, and Gold Sydney S-Ring at SGD55 from By Invite Only.

Born in the Year of the Snake

Lucky colours: Red, yellow, black

Snakes tend to be humorous and sophisticated, but don’t like small talk or thinking about small everyday problems. In a chaotic environment, you are usually able to hold your ground and calmly think of solutions.

Show them who’s boss and cement your status with a power blazer that is sure to earn respect and awe from everyone. Stay on time with a watch that’s easy to read and complements any outfit, because you are a busy career woman with no time to waste. A classy addition to your ears will definitely help to complete the look.

Get the Neely Three-Hand Black Stainless Steel Watch at SGD269 from Fossil, Buttoned Blazer at SGD159 from Zara, and Nebula Pearl Hoops in Gold at SGD12.90 from The Ordinary Co..

Born in the Year of the Horse

Lucky colours: Green, red, purple

Horses are full of energy, albeit a bit too much. Both studious and athletic, you are a strong believer of chasing after dreams. You are motivated by the pursuit of happiness, but can be hampered by your ever-changing emotions and short tempers.

Your busy schedule requires you to always be in a comfortable outfit, so opt for pieces that are easy to mix and match. Whenever life gets tough, the small pressed flower in your necklace will remind you that happiness and beauty are always within reach.

Get the Nealy Culottes at SGD29.90 from The Fleur Label, Mock Turtleneck Top at SGD32 from ELLYSAGE, and Gold Green Wildflower Necklace at SGD42 from By Invite Only.

Born in the Year of the Goat

Lucky colours: Green, red, purple

Goats love children, animals and nature. You are most likely very tidy and often seen organising the home (could Marie Kondo be born in the Year of the Goat?). Goats are some of the most generous and big-hearted people around – you are the one that all your friends and relatives count on for help.

You are most likely exploring new nature trails and parks every weekend, so sturdy kicks and a comfortable dress will be your wardrobe staples for sure. These are also great options if you have kids which you always bring around. If you are a firm believer of ‘less is more’, just one pair of jade studs is all you need for accessories.

Get the Classic Jade Studs – Mist at SGD388 from Choo Yilin, Milena Flare Dress in Red at SGD36.90 from Tracy Einny, and POD-S3.1 shoes at £16.09 from Adidas.

Born in the Year of the Monkey

Lucky colours: White, gold, blue

Monkeys’ most defining trait is intelligence. As a child, you may have won awards and the praises of teachers; as an adult, you are recognised by peers in your industry as a professional, and a great leader.

You don’t have to make fashion choices that are overly loud and outrageous in order to seek attention from others, because that comes as a given with your talents. Pick a monotone jumpsuit, white sneakers, and a simple symbol of friendship and love to create an impression that you are humble and down-to-earth.

Get the Metal Buckle Detail Sneakers at SGD56.90 from Charles & Keith, Wrap Short Jumpsuit at SGD44.90 from Zalora, and Sailors Knot Bangle at SGD112.93 from Nordstrom.

Born in the Year of the Rooster

Lucky colours: Gold, yellow, brown

Serious, straightforward, and decisive are adjectives best used to describe roosters. Never mincing your words or sparing people the criticisms makes you good at managing teams.

Keep up your crisp and clear image with no-frills chino pants and a watch to keep track of your meetings. If you are feeling a little playful and want to wear something out of your comfort zone, why not try a collar top that is adorned with lace? It’s actually cute without looking ridiculous!

Get the Hello Darling watch at SGD188 from Swatch, Stripe Collar Lace Top at SGD53 from bYSI, and EZO Chino Ankle Pants at SGD49.90 from Uniqlo.

Born in the Year of the Dog

Lucky colours: Green, red, purple

A Dog’s most defining characteristic is loyalty. Honest, just, and loyal, it is not hard to see why you are popular in social circles. You are definitely the friend that everyone turns to for help, and you are always happy to dish out wisdom.

Go see the world with your close friends with your invaluable travel knowledge. A midi skirt is versatile enough for your globetrotting needs, but you can’t leave without a trusty backpack for your valuable, nor shades to protect your eyes in those sunny vacation spots!

Get the Lipault Special Edition Round Backpack S at SGD380 from Samsonite, Sahure Midi Skirt in Olive at SGD38.90 from The Closet Lover, and Ally Mirror Pilot Sunglasses at SGD26.90 from Topshop.

Born in the Year of the Pig

Lucky colours: Yellow, gray, brown

For those born in the year of the pig, this is truly your year to shine!

Pigs are very realistic and very prudent when it comes to money. You do, however, let loose once in a while to enjoy life and indulge in entertainment. You are also energetic and enthusiastic, and will take on positions of power if given the chance.

This year, why not invest in a handbag that will take you from the office to the bar? Don a sunny blouse that reflects your cheerfulness and passion, and don’t forget to get some heels to instantly add edginess to even the plainest of outfits.

Get the Rachel Satchel at SGD178 from Fossil, Basic Pleated Origami Top at SGD19.90 from Zalora, and Pointed Toe Chelsea Boots at SGD75.90 from Charles & Keith.